10 Best Anime Like Hinamatsuri That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Anime Like Hinamatsuri

While growing up in the Ashigawa neighborhood of Tokyo, Nitta Yoshifumi was surrounded by his favorite pottery. When a young woman named Hina appears in an odd contraption, she utilizes her telekinetic powers to convince Nitta to let her live with him, putting an end to his sedentary way of life. When Hina loses her composure, she can be a disaster at school and in Nitta’s workplace. Though he is distraught, he is drawn to her. Who knows where this weird relationship will end up. Here we are at the start of a wild and perilous drama about a good guy outlaw and a psychokinetic girl!

10. Nichijou


There are three childhood friends, Mio Naganohara, Yuuko Aiona and Mai Minakami, whose stories soon intersect with the lives of Hakase Shinonome, her robot guardian Nano, and their talking cat Sakamoto in Nichijou, which centers on their everyday antics. There is a constant alternating between the soothes of everyday life and the ludicrous lunacy in the lives of these six and the many others that surround them. To the residents of Nichijou, going to school, getting bitten by a talking crow, hanging out with pals, and witnessing the principal suplex a deer are all just part of the normal routine.

9. Gintama

Feudal Japan has been taken over by aliens from outer space, the Amanto. As a result, the samurai of Japan are considered with disdain because of a prohibition on swords.

Even so, one man, Gintoki Sakata, still has the heart of a samurai despite his love of sweets and employment as a candy shop owner. With him in his multi-talented line of work are Shinpachi Shimura, Kagura with her umbrella, and Sadaharu, their huge pet dog, all of whom help him in his jack-of-all trades profession. It’s not always easy to get these odd jobs done because they frequently come into contact with law enforcement officers and other criminal groups. This often leads to hilarious but terrible repercussions.

8. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100

Kageyama Shigeo, better known as “Mob,” is a shy young man who happens to be a formidable esper. When Mob’s emotions reach a level of 100 percent, something dreadful happens to him! He is desperate to maintain a regular existence and suppresses his ESP. When confronted with a slew of false prophets, demonic entities, and enigmatic groups, what will Mob make of this? What are the options available to him?

7. Gokushufudou

When Tatsu, known as “the Immortal Dragon,” disappeared from the underworld, he reappeared as a fiercely loyal spouse.

6. Grand Blue


Iori Kitahara surprises himself by attending college for the first time after moving out on his own to a beach town. New adventures await him, including diving with stunning women and getting into mischief with a gang of charming bastards! Let Kenji Inoue and Kimitake Yoshioka’s collegiate tale of booze-fueled mischief bring you to your feet!

5. Alice to Zouroku

It revolves around Sana, a little girl who has the power of “Alice’s Dream,” an ability that permits her to create anything she imagines. A guy named Zouroku appears to aid Sana after she escapes a lab where she had been a test subject, but will he be able to help her?

4. Barakamon


Seishuu Handa is a young, brilliant calligrapher who also happens to be a narcissist. Seishuu swiftly loses his cool as a veteran calls his award-winning piece “unoriginal.”

Seishuu’s father banishes him to the Goto Islands as a punishment and as a means of encouraging the volatile artist to think on his actions. He must now find new inspiration and build his own unique creative style—if he doesn’t have to deal with a constant stream of kids, fujoshi middle schoolers, and lively old men crashing into his house!! The newest member of the Goto community merely wants to get some work done, but the islands are a long way from the tranquil countryside he had hoped to find when he joined the society. The arrogant calligrapher learns more than he ever expected from his eccentric neighbors, who are completely incapable of keeping their heads down.

3. Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (TV)

Psychic powers may seem like a boon to the normal person, but for Kusuo Saiki, they are a curse. With extraordinary powers that include telepathy and x-ray vision, this supposed blessing has turned out to be a curse for him. All Kusuo wants is a life free of problems, a life where he is blissfully ignorant despite all the troubles his powers create.

A psychic’s life is everything from peaceful. In spite of Kusuo’s best efforts to avoid the limelight and avoid the attention of his classmates, he finds himself drawn to eccentric personalities like Riki Nendou and Shun Kaidou. It is only after dealing with the insanity of the people around him that he realizes just how difficult it is to live an everyday life.

2. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Kobayashi-San Chi No Maid Dragon

Until she saves the life of a female dragon in peril, Miss Kobayashi is just your normal office worker, living alone in her little apartment. In order to repay her debt of gratitude, Tohru, the dragon, will go to any lengths, even if it means turning into an attractive human girl. Miss Kobayashi’s routine life is going to take a dramatic turn for the worst as she shares a room with a relentless and sexy dragon.

1. Usagi Drop

Despite having a decent career and being 30 years old, Daikichi Kawachi is a lost soul. Retiring to the family house after learning of his grandfather’s death, he pays tribute. After arriving at the residence, Daikichi discovers that his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter, Rin, is a mysterious young woman.

After the death of her father, the child is outcast by the family and left to fend for herself, since her father’s relatives refuse to care for her. They were cold to Rin, so Daikichi said that he would take her in—despite the fact that he’s an unmarried young man with no previous expertise in childcare. As Daikichi raises Rin with his kind and affectionate personality, Usagi Drop is both a story of his parenting journey and an investigation of the warmth and connection at the heart of a happy, close-knit family.