10 Best Anime Elf Characters That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime Elf Characters

It’s a no-brainer that elves will appear frequently in anime. Since there has been an increase in the number of isekai and fantasy television shows.

Upon closer examination, I discovered the following:

There aren’t as many notable elves as I expected to find in anime. Characters like this can be found in the aforementioned subgenres, although they’re frequently used to flesh out the setting.

As a result, this list pays tribute to the few but formidable elves (including half-elves) who have left their mark on the history of anime.

10. Tiffania Westwood

Tiffania Westwood

One Hundred and Onety-Nine

Even though I hadn’t seen a single episode of the series, I was already familiar with her complete name thanks to other people mentioning her in forums.

It’s impossible to forget Tiffania Westwood.

Just by the sound of her name, I would have assumed she was an American blonde. That she’s half-elf turns out to be true.

Indeed, MC Saito recalls her as the big-breasted half-elf who saved his life.

In the fourth and final season, Tiffania does not make an appearance until the very end of The Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Twin Moons (thanks in part to her effective and adorable fanservice).

9. Celcia “Elizabeth” Marieclaire

People Who Hunt Elves in Anime

On this list, there’s no way to leave out the show’s main character, who happens to be an elven hunter.

Celcia was the star of the show and she was the reason to watch it.

In her imaginary world, she was going about her business as usual when three humans walked in and decided to destroy her day. Things didn’t go as planned when she used her powers to bring them back to Earth. To collect the fragments of the magic, they must now seek female elves, stripping them naked, in order to find them.

Celcia’s retro style something to die for (the anime is from 1996 after all).

Although she isn’t the first anime female elf with long, golden hair, she appears to be the most mature. It’s a different story when she’s transformed into a puppy and then a panda, but that’s all for laughs, right?

8. Shera Greenwood

Shera Greenwood

Cartoon: How Not to Call a Demon Lord

Chances are high that a blonde female elf will be a part of a fantasy series with significant aspects of both ecchi and haram.

However, this isn’t necessarily a negative aspect. There’s nothing more enchanting about elves than this.

Shera Greenwood, with her golden hair and pointed ears, is one of the most lovely characters in the entire series.

She does have a lot of assets.

The blonde girl cliché hasn’t changed, but Shera is more than that.

Shera, a princess exiled from her realm by her violent brother Keera, was a victim of domestic abuse. So she’s dealing with the aftermath of a tragic event, and a nagging sensation of loneliness has set in.

That’s why Diablo was summoned. She is saved from drowning by Diablo and Rem.

Shera herself is a role model:

The fact that Shera doesn’t resent or want vengeance despite what her brother did to him is remarkable.

7. Kokoro Natsume

It’s Princess Connect in anime form! Re:Dive

The numerous similarities between Princess Connect! The comparisons between Re:Dive and KonoSuba are appropriate given the films’ similar genres and Takaomi Kanasaki’s involvement as director.

Princess Connect, on the other hand, has a distinct advantage:

Kokoro Natsume, a little but adorably cute critter.

When you first see her, you may be reminded of an RPG you’ve played in the past. Like in a regular video game tutorial, she’s the one who explains the fantasy world to Yuuki.

Moreover, her character is extremely appealing to me.

I’ve saved a lot of GIFs of Kokoro’s cute moments, and I enjoy that she’s not a boring elf. She does indeed have erect ears. On the other hand, she’s got rosy features like pink eyes and short white hair that’s just a tad curly.

I really adore her outfit, which is a kaleidoscope of green, white, and gold to suggest an Eastern aesthetic. I also enjoy how her lance (which has a blue jewel attached) towers over her.

6. Myucel Foaran

Myucel Foaran

Anime: The Outbreak Company

Okay, so elves are fantastic, aren’t they? As for the maid, she’s a half-elf with two years in the military, as well as a twin-tailed half-elf.

That’s Myucel Foaran in a nutshell.

It’s unfortunate that she lives in a society where not being pure-blooded is seen as a negative quality. causing her to constantly cover up her elven ears

And it’s at this point that Shinichi starts to matter to her.

The fact that she is half-elf and has long, pointed ears doesn’t bother him because he’s an otaku, who isn’t from her world. He, on the other hand, finds them enticing.

