24 Best Movies About Home Invasion That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Home Invasion

The common fear of home invasion is at the heart of these films. There is no one who hasn’t worried about their house being broken into by someone with bad intentions. So, when you’re alone at home, creaks and bumps are terrifying. When the sun sets, wind chimes transform into instruments of terror. Sharing an emotional experience like this with people from all around the world is worth the warped thought of seeing movies that exploit these anxieties. When it comes to fear of domestic violence, language and culture are irrelevant. Art’s ability to unite people through shared fear is on display here.

To keep you awake till Christmas, we’ve compiled a list of 24 home invasion videos below.

There’s something here for everyone, from the hardcore horror fans to those who prefer a more gentle approach.

1. The Strangers (2008)

The Strangers (2008)

The significance of this picture far outweighs the negative reviews it has received. The Strangers became a home invasion classic upon its premiere, which is a testament to the potency of this horror subgenre. Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman are held captive in their home by three psychopaths in masks who taunt and terrify them. There are no extras. There aren’t any special effects here. Just the worry that your most sacred haven would be sullied and turned against you. Available on iTunes, Amazon Video, and Google Play for purchase or rental.

2. Them (2006)

Before The Conjuring’s terrifying hands clapped in the dark, the villains in Them made terrible noisemakers to scare the audience. Sweet and uncomplicated, as always. A couple is alone in their dark, cavernous home, being pursued by an unknown someone or individuals who delight in torturing them. This is a situation in which caution is advised. As a France-made horror picture, it’s no surprise that it’s full with frighteners. Amazon Video has it for rent.

3. When a Stranger Calls (1979)

For the first 30 minutes, When a Stranger Calls masterfully captures the primal horror of a home invasion in a way that only a handful of films have been able to achieve. Have you checked the children?” is one of the most terrifying questions one can ask. What makes this film a legend in the horror genre is just one statement. Do not mistakenly settle for the 2006 remake featuring Camilla Belle for the original. Netflix has the DVD.

4. Emelie (2016)

Emelie (2016)

When a lady poses as a babysitter and infiltrates your home, what do you do when she takes your children’s life into her own hands? A unsettling performance from lead actress Sarah Bolger powers the idea of Emelie. Available on iTunes, Amazon Video, and Google Play for purchase or rental.

5. Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Zombies will love this one, but it’s also a fun way to break up your zombie marathon. Hulu users can watch it right now. Available on iTunes, Amazon Video, and Google Play for purchase or rental.

6. Funny Games (1997)

The contentious take on home invasion horror by director Michael Haneke is weird, unsettling, and frustrating at moments. Haneke plays with genre conventions in a way that makes the spectator question their taste in entertainment. No one, including the audience, emerges unscathed from this tale of a family kept prisoner by two well-dressed, well-mannered young men. Netflix has the DVD.

7. Funny Games (2007)

Funny Games (2007)

After the German film’s first release in 2000, Haneke returned to helm the English-language remake, which was virtually identical to the German version. Haneke’s new villains, Michael Pitt and Brady Corbet, excel as the sinister combo, who are vanilla on the exterior with molten-hot cruel hearts for American audiences to enjoy as the loving husband and wife. After seeing this film, you’ll have a hard time finding them in any other roles. Available on iTunes, Amazon Video, and Google Play for purchase or rental.

8. Inside (2007)

Do you remember how wild French horror is? Devastated pregnant widow preparing for her delivery appointment on Christmas Eve in this film. A mysterious and terrible woman waits outside her door, ready to break in and remove the baby. There will be no spoilers here, but be warned: This is a terrible, bloody nightmare. We won’t say whether or not she succeeds. The term “New French Extremity” isn’t a misnomer. Available on Amazon Video for purchase or rental.

9. The Purge (2013)

One night when all crime is lawful for 12 hours straight, one family’s struggle to live was the inspiration for the original Purge, which came before Anarchy and Election Night. “Just remember all the good the Purge does,” Lena Headey’s character tells herself. Available on iTunes, Amazon Video, and Google Play for purchase or rental.

10. Straw Dogs (1971)

Straw Dogs (1971)

To create a more peaceful and simple life, David and Amy relocate from the United States to the small English hamlet where she was raised. Many of the men in the town dislike David for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that one of them once dated his now-wife. After Amy is raped by two neighborhood men, the couple’s home is violently attacked. In this state, Dustin Hoffman transforms into a monstrous beast. Netflix has the DVD.

11. Wait Until Dark (1967)

You’ll like this change in tone. For her role as Suzy, a newly blind woman alone in New York City who is being conned out of a possession she doesn’t even know she has, Audrey Hepburn was nominated for an Academy Award. Hepburn deserved all the plaudits she received for her performance as a helpless lady being used by three guys. Available on iTunes, Amazon Video, and Google Play for purchase or rental.

12. High Tension (2003)

High Tension (2003)

French hello! You’re back! In the mid-aughts, this was a popular film to name-drop amongst casual horror fans to demonstrate that they’d seen some crazy stuff. A college girl sends her closest friend to her family’s farmhouse for the weekend, and the first half of High Tension is an effective home invasion movie. If Alexandre Aja’s name seems familiar, it’s because he directed the 2006 adaptation of The Hills Have Eyes, which made you question your own humanity. On Showtime, you may watch it. Amazon Video and Google Play both have the option of renting or purchasing the film.

