10 Best Anime Like Akira That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime Like Akira

When was the last time you saw Akira? You may be wondering what to watch next after seeing this wonderful animated film.

Akira is a Japanese animated film that has gone on to become a global phenomenon in the animation industry. This animated series is beloved by anime lovers, and many don’t want it to end. Akira’s narrative, like any other, must come to a conclusion.

Afterwards, if you want to see the same quality of animations, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Check out this list of shows that are similar to Akira’s. These cartoons are fun to watch, and you’ll enjoy them, too. Check out the images below:

1. Freedom


Freedom bears many resemblances to flicks like Akira. In many ways, freedom resembles Akira if it had been shot on the moon instead of the Earth.

Eden, a moon-based space colony, is destroyed in this animated series. The locals are baffled as to why these actions are taking place. In the end, it’s a young hovercraft racer that cracks the case. Akira’s story is a lot like Freedom’s.

2. Ghost in the shell

People launched the Akira vs Ghost in the Shell comparison since this series shares many characteristics with Akira. If you’re a fan of Akira, you’ll enjoy Ghost in the Shell.

Animation series Ghost in the Shell explores the intersection of technological progress and human nature. This drama is based on a narrative in which technology is used to manipulate the human brain for political purposes.

3. Metropolis


Akira-like beauty abounds in Metropolis. In Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and Metropolis, there are echoes of one another. You’ll see a lot of political references in this cartoon. Humans can’t keep up with the pace of technological advancement, and as a result, this all occurs. Human-made robots are displacing them by stealing their employment. If Akira is one of your favorite films, you’ll love this animated series.

4. Psycho-pass

CID is the name given to a police force that is depicted in this animated series. Criminal investigators are tasked with keeping the peace in a chaotic society. The inhabitants of this anime are under the control of a terrible government. Instability is a prerequisite for death. Negative signals from scanners are used to pick the targets. Like Akira, this anime is sure to please.

5. Serial experiments lain

Serial Experiments Lain

When it comes to weird tales, serial experiments lain is a great anime to watch. In many ways, this series continues the exploration of philosophical issues that you began with Akira.

These topics offer a compelling narrative that is sure to captivate and enthuse anyone who sees them. Similarly, you’ll see a protagonist with spiritual talents in both of these animated series play a variety of different jobs.

6. Elfen Lied

There are echoes of Akira in this show’s 13th episode. Akira’s plot revolves around human experiments that resulted in humans with psychic powers.

As they have no control over their powers, things get worse. After shocking audiences with its sexual nature, Elfen Lied’s thirteenth episode continues along the same plot lines. Regardless of how long ago you watched the series, you’ll be able to recall the scenes.

7. Steam boy

Steam boy

While the plots of Stream Boy and Akira diverge, they are both written by the same person. Katsuhiro Otomo, a legend in the world of anime, developed these two fantastic animated series. The animation traces are another feature that unites these two cartoons. The story of a young inventor trying to keep his grandfather’s magnificent steam-powered invention out of the wrong hands is told in the book The Steam Boy. This is a movie that the whole family will appreciate.

8. Neo Tokyo

Neo Tokyo is a wonderful anime series if you’re seeking for a horror thriller. Episodes like “The Running Man” feature a mental race in which the competitors are killed in a Death Circus. The last short features a production plant run by a group of insane robots. Similarly to Akira, Neo Tokyo contains a variety of storylines that touch on morality, technology, and unchecked power.

9. Appleseed


Like Akira, this animated series has its fans. This film’s emphasis on replicating psychics. In this cartoon, cloning is used to create human offspring. Thrilling action sequences keep spectators riveted to the screen. These tense situations depict the ways in which the events of human lives might be disrupted. In addition, you’ll enjoy this anime.

10. Tekkonkinkreet

In spite of the fact that this animated series lacks the visuals of Akira, it shares much of the same storylines. An inventive city that is controlled by criminals can be found in Tekkonkinkreet The plot of this anime is around the struggles of two brothers trying to make it on their own. Similar to the friendship between Akira and Kaneda. Viewers feel for these guys because they are human.