11 Best Anime About Angels That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime About Angels

A common theme in every form of entertainment medium is the presence of angels. Because of this, a plethora of anime depicting the theme is a foregone conclusion. While it may appear that most anime depicting angels are either ecchi or harem, I can assure you that there are a few exceptions. Some anime about angels are out there, so let’s check them out. So, why not check out this list of the best-known anime characters from various perspectives? Ecchi, dark angel and non-ecchi anime are all included in the list. Several of these gothic anime can be found on Netflix, Hulu, or Crunchyroll. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section below. Enjoy! So, sit back and take it all in! Also, don’t forget to leave a comment with your preferred choice!

11. Haibane Renmei (2002)

Haibane Renmei (2002)

Like ‘Haibane Renmei,’ there are no sexy female angels with a lot of garment materials on them in the typical angel anime. There are beings who mimic our idea of angels in this dark psychological riddle. In the village where they were born, it depicts their lives and the mystery surrounding their kind. Spectacular creatures with a little halo on their head and wings on their back are born from cocoons in Old Home. They are known as Haibane. Haibane is born with no recollection of her prior life or of her current location. So, she’s known as Rekka because of her premonition of falling. Haibanes in Old Home are expected to adhere to a stringent set of guidelines. They are forbidden from leaving the village or going near its outside walls. Rekka and others of her kind are disturbed by these new regulations and the disappearance of Haibanes on the “Day of Flight.” Will they be able to solve the riddles that surround them and finally attain salvation? “

10. Sora no Otoshimono (2009)

The popular anime genres like ecchi and harem are back, so let’s get back to that. Yes, we’ll be spending most of our time in this genre. ‘Sora no Otoshimono’ is a great show if you enjoy viewing sexy female angels. In total, there are 13 episodes in this series, each of which clocks in at roughly 24 minutes. For a long time, Tomoki Sakurai has been having strange nightmares about an angel. When he finally wakes up from the dream, he always has tears in his eyes. Don’t feel sorry for him, because he’s just like the rest of us: a big pervert. He even created a feminine persona in order to observe young women taking a dip in a nearby hot spring. When he wakes up crying after viewing the angel dream, his boyhood friend, Sohara Mitsuki, is concerned about him. She meets the eccentric Eishirou, who tells her that the new world anomaly in the sky is linked to Tomoki’s dream. A female angel-like creature falls from the sky and begins calling Tomoki master on the day of the anomaly’s appearance. As the novel progresses, the main characters continue to investigate the Angeloids’ origins.

9. Angel Beats (2010)


In this genre, ‘Angel Beats’ is one of the most popular animes. The anime features a total of 13 episodes, each of which is 24 minutes long. Otonashi Yuzuru is the subject of the anime ‘Angel Beats,’ which depicts his existence after death. His name is the only thing he can recall about himself. Yuri, a young woman he meets in the afterlife, makes his transition to the next world easier. She is armed with a gun and introduces herself as Shinda Sekai Sensen, the group’s leader in the afterlife. The group’s mission is to wage war against Tenshi, a villainous young lady. Otonashi, on the other hand, has some doubts about Tenshi’s evil and decides to speak with her. In light of the encounter’s unexpected outcomes, the SSS recruits him in order to complete the organization’s mission. Despite this, he is still swayed by Tenshi. To understand these feelings and discover the truth about her, he must also investigate his history and the afterlife.

8. High School DxD (2012)

Let’s discuss about ‘High School DxD,’ one of the most popular harem and ecchi anime with angels and demons as themes. For those searching for an anime with a lot of substance, High School DxD may not be the best choice. Fans of busty female angels and demonic beasts will enjoy this story, which has a loose plot framework. You should watch this anime if you need a distraction from more serious matters. He and his pals spend a lot of time looking at attractive women as the protagonist of the anime, Issei Hyoudou. When a girl asks him out, he immediately accepts. He’s always wanted a relationship. She is revealed to be a fallen angel who has come to kill Issei at the end of a wonderful date. But Rias Gremory, a beautiful senior at Issei’s school who is also a top devil, reincarnates Issei as a devil and makes him her slave. Now that Issei is a devil, he must learn how to use his magical abilities to survive in this world.

7. Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis (2014)

Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis (2014)

‘Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis’ features one of the most terrifying and massive creatures in anime, Bahamut. As a dragon, Bahamut is a destructive force in the land of Mistarcia, where Gods, devils, and humans coexist. They can’t, however, defeat the beast by themselves. The three of them decide to work together to seal the monster and distribute the key in three different directions in case one of the groups goes insane. People like Favaro Leone, a bounty hunter, are just having fun and taking care of their own needs now that the crisis has passed. Another bounty hunter, Kaisar Lidfard, has vowed to catch him, so he’s on the run. After meeting Amira, Favaro’s carefree existence is going to come to an end. She appears to be in possession of a key that can free Bahamut. Trying to forge their own way and save the world from impending doom, the three soon finds itself embroiled in a conflict between the gods and demons.