She’s an incredible person, a quick Japanese language learner, and someone who effortlessly fulfills her responsibilities, especially for Shinichi.

5. Eina Tulle

Can You Pick Up Girls in an Anime Dungeon?

In my opinion, anime heroines wearing glasses are beautiful.

So Eina Tulle, the bespectacled half-elf, comes in handy.

Despite my admiration for elven girls who are proud of their femininity and wear revealing clothing, I find Eina’s formal outfit incredibly appealing.

Even though Eina doesn’t have long, vivid hair, I think her simple, short brown haircut looks great on her.

Her green eyes are accentuated by her hairstyle (and eyeglasses).

With her spectacles off, she’s got a different type of enchantment on her face, which I find appealing.

The only one who has completed all of her studies is Bell, and she’s very concerned about the well-being of the other adventures.

4. Marielle

Marielle - The Log Horizon

A Anime: The Log Horizon

Marielle is anything but a solitary or reserved elf. Her character in the video game she and the others are playing is an elf that is keen to hug others.

As though she’s the embodiment of enthusiasm itself, she’s always looking forward to meeting and greeting new people, and you don’t even need to hear her speak to figure out her personality.


Just by looking at her, you get the impression that she’s kind, outgoing, and a good time with others. Because she’s one of the few female guild leaders, Marielle isn’t afraid to communicate with and help male gamers.

Despite the fact that Marielle isn’t all that much older than Shiroe (and still has the exuberance of a teen), it’s clear why so many of the other players look to her for guidance.

Marielle has transformed from a 28-year-old NEET in the real world to a well-liked, kind, and dependable guild leader in Elder Tale.

3. Tuka Luna Marceau

GATE is a popular Japanese anime.

Tuka, who is 165 years old, is a senior citizen. Despite the fact that she’s an elf, she looks like any other blonde teenager.

Those slender blue pants and a white short-sleeved shirt show off her tummy, which is why she’s so cute and chic. The loss of Tuka’s father and the destruction of her community have left her in a difficult position.

When Itami saves her, she initially believes that her father is still alive. She even asks for a place to sleep and meals for two, as if Itami were her father.

Her mental and emotional well-being has since improved thanks to Itami, and I wish her all the best for the future.

Elves with blonde hair and blue eyes like Tuka are said to be a rare breed—an interesting circumstance, given that the majority of anime ladies are either blonde or blue-eyed elves.

2. Emilia – Re:Zero

Emilia – ReZero

Anime: A New Beginning in a Strange Land

Emilia would have surprised me if she wasn’t at the top of my priority list. There’s no other anime elf quite like her in terms of popularity and adoration.

Emilia, the protagonist of one of the most popular animes in recent memory, is expected to live up to those expectations.

Because she resembles Stella, Emilia has been subjected to unfair treatment. She sees herself as self-centered but, in fact, she is acting in a selfless manner. Finally, she found it difficult to integrate into civilization outside of the forest.

There is no stopping Emilia from being the silver-haired, purple-eyed half elf anxious to become king (with Subaru as Rem’s heartbreaker as her faithful knight) and be of assistance to others.

Subaru’s viral “I adore Emilia” sequence has made her a household name, and her popularity is only going to grow as the anime adaptation of Re:Zero continues.

1. Deedlit

Anime: Lodoss War: The Record

Deedlit, the 13-episode OVA’s High Elf MC, first appeared in 1991. The Record of Lodoss War is a beloved fantasy and adventure series that just so happened to be adapted.

It’s not an afterthought to include all kinds of creatures and races in this list of values.

The worlds of Deedlit and the others are more than just a stage for an anime story.

Deedlit, like Celcia of Those Who Hunt Elves, boasts a classic character design that lends her a more mythical and sophisticated appearance than her contemporary counterparts (as opposed to just being a moe girl with pointy ears).

Her work has lasted the test of time, and her animations are no exception. It’s impossible to deny that her facial expressions and body language are uniquely hers (though at times pompous).

In her role as a High Elf, Deedlit is a nature-lover and uses wind and water to do magic. Dark elves and a dark wizard are among of her most formidable adversaries in the game. As a result, her abilities and her opponents hint to her being an elf in the most traditional meaning of the term.

Finally, Deedlit is more about magic and mystery than it is about feminine beauty and charm (although she does exude both). The elf race is best represented and championed by this figure.