10 Best Anime Like Chuunibyou That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Anime Like Chuunibyou

There’s something wrong with Yuta Togashi. Many Japanese students, wanting to stand out, have convinced themselves that they possess special knowledge and abilities, and he used to be one of them. In any case, he’s resolved to set his fantasies aside and confront reality now that he’s in high school! The problem is that Rikka Takanashi, his upstairs neighbor, is a touch insane herself. And she’s well-aware of all of his transgressions in the past.

10. Aura: Maryuuin Kouga Saigo no Tatakai

Aura Maryuuin Kouga Saigo no Tatakai

In middle school, Ichirou Satou pretended to be a hero named “Maryuuin Kouga,” which led to other students often tormenting him. Now that he’s come to terms with the embarrassment of the past, he tries to live a normal life, even though he thinks the world has gotten a little boring. While returning to school one night to retrieve a textbook that had been left behind, he encounters a weird girl who is dressed in a costume.

Ryouko Satou, a classmate of his, suffers from the same mental illness that he did, and she dresses herself as if she were someone else to represent this. Ichirou is asked by his instructor the following day to become friends with Ryouko, to which he vehemently refuses. It’s the perfect job for Maryuuin Kouga when he sees how she’s being bullied in the same way he was, so he takes it upon himself to help her break free of her past.

9. Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko.

Like many other males, Youto Yokodera wants to be perceived as a pervert. Many people mistakenly believe his sleazy behavior is motivated by altruism, therefore they fail to understand his actual character. He seeks for and prays for the removal of his façade after hearing reports of a cat statue that can erase an undesired trait. As with all wishes, there is a price: the unwanted attributes are passed on to someone else who wishes to have them.

He realizes it’s not the best idea to openly express his dirty thoughts, so Youto decides to find the person who gave him them in order to get them back. Because of the cat statue, he is now responsible for not just his own life but for the lives of others as well.

8. Hyouka


Even though Houtarou Oreki is an energy-conservative high school student, the Classics Club has a long and illustrious history that he discovers when he accepts his sister’s request to join the club. Oreki gets dragged into an investigation into the 45-year-old mystery surrounding the club room, which he does so reluctantly.

The seasoned Satoshi Fukube, the stern but kind Mayaka Ibara, and the ever-curious Eru Chitanda, along with Oreki’s fellow club members are there to help him overcome the challenges of time constraints and a lack of information in order to uncover the truth buried beneath the dust of old works, as well as other minor cases.

It is based on Yasuhiro Takemoto’s Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu award-winning Koten-bu light novel series and reveals that everyday life can be full of minor mysteries, whether it is a family history or a student film or simply withered flowers that form a ghost narrative.

7. Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

When Makoto Niwa was younger, he methodically tallied the number of pleasant and negative experiences he had, as if he were grading his own existence. Upon the departure of his parents, he embarks on a new adventure by moving in with his aunt and uncle in a new town. He could never have anticipated the presence of an enigmatic long-lost relative during his unremarkable adolescence, however.

His aunt’s residence is where he discovers his cousin, Erio Touwa, whom he had no idea he had. Erio, while being Makoto’s age, is a complete contrast: she prefers to spend her days curled up in a futon instead of attending school. Makoto’s hopes for a normal life are dashed the moment she makes the claim that she is an extraterrestrial, and she has the speech pattern and demeanor to prove it.

Makoto has to face the danger of having his youth points fall when he meets a slew of other quirky girls around town. A young person with an abnormality may surprise him with the amount of fun they can have.

6. Oreshura


Many people believe that the events of one’s past have a direct impact on one’s future. After being abandoned by his love-addled parents, this is an indisputable truth for Eita Kidou, a studious and hardworking student who hopes to receive a scholarship so that he might become a doctor. He was left with a skewed view of romance after this experience, deeming it a distraction that impedes his ability to focus on his studies.

Masuzu Natsukawa, a transfer student with platinum hair and blue eyes, sends Eita a heartfelt letter expressing her feelings for him. Eita sees through the confession, resulting in Masuzu admitting that she only did so because having a partner would stop people from constantly asking her out. The two of them can avoid unwanted attention by faking a relationship because they both regard love to be a burden.

