8 Best 1 Player Board Games That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best 1 Player Board Games

Every event has its own board game. There are a lot of games for groups, but there are also a lot of games that can be played by one person. There are so many different types of music out there that it is hard to make a definitive list, but we did our best.

The best board game for one person is one where you mostly play against the game. There are many parts of a board game that don’t work well with just one player, but there are also many parts that work great with just one player. When making this guide, we thought about a lot of different things. Here is our list of the 20 best board games for one person.



The first game on our list of the best board games for one person is a war game. Ambush is a World War II-set solitaire game about fighting, going on adventures, and being a hero. You are in charge of an American army and have different missions to complete against a hidden German enemy who changes all the time.

This is a great board game for one person because you play against the game, which is a great opponent. There are many ways to play, and all of them are just as fun as the others. Two hours is a long time, but it will be fun. A great way to start the list of the best board games for one person.

Welcome To

Welcome To is a roll-and-write board game for 1 to 100 people. There isn’t much interaction between players, so it usually doesn’t matter how many people are playing. You’re left with a pretty great game of solitaire. In Welcome To, you are in charge of a small American town in the 1950s.

You get a score sheet with three rows of houses and different things to check off, like pools, parks, and fences. You flip cards with house numbers and actions on them, and it’s up to you to decide how to make things better.

This is a great one-player board game because it is a fun race against the game to see how high a score you can get. Each game starts out the same, and it’s up to you to make it work. Games last less than 30 minutes.

Massive Darkness

Massive Darkness

Massive Darkness is a great role-playing game with a campaign. As you’ll see in this list of the best board games for one player, this type of game is great for playing by yourself. This is because you are still entering unknown territory, like in a game with people, but here it is the game that is spitting these obstacles at you. Darkness is the same.

Choose your hero, pick a class, decide which skills to improve with XP, and get loot by searching the dungeon or killing monsters that can use the equipment against you. This is different from other dungeon crawlers because it builds on the groundbreaking Zombicide system for RPG.

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon

This solo adventure game combines the very interesting stories about Arthur and the Celts. In Tainted Grail, there isn’t just one way to go. In this one-player board game, the story can take very different paths depending on what you do.

Survival is hard in a land that is slowly falling into the Wyrdness and is torn apart by war. This type of adventure RPG board game is perfect for a list of the best one-player games, and Tainted Grail is a great example of it. Games for 1–4 people take about 1–2 hours.



One about wine has the first engine builder on the list of the best one-player board games. In Viticulture, players are in a rustic, pre-modern version of Tuscany where they have inherited some broken-down wine vineyards. With only a few plots of land and a few workers, you need to get resources to build up your land and become the best winemaker in history.

The original 2013 version doesn’t have a version for playing by yourself, but this was added to the updated 2015 essential edition, which is a great improvement. This is a great game for one person because there are many ways to try to get a high score before the time runs out. Anyone can enjoy this game.

That’s Pretty Clever (aka Ganz Schön Clever)

Roll-and-write games have become very popular, and one of the best is the German game That’s Pretty Clever. Most of the time, these kinds of games can be played by one person because there isn’t much or any interaction between players. Some are better than others, though. That’s Pretty Clever is better than most other board games, and it’s an easy choice for the best one-player game.

Their claim is not arrogant, and the game is very smart. Each time it’s your turn, you roll the dice and record your scores on a score sheet. The ways that numbers are used in the scoring areas are not typical, but they all seem to work together perfectly. A great one-player game that is a lot of fun.



You are a Dreamwalker who is lost in a mysterious labyrinth. You must find the oneiric doors before your dreamtime runs out, or you will be stuck there forever. Yes, that is the tagline for this spooky addition to the list of the best board games for one person.

This is a themed maze exploration game where you wander around hoping to find what you need. You have to get as many door cards as you can before the deck runs out. You can get these by playing three straight cards of the same colour or by getting rid of one of your powerful Key cards. Just make sure you don’t mess up, or you won’t make it out alive. This game can also be played cooperatively by two people, and games only last 15 minutes.

Engine-Building Area Control: Scythe

It was in the 1920s. The place is Europe in an alternate past. What’s going on? You live in a time of unrest in a capitalist city-state called “The Factory,” and the ashes of the first great war are still falling around you. The Factory fueled the war with heavy-duty mechs and has caught the attention of other nearby countries.

In Scythe, your job is to build more mechs, work the land, keep exploring The Factory, and defend your land from other factions’ mechs while leading your faction to victory. This game is for people 14 and older, and it takes anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes to play. It can be played with up to five people, but the single-player mode is great, and it has won a lot of awards. Scythe has so many things to do and manage that you won’t even notice when there are no other players around.