10 Best How To Sound Like An Anime Girl That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

How To Sound Like An Anime Girl

The voices of anime girls are typically high-pitched and exaggerated. For a more anime-like voice, consider raising your pitch, speaking quietly, smiling, and decreasing your voice’s resonance. Additionally, if you’re not performing live, you can utilize software to fine-tune your voice even further.

1. Raise the pitch

The voices of anime heroines are incredibly high. For a more anime-like voice, you’ll need to aim for a higher vocal range. Instead of using your neck to talk, use the upper region of your face to do so. To describe this voice as “bright and airy,”

Try pretending you’re talking to a dog or something adorable if you find it difficult to raise your voice. When we’re speaking to a cute animal, we naturally increase our voice. Your Adam’s apple (the protruding part of the male anatomy) should rise when you speak in a louder voice to help you monitor your progress.

2. Smile

Bright, cheerful voices are common among anime characters. To produce a cheerful voice, try smiling. Changing your voice often means changing your facial expressions and body language. As a result, wearing a big grin makes it much easier to come across as cheerful.

3. Add breathiness

It’s common for anime girls to exaggerate their voices. In an effort to sound breathy, inhale more deeply. This may be difficult because your supply of air will be depleted much more rapidly. Breathe into your diaphragm to make it easier for yourself. You’ll have a lot more room to work with this way.

In addition, improving your physical fitness will help you breathe easier. If you’d want some breathing exercises, check out this post. You can tell if you’re breathing correctly if your chest and shoulders don’t rise much when you inhale through the diaphragm.

4. Exaggerate emotions

As a rule, anime characters are significantly more emotive and over-the-top than their human counterparts. Be more animated in order to sound more like an anime character. You might even be able to scream once in a while.

Get an overly dramatic book or manual and read it aloud with overly dramatic emotions to practice exaggerating your feelings. You’ll be able to express a wider range of emotions this way, and you’ll be able to use it in your anime female voice.

5. Close your mouth

When speaking, try to close your mouth and make it as small as possible. As though you were mimicking a duck’s quack. It will automatically boost the pitch of your voice and give some cuteness to how you sound, which is what you are looking for when crafting an anime girl’s voice.. It also reduces the area in which your voice may be heard. This is a benefit.

6. Articulate more softly

Try to round and soften your voice to sound more like an anime female. To get the desired impact, you can even use some lisp. Once again, this will assist you in achieving a cutesy tone of voice.

7. Whisper

In order to make it sound more sexy and anime-like, whisper it softly.

8. Restrict resonance in your voice

Lower frequencies can be controlled by limiting the resonance that is generated in your voice. Try bending your neck forward or raising your head towards the ceiling to reduce the reverberation in your throat. This will help you sound more like a high-pitched anime female by reducing the lower frequencies in your voice.

9. Relax

Maintaining a female anime girl voice requires you to keep your upper body relaxed at all times when you speak. To make an impact with your voice, you’ll need to expand your vocal range. When we’re nervous, we can’t use our voice to its full potential.

For an anime girl voice, try to stretch or massage your upper body. Your face and mouth muscles will relax if you do exercises like yawning and making amusing facial expressions.

10. Adjust your voice with software

You can also use EQ and Pitch effects to alter your voice’s pitch and frequencies if you’re recording your voice and don’t necessarily require an anime voice on the move. To make your voice sound brighter, lower the low frequencies by up to 500 Hz and raise the high frequencies by up to 2 kHz.

You can use pitch changer to make your voice sound more anime girl-like by raising your pitch by a few semitones.