Despite Eita’s protests, Masuzu threatens to publish his journal online if he doesn’t confess to her. Eita refuses, fearing his friends will be jealous. Eita’s struggles with his new “relationship” and the issues that result from it are explored in Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru.

5. Kyoukai no Kanata

Her blood can be used as weaponry in the spirit world, and she the only survivor of a clan of Spirit World warriors with the ability to do so. The embodiment of negative human emotions, the “youmu,” are thought to be animals that Mirai must seek down and eliminate. Akihito Kanbara, a rare half-breed of youmu in human form, appears to Mirai when she is meditating on the school roof. He is an immortal being, and so she stabs him with her blood saber in panic, only to discover that he can’t die. So begins an unplanned friendship between Akihito and Mirai, centered around Mirai’s continual attempts to kill Akihito in order to reinforce her own shaky faith in her abilities as a Spirit World warrior. Hiroomi and Mitsuki Nase, two powerful Spirit World warriors, are also members of the Literary Club, which Akihito persuades her to join.

Youmu, on the other hand, become more tenacious as the group’s bond grows stronger. A battle for their lives is about to break out when the most potent youmu in the game, Beyond the Boundary, is released.

4. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

For a regular high schooler like Kyon, the idea of a magical world is long gone. Although Haruhi is fascinated by the occult, he rapidly discovers that she is more interested in time travel, time travel, and aliens than he was previously aware of. Kyon encourages Haruhi to start her own club after hearing her moan about the lack of interesting ones at her school. SOS Brigade is created, a group dedicated to investigating the paranormal.

To Kyon’s dismay, he, Yuki Nagato, Mikuru Asahina, and the eternally cheerful Itsuki Koizumi are all selected to join the group. Haruhi, the group’s wacky leader, leads the group on a series of wild excursions. Originally written by Nagaru Tanigawa, this narrative is based on his works.

3. Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de

Four Literature Club members, together with the niece of their faculty mentor, suddenly acquire magical powers during a meeting. The resident chuunibyou Jurai Andou is overjoyed with their newfound ability to create black flames, but his own is merely for show and has no practical use. Jurai is also outmatched by his fellow members, including Tomoyo Kanzaki (time manipulation), Hatoko Kushikawa (five elemental control), Sayumi Takanashi (repair of both inanimate and living things), and Chifuyu Himeki (creation of objects out of thin air).

However, despite the looming mystery of how they acquired their abilities, the Literature Club has remained remarkably unchanged. Despite the presence of supernatural elements in their daily lives, these five students’ normal lives continue.

2. Toradora!


In contrast to his mild demeanor and love of chores, Ryuji Takasu’s frightening looks makes him a frequent target of delinquent labels. Meanwhile, Taiga Aisaka, a diminutive student who appears to be a frail doll, proves to be anything but. Taiga, armed with a wooden katana and a fierce demeanor, is known as the “Palmtop Tiger” at school.

The two pupils eventually run into each other after one of them makes a humiliating error. The popular vice president, Yuusaku Kitamura, who happens to be Ryuuji’s best friend, realizes that Taiga has a soft spot for him. When Ryuuji discloses that he has a crush on Minori Kushieda, Taiga’s best friend, things get even more crazy! Toradora! is a romantic comedy about an odd couple who establish an unlikely alliance to aid one other with their individual interests.

1. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Sorata Kanda, a second-year student at Suimei High School, is forced to live into Sakura Hall, the school’s infamous satellite dorm, after he and his conscience are compelled to do so by the plight of abandoned kittens. There are a lot of weirdos living in Sorata’s room, including an energetic animator, a playwright who likes to party, and a reclusive programmer who prefers to stay in his room and work on his computer.

The second-year student and aspiring voice actor Nanami encourages Sorata to find new owners for the many cats so that he can swiftly return to the normal dorms. Mashiro Shiina, a world-class artistic prodigy who wants to become a mangaka, moves into Sakura Hall during the spring trimester and instantly falls in love with the pet-like and immature second year, Mashiro Shiina.

It is via their eccentricities that Sorata and Mashiro are able to break out of their shells and inspire others. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo is based on the light novel series of the same name and examines the thin threads connecting talent, hard work, romance, and friendship with its ensemble cast of characters.