11 Best Gifts For People Who Like Anime Update 06/2024

Gifts For People Who Like Anime

Are you having a hard time deciding what to present your Anime-obsessed pal for the holidays? You’ve found it! Shopping for an anime fan? Here’s how to do it right. A wide variety of Anime-inspired clothing and accessories are available, so there’s something for everyone’s taste.

11 Best Gifts for Anime Lovers

If you’re an anime fan, keep reading for our top selections for you. The prices listed may change over time, as always.

1. Cook Anime by Diana Ault

Cook Anime by Diana Ault

Get into the spirit of things by eating like one of your favorite anime characters! For anime fans, Diana Ault’s innovative cookbook, Cook Anime: Eat Like Your Favorite Character—From Bento to Yakisoba, is a great way to cook and eat the foods that their favorite characters frequently consume. This cookbook includes a wide variety of Japanese meals that anime characters are known to eat, such Miso Chashu Ramen (from Naruto!) and Taiyaki (from My Hero Academia). You’ll also appreciate the background information on the food’s history and culture, as well as helpful hints for preparing dishes like mochi and ramen.

2. Attack on Titan Eren Password Key Necklace

Weeb Stuff’s Eran Password Key Necklace is a must-have for fans of Attack on Titan. In addition to being pleasant to wear, it contains authentic aspects based on the anime that make it superior to other cosplay costumes. “It’s extremely gorgeous, it arrives exactly as described and in very nice shape, it arrived much earlier than expected,” one WeebStuff.com reviewer commented. “

3. Bioworld Naruto: Shippuden 15 Days of Socks

Bioworld Naruto: Shippuden 15 Days of Socks

Use the Bioworld Naruto: Shippuden 15 Days of Socks to your advantage! By working with the “baddest ninja group there is,” fans may show their love of anime/manga while still looking good. A Naruto-themed advent calendar-style gift package includes 15 pairs of ankle socks. There are two weeks worth of socks included in this deal!

4. Inspired by My Hero Academia Cosplay Costume T-shirt

The gift of a t-shirt can never go wrong! This multipurpose shirt depicts characters from My Hero Academia and Boku No Hero and is gender-neutral with a traditional Kawaii Graphic Harajuku atmosphere. It comes in a variety of colors, including pink, black, gray, red, white, and navy blue, and may be worn oversized, dressed up, or dressed down. According to a reviewer on LightInTheBox.com, “My grand daughter [sic] was a fantastic match for this. When she first got it, she was ecstatic and hasn’t taken it off since. The materials are top-notch, and the printing is as impressive. I’ll definitely be purchasing more.”

5. GilGames Skin Cover Vinyl Decals for Nintendo Switch

GilGames Skin Cover Vinyl Decals for Nintendo Switch

Using a Nintendo Switch with anime decor is the coolest thing you can do with it, bar none. The GilGames Skin Cover Vinyl Decals for Nintendo Switch beautify the controllers without interfering with any buttons or sensors because they are made of sturdy PVC material. It’s waterproof, has a slick surface, and shields the Nintendo controller from the elements—including dust. Vinyl stickers are also popular because they don’t bubble or peel. According to a review on Amazon.com, “I needed a new appearance for my Nintendo Switch, and this sticker skin was the perfect solution. Quite the contrary, in fact! Not terrible at all, the images are sharp and crisp!”

6. Totoro LED Night Light

Totoro is such a beloved character that a night light featuring him only makes sense. The Totoro LED Night Light is a cute little light that can be customized to have either a white or yellow tummy, and it can be charged by USB. It will appeal to both children and adults alike, thanks in large part to the fact that its belly and umbrella are illuminated. According to a review on ApolloBox.com, “My daughter will love the Totoro LED Night Light that I ordered for her. Having this adorable night light in her room brightens her day and helps her find her way at night. Yes, I’m a big fan of it!”

7. 100 Anime Scratch-Off Poster

100 Anime Scratch-Off Poster

100 Anime Scratch-Off Poster for anime fanatics is available. There are 100 slots on this entertaining poster for 100 top-rated anime series in the genres of action, mecha, horror, comedy, sports, and romance. The fan peels back each layer of gold to reveal the movie’s protagonist or a film icon. In order to remove them all at once, though, you must first watch the anime. According to a review on Amazon.com, “Anime fans will appreciate this. The quality is excellent, and my husband is delighted with the gift I gave him for Father’s Day.”

8. Anime Attack on Titan Denim Hoodie Jacket Adult Unisex Novelty Coat

Fans of Attack on Titan? It’s a must-have—or should we say a must-give—to own this denim jacket based on the anime series. Designed for both men and women, this denim jacket contains a logo from the series that makes it perfect for cosplay or even everyday use. It’s also more toasty than a typical jean jacket because of the additional layer it has. According to a review on Amazon.com, “Despite my reservations, my fiancé was blown away. It was a fantastic fit and a stunning design!”

9. Avatar: The Last Airbender Momo with Peaches Mini Backpack

Tolkien’s final work of fiction Anime fans will love the Momo with Peaches Mini Backpack, a lovely novelty backpack. Momo the Flying Lemur is surrounded by peaches in this charming backpack, which includes adjustable straps, a front zipper pocket, a die-cut brand insignia, and a main zipper compartment that can hold all of your essentials while you’re on the road. A reviewer on BoxLunch.com stated, ” “The print is just lovely. ‘ It appears to be well-made. A combination of twill and vinyl makes the straps resistant to wear and tear. Unlike other tiny backpacks, the huge pocket’s entrance is large and flexible.”

10. How to Draw Anime: Part 1 Drawing Anime Faces Paperback Book

How to Draw Anime Part 1 Drawing Anime Faces Paperback Book

Watching anime isn’t enough. Learn to draw anime, or offer the gift of learning to draw anime to someone you care about. Drawing anime faces is the focus of this book, but if you want to learn more, there are a variety of tutorial-style drawing books available. Part 1 of “How to Draw Anime” includes tutorials on drawing manga-style and chibi-style faces, as well. One Amazon reviewer said, “With nearly 5,000 reviews and a fantastic 4.7-star rating on Amazon.com,” “Great for newbies who want to learn the basics from the ground up. This one is suitable for children. Kids who wish to learn how to draw anime would enjoy it because it is fairly PG-rated.”

11. Sailor Moon x ColourPop Collection

The whole Sailor Moon x ColourPop Collection is a wonderful gift for an aspiring makeup artist who is inspired by anime’s glam look. In one of ColourPop’s most sought collaborations of all time, the Pretty Guardian Palette, a collection of pastel shades, is included in the set. Eye shadow shades include Shining Moon, Twilight Flash, Silver Crystal, Moon Castle, Full Moon, Silver Millennium, Mare Serenitatis, Luna, Justice, Tuxedo Rose, Love, and Miracle Romance, all of which are limited edition and feature classic artwork from the series, including Sailor Moon and Luna the black cat.