10 Best Anime Like That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Update 07/2024

Anime Like That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

For those of you who enjoy That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime and other Isekai anime, here are 10 more to add to your collection.

An avalanche of Isekai anime has hit the market in the last several years, thanks to the genre’s rising popularity. It is mainly about adapting to a new and wild environment for the protagonists, who appear to be average people.

Eight Bit studio’s That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime is a popular choice, but there are others that have stood out. To the joy of viewers, these anime either put a new spin on an already-tired genre or just embrace classic clichés with open arms.

1. Death March

Death March

Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody’s Ichirou Suzuki, the series’ protagonist, gets reincarnated after he overworks himself and wakes up in an RPG world that contains aspects of games he was creating before he fell asleep, rather than having to die or fall into a bizarre ritual. As soon as he is able to utilize magic and level up, he is ambushed by a group of monsters and forced to defend himself.

Rather of focusing on a specific objective, the protagonist and his eventual comrades in Death March just explore the world they find themselves in. Fan of world-building and more concerned with the journey than the final destination would enjoy this option.

2. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

How to Avoid Creating a Demon Lord First, two females named Rem and Shera perform a ritual in which they attempt to imprison a demon. It turns out that Takuma Sakamoto, the monster they summoned, is actually a person. Rem and Shera are bound to Takuma because of the socially awkward Takuma’s deception.

He refuses to reveal who he really is, choosing to accept the bizarre circumstances he now calls home as the Demon Lord Diablo. As a result, the three of them set out to figure out how Rem and Shera may get out from under Takuma’s thumb and stop serving the “Demon Lord” they summoned by accident.

3. The Devil Is A Part-Timer

The Devil Is A Part-Timer

r takes a fresh approach to the reincarnation motif by bringing a fantastical character into our everyday reality. Once confronted, Satan manages to escape through a portal that sends him back to the present day in Japan.

As soon as they arrive, Satan and the others who have accompanied him on the flight are transformed into humans and must adapt to their new circumstances. While keeping a look out for old foes in this weird new world, Satan takes on a part-time work at MgRonald’s fast-food restaurant in order to make ends meet. Comedy abounds, as the show deftly plays with viewers’ expectations time and time again.

4. Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash

This isn’t the case in Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash, where the protagonists aren’t overpowered until they’ve been resurrected.

With no recollection of how they arrived, a group of strangers are compelled to band together in this RPG-style world.

As a result, the anime’s characters face real-world threats that could end their lives.

Because even low-level goblins are difficult for the gang, their journey becomes much more realistic and grim.

Customers appreciate thatGrimgar Of Fantasy And Ash takes the fantasy genre seriously and isn’t hesitant to take a dark turn when necessary.

5. Log Horizon

Log Horizon

A typical Isekai episode opens with Log Horizon. To begin the series, 30,000 Japanese players find themselves inexplicably confined to a virtual reality game. There is an experienced player named Shiroe who manages to gather a posse of other players that are trapped there with him. Shiroe and his allies learn to coexist with the game’s NPCs, called as “natives,” as they go through the game’s various adventures.

However, Log Horizon is a strong series that adheres to a tried-and-true formula rather than attempting to break new ground in the genre. Swords, sorcery, and fantasy intrigue abound in this time-honored tale of adventure.

6. KonoSuba

To begin KonoSuba, Kazuma Satou dies in a vehicle accident, and he is given the option of going to heaven or reincarnation. He selects the latter and is thrust into a fantasy world where a villain known as the Demon King constantly trying to convince him to confront him.

Kazuma is joined on his voyage by other adventurers, such as Megumin the magician and Darkness the crusader. The misadventures of Kazuma and his shambles of a crew are both thrilling and hysterically funny.

7. RE: Zero – Starting Life In Another World


It is unusual for an Isekai protagonist to be transferred into another world by either a game or a car accident, as is the case with RE: Zero – Beginning Life in Another World’s protagonist,Natsuki Subaru. Natsuki, on the other hand, is teleported at random and has no unique powers in the new realm he finds himself in. He instantly makes friends with Satella, a half-elf, and Puck, her companion, and decides to assist them in recovering an insignia that has been stolen.

He wakes up in his bed, realizing that he has been given another chance to save both himself and his friends every time he dies.

The series is a mix of Groundhog Day, dark fantasy, and a new take on the reincarnation idea, making it a pleasant change.

8. No Game No Life

Fans are introduced to a new group of gamers who are abruptly transferred inside a video game in No Game No Life.

When Tet, the God of Games, challenges Sora and Shiro to a chess match, their lives as reclusive gamer shut-ins are turned upside down. They are then transported to Disboard, a world where games are used to resolve conflicts.

They quickly learn that these games in Disboard are far more genuine than anything they’ve ever experienced before, as the stakes get increasingly higher and higher. True to form, Sora and Shiro quickly adapt to their new home and set out to take down Tet and become the rulers of Disboard.

9. Overlord


Since the Isekai renaissance began, Overlord has become one of the most popular titles. When Momonga’s favorite virtual reality game, Yggdrasil, is about to be shut down, he decides to log into the game one more time and remain inside until the servers are disconnected. Momonga, on the other hand, is locked inside Yggdrasil as his skeleton “Overlord” character, unable to leave the game.

With the name of his previous guild, Ainz Ooal Gown, he sets out to expand his realm and defeat the different monsters and factions that stand in his way. There is little doubt that Overlord has established itself as one of the most popular games in the genre.

I’m a Spider, What’s the Big Deal?

In the short time since its release, one of the newest Isekai games has already established itself as one of the greatest.

10. So I’m A Spider, So What?

intentionally breaks the fourth wall as much as possible while leaning into all the best genre cliches. High school student who was slain in an explosion and resurrected as low-level spider monster at the bottom of a dungeon packed with frightening creatures in a fantasy realm.

Although her peers are engaged in a political power struggle, the unidentified spider fights to level up and eventually becomes more strong throughout the novel. This is a must-see for fans of Isekai anime since it’s funny, campy, and filled with great battle scenes.