Top 10 Anime Characters Born In May That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime Characters Born In May

If you’ve been following along, you’re already aware that some manga and anime writers give their characters birthdays.

If you’re a first-time visitor, you might find it strange that fictional characters have birthdays. To help readers understand a character’s innermost thoughts and feelings, writers often employ the attributes connected with a person’s date of birth, as well as the cultural and astrological importance of the day on which the character was born. A birthday can be used as a narrative shorthand to convey character motivations to fans. In order to understand why the Gemini and Aquarian characters are so charismatic, we can employ these inventive tactics.

Gemini and Taurus meet in the middle of the month. People born under these signs are said to be flexible, devout, kind, and dependable, according to astrology. Some of their bad traits include inconsistency, nervousness and possessiveness. The way our favorite characters interact inside their settings has these features built-in, and we can appreciate them. Isn’t it hard to believe? Let us know what you think by taking a look at some of anime’s most popular characters that were born in May.

Creating a short list from such a wide range of personalities is always a challenge, and I think it is vital to realize this as you read this essay. Finding information online and asking for advice from friends has helped me overcome some of my personal biases. A list of anime characters born in May was compiled based on the opinions of everyone who took the time to respond. While compiling the list of characters, I made sure to include a varied range of people whose birthdays fall in May.

If I’ve missed any of your favorite anime or manga characters, please let me know. If you have any suggestions, please leave a remark below.

10. Eri Shiina

Eri Shiina

Date of Birth: May 15

“Departure” is Angel Beats, Episode 1’s first appearance (2010)

People born under the sign of Taurus are said to be empathetic, loyal, and resolute. Eri Shiina, the celestial oxen protagonist from Angel Beats, is the perfect example for anime lovers to enjoy these attributes.

Eri, a dark-haired adolescent, arrived in limbo more than a century ago. Until she met Yuri Nakamura, the leader of the Afterlife Battle Front, she had no idea who she had been before. Her call sign, ‘C7,’ inspired Yuri to name her Shi-nana, which she proudly adopted. The anime never explains how Eri ended up in this dimension due to a personal tragedy.

In the Afterlife Battle Front, Eri is the disciplined fighter and self-proclaimed kunoichi. The Japanese kodachi and shuriken are among her weapons of choice in the fight against Angel. When danger is present, she possesses a keen sense of intuition. In the end, Eri can’t get rid of Angel’s menace to Afterlife Battlefront. She blames her inability to focus on the task at hand for her numerous failures. As a result, she practices balancing baseball bats and brooms on her desk and in her free time. Only cute things are Eri’s weakness.

Anime viewers have fallen in love with Eri Shiina’s waifu traits and blacksmithing prowess. The dichotomy of her character is clear to see. In the game, she wants to be a warrior to defend her pals, but in real life, she just wants cute things. What more could anime fans want for in their tier list than a warrior waifu?

9. Piccolo Junior

Date of Birth: May 9th, 753

An alternate history May 12th, 767 years old.

First Appearance: “Lost and Found” (Dragon Ball Z, Ep. 123). (1988)

Our next item clearly disproves Kermit the Frog’s saying that “being green isn’t simple.” Piccolo Junior, on the other hand, is the most formidable foe in the Dragon Ball saga.

Piccolo, a Namekian of humanoid-slug like race, is the son of King Piccolo and a Namekian. After Goku decimates the warrior King, Junior’s retribution storyline begins. The Dragon Ball tale features a villain with the same fighting prowess as the protagonist. In the series finale, Goku narrowly overcomes Piccolo, bringing their rivalry to a head.

Piccolo’s role changes from villain to mentor in Dragon Ball Z, as he takes on the training of Goku’s kid Gohan. Gohan was left alone for six months, and he was called a failure, by his coach, as part of his coaching philosophy. Piccolo’s sentiments for the young Saiyan are at odds with his dubious remarks. Junior sacrifices himself twice in order to save his child. Piccolo becomes a member of the Dragon Team and one of the world’s greatest heroes through his combat skills and mentorship.

