10 Best Anime Like Redo Of Healer That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Like Redo Of Healer

Winter 2021 animation Redo of Healer has become a fan favorite. When Keyaru gains the powers of a hero, he needs to follow a route to greatness. This narrative is about him. It wasn’t all plain sailing for him, as he was subjected to excruciating torture and his healing powers were the only thing keeping him alive.

It’s clear from the beginning that Keyaru’s goal is to exact revenge on those who have harmed him. If you’re looking for a dark revenge-themed anime, there are plenty of options out there. We’ll use MyAnimeList’s user ratings to determine their order in this article.

10) Queen’s Blade: Vanquished Queen Specials

Queen’s Blade Vanquished Queen Specials

Immediately following the events of Queen’s Blade, this series is set in motion. Gainos is ruled by Claudette, who inspires dread throughout the continent. For now, a rebel army commanded by Thundercloud Queen and Annelotte is forming in order to topple the oppressive king and restore order to the country.

9) Violence Jack: Evil Town 

Natural disasters have decimated the world, burying it beneath the surface of the Earth. Disaster strikes the entire world, and cities are reduced to rubble. There are now many savage monsters on the planet, and the most powerful one is called Violence Jack. A civil war in Evil Town is being prevented by its vile people with the help of this app.

8) Seven Mortal Sins 

Seven Mortal Sins 

Lucifer is driven out of Heaven for scheming against the Lord in this narrative, which is very different from the Seven Deadly Sins. A high school church is where Lucifer spots Maria Totsuka. Lucifer, with the assistance of the ambitious Demon Lord and Leviathan, mounts an insurrection in Hell after his arrival. However, she is easily fended off, and her supernatural abilities are stifled by draping a punishment over her. To begin her journey to break the curse, she returned to Earth and made Maria an immortal slave.

7) Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid 

About the Story — Mamori Tokonome, a young woman of sixteen, is bullied at school because of her unlucky last name. When she awakens one day to find herself stranded on Mermaid Island, everything changes for her. As luck would have it, she was saved by Mirei Shikishima, who discovered her latent powers and brought them to light. It’s now up to this pair of strangers to make friends on that perilous island.

6) The Testament of Sister New Devil: Burst 

It’s a tough life for Basara Toujou as the protagonist of this anime to keep his demonic sisters Mio and Maria Naruse safe. Mio’s powers are sought after by powerful demons that are constantly on the lookout for an opening to attack. After the rapid surge in political tension in the demon realm, his job becomes more difficult. When they were forced to travel to the demon realm after being summoned there, things became a little dicey for them. In order to overcome the demons, Basara’s only option is to strengthen himself.

5) High School DxD 

High School DxD 

Issei Hyoudou enjoys his new life at a co-ed school once he was admitted. When a stunning young lady approaches him about going on a date, things only get better. On that particular date, however, much to his shock and horror, he is assassinated by her. Fortunately, Rias Gremory, the president of the occult group, revives his existence as a servant. Having been born a devil, Issei must adapt to his new role in the war against the fallen angels.

4) Goblin Slayer 

Plot – Goblins continue to invade and plunder the rural civilisations, and things do not look good. In order to enhance their own population, they take the females of other species. A 15-year-old Priestess decides to lead a counterattack with some rookies in the midst of this pandemonium. However, she is saved by the Goblin Slayer, who defeats the goblins with ease. It is his guild’s sole mission to wipe out the whole goblin clan.

3) Interspecies Reviewers 

Interspecies Reviewers 

A wide variety of creatures, ranging from fairies to slimes, live in the world as we know it. For obvious reasons, it’s difficult for people to choose who to interact with when there are so many options. It’s up to a valiant band of warriors to assess the many appeals of these young ladies. In their quest to discover which species is most seductive, keep an eye out for their antics.

2) The Rising of the Shield Hero

To save the kingdom of Melromac, four Cardinal Heroes have been summoned by the monarch. There are frequent storms and natural disasters in Melromac. Naofumi Iwatani, one of the four heroes, is handed a sword and assigned the role of “Shield Hero.” However, he is frequently mocked by the people of the kingdom because of his inability to defend himself. As the waves reach the kingdom, Naofumi still has to protect them and fulfill his obligations as the shield hero.

1) The Garden of Sinners (Movie)

The Garden of Sinners (Movie)

Plot — A street gang brutally beats Fujino Asagami in July 1998, shocking the world. Investigators had to wonder if the killers, who were recently discovered dead, were really humans when they discovered her body. Shiki Ryugi has been given the mission of finding and capturing the criminals. In spite of her efforts, one of the murderers manages to flee the scene and devastates everything in his path in an attempt to find her.