13. The Desperate Hours (1955)

The Desperate Hours is the title of two films. This is the one you should see. Humphrey Bogart starred in it in 1955. The other is dated 1990, and it’s a complete waste of time and money. For days on end, three escaped convicts sneak into a random suburban home and hold a family hostage, in William Wyler’s Bogart film. You could say it’s an invasion of privacy for the more tolerant generation of the 1950s. The video can be rented or purchased through Google Play and Amazon Video.

14. Hush (2016)

This film stars Kate Siegel as a deaf woman who must battle for her life in the woods against a masked assailant, written by Kate Siegel and directed by Mike Flanagan. Siegel does an outstanding job of evoking a specific form of anxiousness by allowing the audience to witness a person’s most desperate moments in quiet. Netflix subscribers can watch this on their televisions.

15. Black Christmas (1974)

Black Christmas (1974)

A universal fact is that the scariest killer is the one already in the house. Even if you look at Black Christmas from the villain’s or the victims’ perspectives, who in this case are a group of sorority ladies looking forward to their upcoming winter vacation, it’s still a home invasion. Netflix has the DVD.

16. Silent House (2011)

Before Martha Marcy May Marlene, Elizabeth Olsen filmed this film, but it wasn’t released until after the film’s success. They are staying overnight at the decrepit vacation home they are trying to clean up as part of their renovation project, La Casa Muda, which is an American remake of a Uruguayan film. However, Olsen’s descent into a state of fear and insanity is compelling. In the dark, you’ll feel as if you’re right there with her in hell. Starz has it available to stream. Available on iTunes, Amazon Video, and Google Play for purchase or rental.

17. La Casa Muda (2010)

Even while Muda is the superior film in the Silent House series, the two films are distinct enough from one another, especially in the way they each handle the pivotal closing sequence, to make them stand on their own. It’s a movie that will make you ponder sleeping with every pillow and blanket drawn over your head if you’ve ever been terrified of the dark. Netflix has the DVD.

18. You’re Next (2011)

You’re Next (2011)

Throughout 2010, a lot of filmmakers were inspired by the home invasion horror genre, which may have triggered a collective terror in the world. It has the advantage of having an excellent last girl, in addition to the usual cliches of a tranquil family holiday home overtaken by murdering nuts. Also, kudos to directors Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett for using frightening animal masks on their villains. Available on iTunes, Amazon Video, and Google Play for purchase or rental.

19. Angst (1983)

As soon as the protagonist is freed from prison in this German film, he immediately sets out to torture and murder as many people as he can. When handled well, horror isn’t reliant on language to create a sense of dread; rather, it can be elicited through a combination of cinematography, sound design, and minimal conversation. Available on Amazon Video for purchase or rental.

20. Kidnapped (2010)

Kidnapped (2010)

Near this Spanish thriller, three masked assailants invade a gated community in Madrid and kidnap a whole family. After translating their ascribed names to “Young Mugger, Chief Mugger, and Head Strong” the villains’ characters sound a lot more ridiculous than they really are. These are some truly evil individuals. Netflix subscribers can watch this on their televisions.

21. The Collector (2009)

A product of the so-called Torture Porn era, this film is notable for the meticulously staged acts of violence that result in a plethora of death and destruction. When the thief enters the house, he discovers that it has been wired for fear by a deranged masked killer who is holding the family captive inside. It’s easy to see how a house may be a dangerous place when it’s filled with deadly traps. On Amazon Video, you may rent or buy it.

22. Torso (1973)

Add some texture to your home invasion experience with this Italian giallo film if you’ve already seen too much of the hyperreal in films like Silent House and The Strangers. For some much-needed R&R, the women of Perugia head for the hills, where they stay in a country estate. Most of the students meet a tragic end as they are pursued by the assassin. Giallo films are known for their blood-curdling gore and little use of clothing. Available on iTunes, Amazon Video, and Google Play for purchase or rental.

23. Knock Knock (2015)

Those who appreciate filmmaker Eli Roth and all he does, and those who enjoy Keanu Reeves’ return to the big screen will enjoy this film the most. The actor portrays a married man who takes in a couple of exceptionally lovely women who claim to have been stranded in a thunderstorm while he is home alone for the weekend. His efforts to urge them to go fall short, and he ends up as their prisoner in his own home after a series of terrible decisions. This is a nice variation on Roth’s usual clichés if you appreciate his happy sociopaths in Roth’s earlier works. Amazon Video and Hulu are both streaming options. On iTunes and Google Play for purchase.

24. Sleep Tight (2013)

Sleep Tight (2013)

How about this for a film synopsis? Tenants are closely monitored by Cesar, the manager of an apartment complex. It is something he secretly enjoys.” César, you’ve got a pretty significant secret there! To ensure that everything in your room is exactly where you left it, the game Sleep Tight will have you checking under your bed, where you most certainly did not leave a grown man, to make sure. Hulu users can watch it right now. The video can be rented or purchased through Google Play and Amazon Video.