6. Gabriel DropOut (2017)

If you’re looking for something light and entertaining to watch as a diversion from more somber fare, I recommend ‘Gabriel DropOut.’ It’s a supernatural-themed comedy that’s a lot of fun to watch. It contains a total of 12 episodes with each episode clocking in at roughly 23 minutes in duration. This anime depicts a world in which angels in heaven are required to spend time on Earth in order to attain the status of full-fledged angels. Gabi is the best student in her class, and she aspires to be the best angel possible so that she may help the rest of us. When she arrives on Earth, though, she becomes a virtual recluse because of her addiction to computer games. She now refers to herself as a “fallen angel” and spends her time doing nothing but lazing around, to to the chagrin of her demonic and angelic pals, who are both desperate to restore her to her former glory. Observe these extraordinary entities as they try to adapt to life in the real world.

5. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (2010)

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (2010)

One of my favorite anime series is ‘Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.’ Because of the animation, the show will appear more like a traditional children’s cartoon than an anime. It includes a total of 13 episodes with each episode clocking in at roughly 23 minutes. The anime is a lot of fun and falls into the ecchi and parody genres. For those who enjoy that sort of thing, I highly recommend checking it out. Due to their “misbehavior,” Panty and Stocking have been exiled from heaven. Defeating the bad spirits and ghosts of Daten City is necessary for them to return to their home. Garterbelt, a priest, is guiding them. These angels, on the other hand, are prone to getting distracted by their personal interests. Stocking like sweets more than Panty does sex. Follow the journey of these two outcasts as they seek to redeem themselves.

4. Ayashi no Ceres (2000)

‘Ayashi no Ceres’ is an anime that combines elements of mystery, horror, and action. Twenty-one minutes is the average duration of an episode in this series. If you’re not into bloodshed and gore, you should probably go for something else to watch. When Ceres arrived on Earth, she wanted to take a refreshing dip in the river. However, she loses her robe, which is her portal to paradise. Thus, a family with both human and divine blood is born. Currently, Aya Mikage is the last surviving member of the Mikage family. Her reincarnation of Ceres takes over her mind and body, and she goes on a rampage against those who have wronged her. Nonetheless, Aya promises Ceres that she’ll get her robe, and asks her to respect her family’s privacy. In order to fulfill her vow, Aya must now assume leadership of Ceres herself.

3. D.N. Angel (2003)

D.N. Angel (2003)

‘D.N. Angel’ is a 24-episode comedic animation with each episode clocking in at 23 minutes long. The main character of the anime is Daisuke Niwa, a mediocre eighth grader. Risa Harada rejects him on his 14th birthday when he finally has the confidence to tell her about his feelings for her. For some reason, Daisuke can transform into the notorious Phantom Thief, Dark Mousy. He is unaware of this. His mother, on the other hand, knows all about him and has been arranging for him to steal valuables since he was a baby. As his mental state deteriorates and his bonds with his friends and family weaken, it’s clear that something is wrong. However, he may not be the only one with a strange family history. Perhaps one of Daisuke’s fellow students could be a potential foe.

2. Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi (2008)

An action-horror anime, ‘Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi’ is set in the realm of the otherworldly. Rin Asogi, a detective who also happens to be immortal, is the focus of the story. She becomes eternal after eating the time-fruit from the Yggdrasil tree. Because Rin is impervious to death, she has been killed numerous times and then resurrected. In addition, her duties as a detective frequently place her in dangerous circumstances. Then, in the 1990s, Rin has a serious problem and she could die as a result. Rin must identify the person responsible for the quest for eternal women before they find her. Rin’s assistant is Mimi, an eternal woman. What’s the connection between this show and angels? That’s up to you to discover.

1. Kobato. (2009)

Kobato. (2009)

‘Kobato.’ is one of the best angel anime I’ve ever seen. It’s a rewarding experience. I’m a big fan of the characters and the animation. Despite its simplicity, the plot has a lot going for it in terms of execution. All of the show’s twenty-four episodes clock in at roughly twenty-four minutes long. Hanato Kobato is a nice and naive young lady who cares deeply about the well-being of others and is always eager to provide a helping hand. After healing someone’s heart and seeing the konpeito appear, she is well prepared for her task to collect them. Because she wants to travel somewhere, she wants to fill a bottle with konpeito. Her ancestry remains a mystery to this day. However, there is a stipulation to her assignment. She is unable to fall in love with the person she helps heal their heart. That does make things a little easier to guess, don’t you think? However, I can assure you that it is a wonderful anime that you should watch.