Anime legend Akira Toriyama famously said that Piccolo was his favorite character in Dragon Ball. According to a poll, the fandom appears to agree. To celebrate Piccolo Day, Namekians and anime fans gather on May 9 with as much fanfare as possible!

Moka Akashiya is the eighth participant.

8. Moka Akashiya

Moka Akashiya

“New Life and a Vampire” is the first episode of Rosario + Vampire (2008)

World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is on 8 May. The fact that our eighth character’s birthday also falls on this day should come as no surprise.

Voluptuous Ykai Academy pupil Moka Akashiya is one of the vampires at the academy.

The tsundere, adolescent protagonist is an abstract representation of the astrological duality associated with Taurus birthdates. To put it simply, Moka’s body has both an internal and external personality.

When we see Moka as a “External Moka,” we see her compassionate and idealistic side. Our bloodsuckers’ frigid and arrogant vampiric features are formed from these attributes (Inner Moka). The Rosario Cross that she wears around her neck serves as a bond between these two very different people. Akasha Bloodriver, Moka’s mother, revealed that only someone she trusts and loves can remove the Cross from her forehead. Tsukune Aono deserves this recognition.

Rosario + Vampire is a running humor about a tsundere girl who falls in love with the male protagonist throughout the series. Both have feelings for the other, yet neither is willing to show their admiration for the other publicly. Every time we see Tsukune and Outer Moka in close proximity, there is optimism that we will see their first kiss. Moka bites Tsukune’s neck to deflect while others interrupt their conversation.

Having a fun and intriguing supernatural character like Rosario + Vampire is a great addition to the fandom. Some fans may view her as the most beautiful student at Ykai Academy because of the way the anime portrays her. No matter what side of the argument you’re on, Moka Akashiya is unquestionably the seventh most beloved character born in the month of May.

7. Ash Ketchum

Date of birth: 22 May 1987

Pokémon: Indigo League, Episode 1 – “Pokémon, I Choose You!” is her first anime appearance. (1997)

An indomitable Ash Ketchum (English) or Satoshi (Japanese) proves to be an indomitable Pokémon trainer. With the help of Professor Oak’s persistent Pikachu, this too ambitious child sets out from Pallet Town. The two had a hard start to their relationship, but Satoshi puts his own health in jeopardy to save Pikachu from a flock of Spearow, and the two become closer. Ten of the Pokemon Ash brings with him were either gifted to him or evolved when he was traveling across the Pokésphere’s 10 zones.

Ash Ketchum is a series protagonist who proves his mettle by becoming a Pokémon Master, despite the fact that he has been away from Pallet Town for twenty-two years. Fans of Pokémon are aware of the significance of this accomplishment. Every year on September 15, Ash Ketchum Day is observed in Japan to commemorate the episode “Enter the Champion!” in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon in which he triumphed. Satoshi’s quest to “get ’em all” continues with the publication of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.

6. Mikoto “Railgun” Misaka

Mikoto Misaka

Date of Birth: 2 May

“Academy City” is the first episode of Toaru Majutsu no Index (2008)

Anime fans who enjoy science fiction and fantasy will enjoy Toaru Majutsu no Index or A Certain Magical Index, a popular series. In both the manga and anime, we are immersed in a dynamic universe with ever-evolving characters thanks to the works of Kazuma Kamachi and Masanao Akashoshi and Hiroyuki Yoshino. This is particularly relevant to the content that follows.

Mikoto Misaka, a ‘decent woman’ with tomboy tendencies, is a Level 5 esper in Academy City. A small supporting character at the start of the story, she eventually becomes a major player in the plot. In contrast to other high-ranking espers, Mikoto generally displays a warm and approachable demeanor. Because of her willingness to serve others, the government can use her as a pawn. In order to aid those with muscular dystrophy, researchers requested a DNA sample from her. Their real goal is to clone Mikoto and use the clones to create a super soldier army.

