10 Anime Characters That Died Too Young Update 04/2024

Anime Characters That Died

For anime fans, the death of their favorite characters still shocks and breaks their heart.

In anime, there are a number of heartbreaking deaths. The loss of a kid is even more devastating. The death of a kid character, while nonetheless tragic, has a different impact than the loss of an adult character.

Regardless of how little the character may be, the effect on the audience can never be overstated. People’s lives are cut short for a variety of reasons, but conflict and disease are the most common. Nonetheless, viewers were surprised by the majority of these deaths.

1. The Two Younger Senju Brothers Died As Child Soldiers (Naruto)

The Two Younger Senju (Naruto),

Hashirama and Tobirama, the First and Second Hokage, introduce Narutofans to the Senju clan.

Despite this, there are two other Senju brothers who lost their lives in the military at a far younger age than their more famous older siblings.

When the conflict tore through the Hidden Leaf Village, the younger Senju siblings Kawarama and Itama perished. At the time of their deaths, the children were 7 and 10 years old, a vast age difference. They died with the end of the Uchiha clan, which Hashirama viewed as a waste of his time.

2. The Truth About Grace Field House Shocks Viewers (The Promised Neverland)

Death of children is the central theme of The Promised Neverland. After what appears to be an innocent plotline, this may shock viewers. Isabella, the “mother” of the Grace Field House, runs the “orphanage.” The children’s mother raises them to be demons’ food.

After discovering the lifeless body of their six-year-old buddy Conny, orphans Emma and Ray devise an escape strategy to get out of Grace Field House. Conny’s favorite plush bunny has been adopted, so Emma and Norman follow her to return it. Instead, they stumble across a macabre scene that renders them helpless.

3. Setsuko’s Death Is One Of The Most Heartbreaking In Anime History (Grave Of The Fireflies)

Setsuko (Grave Of The Firefly)

Despite Grave of the Fireflies warning viewers of both children’s death,death Setsuko’s remains one of anime’s most devastating. Before their house is destroyed by a firebomb during World War II, Saita lives with his mother and 4-year-old sister Setsuko. As a result of their mother’s injuries, the two siblings must finally live on their own. In the end, Seita is too late; Setsuko has already succumbed to starvation and died. Seita’s death comes just a few days after that of his younger sister, who died at a train station.

4. Harumi’s Death Sends Her Aunt Into A Depression (In This Corner Of The World)

Suzu, a joyful young woman, marries a man named Shusaku in the film. Shusaku is inducted into the Japanese Navy just as the air raids begin over Japan. Shusaku’s family lives near the waterfront, so Suzu gets to spend time with her six-year-old niece Harumi. At the end of the day, a bomb explodes and kills Harumi and injures Suzu, who has lost her right hand. Suzu’s grief and the grief of the viewers are both deepened by Harumi’s death.

After her death, 6 Menma hopes to reunite with her friends (Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day)

5. Menma Hopes To Reunite Her Friends After Her Death (Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day)

Menma (Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day)

When Menma dies suddenly at the age of ten, it’s because of some weird accident. Then she transforms into a ghost and appears to her pal Jintan. She hopes to reunite her buddies, the Super Peace Busters, in the near future.

Jintani does not know of another wish Menmaw has for him. Even though Jintan believes he is to responsible for Menma’s death, he shows no signs of sorrow. Jintan’s mother requested that Menma allow him to cry, and Menma does so.

6. Many Children Die From The Bombing Of Hiroshima (Barefoot Gen)

Genis is inspired on Keiji Nakazawa’s manga series of the same name and his own experiences during the Hiroshima bombing.

Be warned, this film is not for the faint of heart. The aftermath of the bombing in Hiroshima is depicted in terrible detail. The film Barefoot Gen. contains numerous deaths. Tomoko, Gen’s infant sister, was the youngest victim. After the explosion, everyone in Gen’s family except for his mother perishes in a fire. She dies of starvation and radiation poisoning.

7. Ushio’s Short Life Was Full Of Tragedy (Clannad)

Ushio (Clannad)

Ushio’s mother dies shortly after she is born, and she looks very like her. The sickness that afflicted her mother is passed down to Ushio, who suffers from a high fever every winter. Ushio’s father hopes to make the most of his time with her by taking her on a trip. Then, Ushio goes into a coma and dies swiftly. After her death, it is assumed that her father succumbs to his grief and dies.

8. Nina Tucker Was Betrayed By Those She Trusted Most (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Nina Tucker, a five-year-old girl in theFullmetal Alchemist franchise, enjoys playing with her friends. Her father and her enormous dog, Alexander, are both dear to her heart. In the manga and anime series, she regularly refers to Alphonse and Edward as her big and little brothers. Scar, the State Alchemist-killer, mercilessly executes Nina as a final act of mercy. She is merged with her dog Alexander by her father’s chimera experiment just before he dies. Nina’s life was cut short by the betrayal of people she placed her faith in the most.

9. Neji’s Death Devastated Many Viewers (Naruto)

Neji Hyuga (Naruto)

Even though Neji Hyuga died far later in life than the other characters, his death was no less terrible because he was still far too young.

As a result of Ten Tails attacks, Neji rushes to defend Naruto and Hinata during the Fourth World War. He dies soon from his wounds, and Narutofans are furious because it is regarded one of the most pointless deaths in anime. Unfortunately, Neji passes away before he has a chance to influence the Hyuga clan, therefore he will never witness the harmony that exists between the main house and its branch homes.

10. Kaori Convinces Kosei To Love Music Again (Your Lie In April)

An untimely loss of his mother prompts Kosei Arima, a 14-year-old piano prodigy, to take on the role of his mother in the anime. When Kaori, a skilled violinist, persuades Kosei to pick up the piano again, he is delighted. Unfortunately, Kaori is anemic and scheduled for a dangerous surgery in the near future. Kosei’s five-year-old love is revealed in an open letter she wrote before she died of a heart attack during surgery. When watching this anime, make sure you have Kleenex nearby.