Top 12 Movies Like Amadeus That You Need Watching Update 04/2024

Movies Like Amadeus

1. Amadeus (1984)

Amadeus (1984)

Antonio Salieri (qv) believes in the divinity and miracles of ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s (qv) music.

In order to praise God through composition, he aspires to be as good a musician as Mozart. A devout man by faith, he began his career as a composer, believing that his success and talent were gifts from God. He’s also happy as Austrian Emperor Joseph II’s respected and wealthy court composer.

It surprises him that Mozart is such a vile human being. He doesn’t understand why God chose Mozart as his instrument in the first place. The enmity Salieri harbored toward Mozart’s greatness turned him into an enemy of God. God and Mozart deserve his vengeance, and he intends to exact it.

2. The Phantom Of The Opera (2004)

Beginning with a chorus girl being tutored by an opera ghost who terrorizes the French Opera House’s entire cast and crew.

Finally, after driving the lead soprano to madness, she and her companion depart. On one occasion, the girl is able to sing lead, but the soprano does not wish to have her show stolen, and so returns to the stage. The phantom demands that his protégé be given leading roles in future films.

The Vicomte de Chagny, his pupil, falls in love with the Phantom, while Christine, the Phantom’s student, falls in love with him. As a result of his rage, the Phantom abducts Christine, and she becomes his everlasting bride. Will Vicomte Raoul be able to foil this evil scheme?

3. The Duchess (2008)

The Duchess (2008)

On her marriage to the Duke of Devonshire in 1774, Georgiana Spencer became Duchess of Devonshire, a time when fashion, decadence and political change were at their height during the Georgian period.

Even though she was beloved by the general public upon her wedding day, she quickly learned that her marriage was doomed because of the Duke’s philandering ways and his callous disregard for her. The three of them end up living in an uncomfortable relationship after she befriends Lady Bess and is betrayed once again by her husband.

Georgiana falls passionately in love with Charles Grey, a rising young Whig politician, despite the pressures of an unfaithful husband, strict social pressures, and constant public scrutiny. Lady Bess continues to be involved with the Duke despite this, and he threatens to take her children away if she does.

4. The Libertine (2004)

Theater, visual arts, science, and sexual promiscuity flourish after Charles II ascended to the English throne in 1660. 13 years later, Charles II, facing political and economic difficulties, asks his friend John Wilmot, alias the second Earl of Rochester, to return to London from exile in order to help him.

In addition to being a morally depraved drunk, John is a sexually active cynic. A play for the French ambassador is assigned by the King, and in the playhouse, John meets up with aspiring actress Elizabeth Barry. He decides to turn her into a big star.

He falls head over heels in love with her, and she becomes his devoted mistress as a result of this. He embarrasses the court during the presentation to the Frenchman. After dying of syphilis and alcoholism at age thirty-three, he becomes religious.

5. A Royal Affair (2012)

A Royal Affair (2012)

In 1767, Princess Caroline of England becomes engaged to Denmark’s deranged King Christian VII, but their life together in oppressive Denmark turns into an isolating misery. However, Dr. Johann Struensee, a quiet Enlightenment idealist from Germany, becomes a fast friend of Christian’s.

Struensee, as the only person with the power to sway the King, is able to use Christian to implement major reforms in Denmark at the same time that Caroline falls in love with the doctor. Affair proves to be a tragic mistake, which their conservative adversaries take advantage of as they wage war on each other, potentially killing many more people.

6. Original Sin (2001)

Man is surprised by the beauty who appears before him when he chooses a mail order bride. She claims she sent him fake photos so he’d love her for who she really is and not just for her looks.

But in reality, she’s a con artist, prostitute, and actress who works with another actor to bilk men out of their cash. She has no idea that she will fall in love with her new husband and be forced to choose between him and her sadistic ex-lover. There is explicit sex in the film, such as when Thomas Jane uses a knife to sever Jolie’s back during their lovemaking. This is a sadistic act.

7. Barry Lyndon (1975)

Barry Lyndon (1975)

Redmond Barry, an Irish farm boy in the eighteenth century, is head over heels in love with his cousin Nora Brady. Barry challenges the British Captain John Quin to a pistol duel after Nora gets engaged to him. He triumphs, flees to Dublin, and is subsequently robbed. Barry is forced to enlist in the British Army and fight in the Seven Years War because he has no other option.

