7 Best 32x Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

best 32x games

Choosing the best 32X games is a bit like trying to figure out which of the world’s most deadly diseases is the nicest. There aren’t many options, and no one really wants to make that choice when they could be having fun playing the best SNES games.

Still, you trust Retro Dodo because we do the dirty work so you don’t have to. We test the games that make other people cringe so we can give you a clear answer on these important questions.

The Sega 32X was an add-on that, like the Sega CD, could have led to bigger and better things but ended up being a huge failure.

It didn’t do well at the box office; “flop” is too nice of a word.

It’s probably the most boring console ever made. Some of its games were so boring that Sega pretended they didn’t exist.

Even so, my contract says I have to be completely fair and treat all consoles the same, so we’ve decided to rate 20 of the games available for you below. I’ve even put a helpful facts section at the end of the article so that readers can learn more about this interesting add-on.

Nota Bene: I haven’t been fair at all, which could get me fired. Fasten your seat belts, people, because this is going to be an interesting but bumpy ride.

Golf Magazine: 36 Great Holes

Golf Magazine 36 Great Holes

Golf Magazine: 36 Great Holes with Fred Couples is the first game on our list of the best 32X games. The name of this game is not only the longest ever, but it also tells you everything you need to know about it right away.

There are 36 great holes, Fred Couples is a famous golfer, and Golf Magazine is an official sponsor. What could a person want more from life?

Players who want a more realistic golf game than Mario Golf Open Tournament could play with real people on courses that look like the ones in the real world.

And let’s face it, they didn’t look all that bad (the courses, that is).

Change the player’s clothes and clubs, choose a shot style and position, and then ride that power metre all the way to the clubhouse. The reviews of the game were mixed, but it’s not likely to break any records, is it?

What does it think it is, some kind of Wii Sports Golf?

Cosmic Carnage

Cosmic Carnage is one of those games that is so terrible that it is actually fun to play. If it wasn’t good, it wouldn’t be on our list of the best 32X games.

How many other games feature a humanoid ant fighting a woman whose only claim to fame is that her head is always on fire?

And if that doesn’t sound like the best matchup, how about a female snake siren going up against an alien with a scorpion stinger?

Cosmic Carnage is like Mortal Kombat, but it takes place in space. Every fighting game you’ve ever played has the same button-mashing style and match rules, but this one has the strangest characters ever made by people.

This game was one of the first ones to come out, and man, was it a flop. Even Sega tried to act like it didn’t exist.

But what do you know? Over the years, it’s made me laugh a lot, which has to be worth something. Even though the characters are weird and it will never be compared to Super Mario Bros. Ultimate (except for now), it’s a great thing to make fun of.



Tempo is the next game on our list of the best 32X games. It has one of the best-looking graphics of any game on the console.

This game wasn’t very hard to play, but that wasn’t what made it so fun. It looked amazing. It was a cross between a side-scrolling game and a cartoon, with hand-drawn backgrounds that always caught your eye.

Tempo is a game that you don’t play to win eternal glory after beating a boss. Instead, you play it to relax and enjoy the ride.

The plot is pretty simple, but not very interesting. Tempo and his friend Katy are on a show, and at the top of a tower, they have to beat a boss.

Think of it as a cartoon version of Running Man without any of the good parts.

Listen, it’s another bad movie, but it looks good. It might only take a few hours to finish, but those will be a few hours you’ll always remember and enjoy…


Motocross Championship

Motocross Championship is the 17th best 32X game of all time, according to this list. If golf doesn’t get you excited, this could be the sports book you’ve been waiting for.

Even though it’s not likely.

It all seems like a hasty attempt to copy the success of Road Rash. The graphics aren’t that great, but the game itself isn’t too bad. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to mess up the idea of racing laps.

12 riders, 12 courses, and one goal: get to the top no matter what. Players punch and kick their opponents as they jump over hills and around obstacles. Players can do cool moves and tricks like wheelies and sitting on the handlebars if they want to show off.

It was fun to play with other people, but it wasn’t as good as some of the two-player racing games on our list of the best Sega Genesis games.

Still, people who don’t think Mario Kart is the best racing game ever should give it a try if they want to try something different.



Kolibri is another beautiful game with graphics that remind me of a redesigned version of the Lion King game.

Players no longer control sea creatures like James Pond or Ecco the Dolphin. Instead, they guide a Hummingbird through puzzles and tricky situations.

Here’s a short summary of what’s happening in Kolibri. One crystal from the future gives life, and then another one falls and starts to take it away. A brave little hummingbird soaks up the last bit of power from the good crystals and has to save the world.

Talk about having a big job on your shoulders… wings…well, you get the point.

Kolibri is on this list of the best 32X games because of how it looks, just like Tempo. It’s not easy, but it won’t take the place of Ocarina of Time or Metal Gear Solid as your favourite game.

Knuckles’ Chaotix


Knuckles’ Chaotix is a game that divides people and has some rough spots. Since it was a spinoff of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, people had high hopes. Even though it looks and sounds like a typical Sonic game, Knuckles’ Chaotix is played in a very different way. Speed is still important in the game, and you can still jump off of springboards and run around in loops. The most interesting thing about Knuckles’ Chaotix is that the player is always connected to another character. There are five main characters to choose from, and each one has its own special skills, like being able to climb walls, walk on ceilings, and run through the air. Players are tied to other characters, so you are really in charge of two characters at once. During the game, players will have to throw the second character around like a ball or use their momentum to get faster. Knuckles’ Chaotix takes longer to learn than most Sonic games, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a lot of fun. Even though there are many good complaints about the game, I still think it’s the best game that was only made for the 32X.

Star Wars Arcade

Star Wars Arcade


Fans of old games usually think of the groundbreaking 1983 arcade game by Atari called Star Wars Arcade when they hear the name. The 32X version is a lot like that game, but it’s actually a port of Sega’s Model 1 arcade game, which came out ten years later and is often forgotten. By today’s standards, the game seems simple, but in 1994, it was pretty cool to see classic Star Wars movies shown in a polygonal way. The three space missions in the game are based on events from the first three movies. In these levels, players have to stop TIE Fighters in an asteroid field, go head-to-head with a Super Star Destroyer, and make an assault run on the Death Star. The game gets pretty boring and repetitive after a while, and it doesn’t have much depth. However, Sega deserves some credit for letting players choose whether to play through the original stages or the improved versions that were made for the 32X. Unfortunately, the game is still pretty hard to play, and players have very few options for where they can go on the screen. Even though it had problems, Star Wars Arcade was one of the most important games for the 32X.