Enemies are put out of action by Esper’s scientifically-based magical weaponry. Electricity grants Mikoto the power to fire metal things at a speed three times that of sound. Because of this, she was given the moniker “Railgun.” In order to maximize portability, she uses arcade money as missiles. Using her electromagnetic pulse, lightning attack spear, and whip sword, Mikoto enhances her Railgun’s potency with the help of her other electric skills.

Manga artist Kazuma Kamachi said in an interview that Mikoto is the Index character he would most like to have as a friend. One who does not compromise her essential ideals for the sake of others is Mikoto. Because of this, as well as her many other skills, Mikoto Misaka has earned a spot on our list.

5. Deidara

Date of Birth: May 5

Episode 2 – “The Akatsuki Makes Its Move” – Naruto Shippuden (2007)

They say Tauruses are fixers and artisans since they enjoy working with their hands, according to horoscope. Anime viewers see this in Naruto Shippuden’s Deidara, who is a source of inspiration and creativity.

An S-rank missing-nin, Deidara’s Jutsu include Explosion, Earth, and Lightning release powers. He was important in beating both Gaara and Isobu in one fell swoop. Sasuke Uchiha’s rival Deidara managed to hold his own in front of the anime audience as well. His powerful combat style was born out of an artistic vision.

Deidara is a firm believer in the idea that “art” is created when something breaks apart and becomes a pile of shards. His motto, “art is an explosion,” embodies this idea. The avant-garde Japanese artist Tar Okamoto is credited with making this statement. nokithe ThirdTsuchikage had no idea how much Deidara appreciated art.

“Art will never die… even if I already have,” Deidara once said. In the Naruto universe, the fandom can see his feelings in the constant imagery of creation and destruction. In creating Deidara, Masashi Kishimoto developed a shnen warrior with an art-inspired aesthetic that fans fell in love with and adopted as one of their own.

4. Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka

Takashi 'Mori' Morinozuka

Date of Birth: May 5

First Anime Appearance: “Starting Today, You Are a Host!” from Ouran High School Host Club, Episode 1 (2006)

Ouran Academy’s female students, pay attention! Does your ideal match have an obsessive interest in the tiniest details of your life? Perhaps Mori-senpai will be the ideal host for you!?

Student Takashi Morinozuka, who looks after Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka, is the second-oldest Host Club member. Mori-stern senpai’s demeanor is sometimes misunderstood by newcomers, who see him as aloof and distant. Takashi’s facade hides a thoughtful teen who is generous and loyal to his friends, as well as caring for stray animals, in reality. A deep blue rose color is a visual representation of this attribute for Mori-senpai. In Japanese culture, the color blue is a symbol of loyalty.

Those born under the zodiac sign Taurus are known for their perseverance. Kendo national champion Takashi Morinozuka shows this ability by mastering the Japanese martial art. However, he does not use this resolution to express his feelings for Haruhi Fujioki.

3. Gon Freecss

Date of Birth: May 5

Episode 00 – “Pilot OVA” – Hunter x Hunter’s First Appearance (1998)

Seven years after it ended, the Hunter x Hunter fandom still remembers it fondly. In fact, the series has been in the top 10 most popular anime series for a long time. A brilliant tale and an engaging character are the most likely explanations for the show’s endurance, in my opinion. To understand why Hunter x Hunter maintains such a particular place in the hearts of its fans, we need only turn to the series’ protagonist.

Gon Freecss is an athletic and outgoing youngster with an overly positive outlook on life. Ging Freecss, son of a Double Star Ruins Hunter, begged his sister to nurture the child. Gon dreams of leaving the stuffy island life behind him and becoming a top-notch Hunter. ‘The Master of the Swamp’ is the monster fish that Gon’s aunt finally gives him permission to earn a Hunter’s license once he captures it. Gon leaves home and heads to Zaban City, where he hopes to get a spot in the 287th Hunter Exam.