Disloyalty forces him into military service with the Prussian Army, where he saves the life of his captain before becoming a protege and spy for the notorious Irish gambler Chevalier de Balibari. Until he decides to marry the wealthy Lady Lyndon, he helps Chevalier and becomes one of his associates. They relocate to England, where Barry, driven by his desire to be a nobility, wastes her fortune and turns her into a vengeful adversary.

8. The White Ribbon (2009)

A string of events occurs in a German village between July 1913 and the start of World War I.

A horse trips on a wire and flings its rider; a woman falls to her death through rotted planks; the son of the local baron is hung upside down in a mill; parents slap and bully their children; a man is cruel to his long-suffering lover; another sexually abuses his daughter; and so on and so forth.

People just vanish from the face of the earth. The story is told by a young teacher who is in love with the baron’s nanny and tries to figure out how these accidents and crimes are connected. What’s in store as a result of this? Can we consider the children to be sacramental unadulterated beings? Even if God is in His heavenly abode, the world is far from perfect; the center simply cannot hold.

9. The Piano Teacher (2001)

The Piano Teacher (2001)

Erika Kohut, a pianist and music educator, lives in New York City. Her strengths lie in Schubert and Schumann, but she isn’t quite concert-level yet.

Erika is a victim who becomes combative as she gets older. She lives with her mother, who is both domineering and submissive. She is strict with her pupils. Her favorite places to watch movies are sex shops and drive-in theaters, where she can catch glimpses of couples having sex.

Walter is a confident student with some musical ability who auditions for her class and is open about his feelings for her. In a cold response, she demands that he let her take the lead. In a letter, she then invites him into her fantasies, changing the game completely. What is his reaction going to be, and how much influence does sex have on our other faculties?

10. Devdas (2002)

Devdas (Shahrukh Khan), the son of Zamindar Narayan Mukherjee, was born with a gold spoon in his mouth. Born in Taj Sonapur, he spent his early years being spoilt by his sweet playmate Paro (Aishwarya). They had a special bond as children, as if they existed only in relation to one another. They formed a bond that would last forever despite their social and economic differences.

Slowly, it morphed into passion, but the emotion remained hidden. However, when his parents decided to send Devdas to school in London, the trance was broken. When Paro found out her Devdas was gone, her world fell apart, and she lit a diya as a symbol of hope for his quick return. After a long absence, Devdas reappeared. When Devdas first saw her, he fell in love and wanted her back. In contrast, when Devdas’ father Zamindar Narayan Mukherjee (Vijay Crishna) proposed to Paro’s mother Sumitra (Kiran Kher) for marriage, he treated her with arrogance and contempt.

Devdas tried to persuade his father, but the only thing that happened was animosity between the two families. Finally, he left Paro and requested in a letter that she forget about him. The only problem was that he had no idea he’d never be able to forget her! And by the time he finally did reach out to her, it was too late; she had already been humiliated to accept his advances.

11. Dreamgirls (2006)

Dreamgirls (2006)

Early 1960s in Detroit. With big dreams, Curtis Taylor, Jr., a car salesman, enters the music industry. The Dreamettes, a group of young women he signs, land a gig as James “Thunder” Davis’ backing band after he meets them. When he’s still young, he starts his own record label and does business on the black market.

Effie White is demoted and Deena Jones, the softer-voiced looker on stage, takes her place when Early goes down in smoke. Curtis turns the Dreamettes into the Dreams after Early’s demise. Later, he fires Effie and throws her into poverty while elevating Deena and the Dreams to fame and fortune. How long will Curtis be able to stay there, and will Effie ever get what she deserves?

12. I’m Not There (2007)

As an actor, a folk singer, a troubadour energized by electricity, Rimbaud, a cowboy and Woody Guthrie—Bob Dylan has taken on six guises. Make their adventures, soliloquies, interviews, and marriage and infidelity more memorable by using Dylan’s music as a background track. Recreate the look and feel of vintage black-and-and-white documentaries from the 1960s. Put each artist at a fork in the road, and watch how they transform into someone else.

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott’s son, Jack, discovers Jesus, while handsome Robbie falls in love with Claire before abandoning her. Woody, a foster kid who ran away, sings as he hobos across the country; Billy, who wakes up in a valley next to a six-lane highway; and Rimbaud. Jude, who gets booed when he goes electric at Newport, is on the outs with the media, the pundits, and the crowd. He’s not going to be given a classification.