10 Best Dark Blue Haired Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Dark Blue Haired Anime Characters

The color blue is extremely rare, although it is not hard to spot. Of course, this is a synthetic color, and the only way to achieve a blue hue is to dye one’s hair. A wide variety of colours are available depending on personal desire, ranging from light and turquoise shades to darker variations of the same color. The meaning of blue color in anime is dependent on the shade of blue used in the anime.

We’ve compiled a list of the top blue-haired anime characters that we’ve come across so far. A variety of sources will be used and ranked according to their popularity and overall greatness. There will be a wide range of personalities included on the list, drawn from a variety of media.

Best Blue-Haired Anime Characters

10. Rei

Rei - Neo Genesis Evangelion

Neo Genesis Evangelion is a franchise.

EVA-0017’s pilot, First Children 9, is named after her. Her exact date of birth is a mystery to this day. An extremely quiet and reserved young woman named Rei Ayanami is the star of the show. Hideaki Anno portrays Rei as a young woman who doesn’t value her life since she knows that if she dies, someone else will take her place.

The presence of Anno, “her existence—ostensible existence—is transitory,” says Anno. She’s a young girl who’s quite depressed.” While living in poverty, she has come to believe that friendship isn’t necessary for her.

9. Ban

The Seven Deadly Sins of Video Games

In addition to being the Fox of Avarice, Ban is also a former Bandit. To get out of Baste Prison, Ban had to find out that Meliodas was still alive after the group first disbanded. His Magical Ability, Snatch, is well-known, but he was also made immortal by the Fountain of Youth.

8. Shino Asada / Sinon

Shino Asada - Sinon

Sword Art Online is a franchise.

Kirito first meets her in Gun Gale Online when she introduces him to the game as the second protagonist of the Phantom Bullet arc. Gun Gale Online’s greatest marksman, 16-year-old Kirito will be taken for a girl at first because of her androgynous appearance in the game.

When she was 11 years old, she was present when a robber was shot and killed with the robber’s own pistol. This experience left her traumatized and left her vulnerable to physical and verbal abuse from her classmates, who knew about her past and used it against her. She is now being bullied at school because of her vulnerability.

7. Nagisa Shiota

The Assassination Classroom franchise

It is Nagisa, an androgynous-looking student, who seeks out every flaw in Koro-character sensei’s in order to find the most effective means of murdering him. As the story develops, he jots down his thoughts in a notepad.

A “pseudo” suicide bombing and anti-sensei balls were used to kill him, making him one of the few students who was close enough to do so right from the start of the series. During a simulated assassination of Takaoka, his assassin abilities come to the forefront. Irina, Karasuma and Koro-sensei will later find him to be a real asset in the assassination, which disturbs Karasuma.

6. Jō Kido

Jō Kido

Digimon: The Movie

His temper is erratic, and he exhibits a distinct lack of self-assurance. He is a dedicated student who frequently bemoans the deplorable conditions of life in the digital age. However, he also displays his courage on occasion. As long as he wants it, he is extremely responsible, and he will even accept the symbol of responsibility as a reward for his efforts.

Joe’s family has long held that he should be a doctor. His father will eventually agree to let him undertake the job he desires. As a doctor for Digimon in 2027, Joe continues to work with Gomamon.

5. Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon, the anime series

Sailor Mercury has an IQ of 200 IQ points, making her the most intelligent combatant in the group. In most renditions, her top is sleeveless, unlike other warriors, and her clothing is a shade of blue. Analyzes the scenario with her handheld computer and special glasses, then determines the attack strategy for the Sailor Warriors

Sailor Mercury is the water and knowledge warrior who is master of all water forms. Sailor Mercury was a member of Princess Serenity’s personal guard in the Silver Millennium.

4. Saiko Yonebayashi

Saiko Yonebayashi

Tokyo Ghoul is the name of the franchise.

Saiko Yonebayashi, a third-class CCG inspector, is a member of the Quinques team. She is the team’s mascot, passing on her sense of humor to the players. While on duty, she spends much of her time playing video games and reading manga. Upon Uriah’s ascension to squad leader, she takes over as Sasaki’s replacement as a squad mentor.

3. Hinata Hyūga

The Naruto saga

She is a member of the Hyoga clan and hails from Konoha village. Shino Aburame and Kiba Inuzuka are also members of Team 8 commanded by Kurenai Yhi. Hinata’s early years were marred by a great deal of hardship. The heir to the clan had to put in a lot of time and effort into training, which she did with the help of her father.

Neji’s cursed seal of “The Bird in a Cage” was set on Neji by her clan at the age of three, which was notable to her because she thought herself responsible for this.

2. Bulma

Bulma (Dragon Ball)

In the Dragon Ball universe,

Bulma is a beautiful, bright, and headstrong young woman who invents the dragon radar in order to track down the mythical dragon balls. To find her spheres, she joins forces with Goku, whom she meets while searching and is impressed by his strength enough to persuade to join her.

Bulma marries Vegeta, with whom she has two children, Trunks and Bra, following a long romance with Yamcha. Her technical prowess and inventiveness make her a memorable character throughout the series. Bulma is based on both the princess from the Dragon Boy manga and the monk Sanzang, the co-star of the narrative The Journey to the West.

1. Rem

Re:Zero is a video game franchise.

He works in the Roswaal Manor household as Ram’s younger twin sister. She has blue hair and eyes, an allusion to the famous Japanese myth about an oni (a demon) with the power to see the future.

She’s also a lot friendlier than the other person. Her horn permits her to keep all of her abilities, unlike her elder, who lost her horn.