As a Hunter, Gon has developed his combat skills and innate instincts. An increased sense of smell and hearing as well as rapid reflexes are among his many talents. Because he is an Enhancer, he has an advantage in combat. Nen abilities were acquired by Gon in the Greed Island arc of the series. As a play on the Japanese terminology for “rock, paper and scissors,” the term “Jajanken” is used to describe the three stages of the Nen’s abilities. A Chimera Ant couldn’t stand a chance against his Nen abilities.

Living in the moment is the most accurate way to describe Gon’s character throughout his Hunter quest. A shnen protagonist with such a contagious sense of optimism is rare. Gon Freecss is our third pick for the month of May because of his standout personality quirks and awe-inspiring ability.

2. Konata “Kona-chan” Izumi

Konata Izumi From Lucky Star

Date of Birth: 28 May

“The Girl Dashes Off” is the first episode of LuckyStar (2007)

Konata Izumi, the heroine of LuckyStar, is a pint-sized confection of sugar, spice, and all things geeky. She’s a cheerful adolescent and the head of the Lucky Star gang, prone to nerdy outbursts. To understand why Hunter x Hunter maintains such a particular place in the hearts of its fans, we need only turn to the series’ protagonist.

Konata Izumi is the sole surviving child of Sjiro Izumi, a widower. Both of them share a house in Japan’s Saitama Prefecture. It has been announced that Kanata Izumi, Kanata’s mother, has died. Kona-chan grew up in the Izumi family, where her father was a huge otaku. She earns money cosplaying in a café in Akihabara, Japan, so she can keep up with her anime, manga, and gaming habit. At the cost of her pals, Konata parodies popular anime, manga, and games based on her otaku knowledge.

Kona-chan is regarded as the ultimate otaku among LuckyStar anime and manga fans. In her awareness of the culture and her desire to forgo after-school activities to watch anime, she demonstrates her interest in Japanese culture. We can see a little of Konata Izumi and the Lucky-Star team in our own geekiness, which makes them stand out among other anime characters. This is one of the reasons why Kona-chan is so beloved by the fans.

One of the most popular anime characters with green eyes is Konata.

1. Monkey D. Luffy

Date of Birth: May 5

First Appearance: “I’m Luffy!,” One Piece, Episode 1 In Search of “The Next Pirate King” (1999)

Oooh, Mateys! It’s no surprise that the Going Merry’s Monkey D. Luffy is this month’s top vote-getter. The Straw Hat Pirates’ creator and one of One Piece’s most formidable combatants, our adolescent protagonist is no ordinary teenager.

Straw Hat Luffy is descended from the “World’s Worst Criminal,” Monkey D. Dragon, and Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, both of whom were born in Foosha Village.

For Luffy, the freedom that comes with being an adventurer is more important than anything else. Luffy, in particular, is a staunch supporter of individual freedom and disapproves of any type of governmental meddling in his affairs. As a result of this outlook, Luffy is driven to seek the title of Pirate King, which he believes will grant him greater freedom.

Instead than depending on his arsenal of weaponry, Monkey D. Luffy prefers to use a combination of his varied skills to defeat his foes. Shinen are known for their physical prowess and stamina, but he also has certain unique talents such as the capacity to grow in size after eating devil fruit. It is rare for a pirate to carry the Will of D. Luffy is one of them. People with the initial D in their names are said to be surrounded by the mysterious “Will of D,” which has been passed down through the generations. ‘Straw Hat Luffy’ definitely has no idea what he’s doing here.

The Holy Shnen Trinity includes Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece. Monkey D. Luffy, Naruto, and Ichigo Kurosaki form a shnen anime Mount Rushmore in my head when I see this.

In time, the One Piece fandom will grow to appreciate and embrace this scalawag. Hence, our choice for May’s most beloved anime character, Monkey D. Luffy.