10 Best Anime Like Oresuki That You Need Watching Update 05/2024

Anime Like Oresuki

Suppose a girl you loved came out to you and confessed her feelings for you. Moreover, what if there were more than one girl? High school senior who is a fan of the entire school and your favorite childhood pal. A state of euphoria like that is absolutely possible. However, what if the content of this confession causes an unexpected problem?

10. Oreshura


In many cultures, it is thought that the events of your past have a direct impact on who you become in the present. Eita Kidou, a hard-working student who hopes to become a doctor despite being abandoned by his love-struck parents, knows this to be the case. As a result of this experience, he was no longer open to the idea of falling in love because he saw it as nothing more than a waste of time.

Masuzu Natsukawa, a transfer student with platinum hair and blue eyes, confesses his love to Eita, putting an end to his plans. When Eita catches on, Masuzu confesses that she only did so because having a partner would stop people from constantly asking her out. They can fend off approaches from others by appearing to date, as she has the same problem with love that he does.

When Masuzu blackmails Eita by disclosing that she has his journal and will broadcast it online for everyone to see if he betrays her, Eita backs down from the threat. Ore ni Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru is a narrative about how Eita deals with the problems that come as a result of his new “relationship.”

9. Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?

Keiki Kiry, a normal high school student who has never had a girlfriend in his entire life, receives an unexpected love letter that sets the romantic comedy in motion. In the letter, the sender’s identity is not included, but the envelope does include white panties. It’s not long before Keiki realizes that each contender for the role of “Cinderella who left behind her panties” has a distinct perversion that he’d want to share.

8. Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy

Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy

A high school student, Mizuki Hijiri, was forced to leave her current school in the midst of the year for unknown reasons. Juunibyou is rumored to be dating four of the boys she met. Takashima, an ikemen who is depressed because of otaku, Noda, who admires the protagonist, Nakamura, who is either an angel or a devil reincarnated, and Tsukumo, who acts as if he works for the villain. They’re also narcissists and heavy-tasting singers. They are going nuts because she can’t keep up with the tsukkomi!

7. Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.

It’s not clear what will happen to Hachiman Hikigaya when he is coerced into joining the “Services Club” run by Yukino Yukinoshita, a smart and attractive high school student who considers everyone else in her school to be her complete inferior, by a well-meaning faculty member who believes in the importance of community service.

6. Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (2015)

Tomoya Aki, a high school otaku student, meets a girl and their friendship is forever changed. Tomoya is inspired by this encounter to create a “gal-game” with a heroine based on the girl he met. Eriri Spencer Sawamura, a star artist in the school’s art club, and top student Utaha Kasumigaoka, must be convinced to join Tomoya’s development team if he hopes to see his dream come true. Tomoya, on the other hand, is astonished to find that Megumi Kato, his boring classmate, was the inspiration for this endeavor.

5. Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy

There is a definite attraction between me and Shida Kuroha, my childhood buddy and classmate. She’s a little girl who lives next door, and she’s adorable. One of her best assets is her outgoing personality, which lends itself to becoming a compassionate Onee-san type.

That’s not to say that I don’t have a first love in Kachi Shirokusa! Even though, logically, I should have no chance with her, she talks to me the entire way home from school, even with a smile! Don’t you think I might have a chance?

My life took a turn for the worst when I found out that Shirokusa already had a boyfriend. I wish I could die. Why can’t it be me? Despite the fact that she was my first and only love… Kuroha muttered to me as I was sinking deeper and deeper into my misery.

4. 5-toubun no Hanayome

5-toubun no Hanayome

Second-year high school student Uesugi Fuutarou, from an impoverished family, is offered a lucrative part-time tutoring job… but his students are girls from his own class! They’re also quintuplets… and while they’re all stunning, they’re also troublesome students with marginal grades who despise homework! What a daunting task for him on his first day on the job! When it comes to the quintuplet sisters of the Nakano family, every day is a wild celebration!

3. My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy

High school should have been routine for Kanade Amakusa, and it would have been had he not been subjected to the most absurd curse imaginable. Randomly presented activities are based on his “Absolute Choice,” a system imposed by a self-proclaimed god and requiring him to perform them. Furthermore, he finds himself in a predicament where he has no choice but to act in a vulgar and disrespectful manner.

This results in constant anxiety, as he tries to rehabilitate his reputation and prays to avoid another sudden incident of Absolute Choice. Sadly, the person in charge is always one step ahead of him and proceeds to “choose” him into the life of multiple females at his school in a not-so-subtle manner. When Kanade’s school life seems bleak, a decision he reluctantly makes on the way home sends a stunning girl plummeting to the ground, along with the promise of more hysterically awful decisions to come.

2. Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

Last year of high school has been very trying for Nariyuki Yuiga. So that he might receive a “special VIP reference,” he must now tutor his fellow high school students in preparation for their college admission examinations. Fumino Furuhashi, known as “the sleeping beauty of the literary forest,” and Rizu Ogata, known as “the Thumbelina supercomputer” are among his students. We thought we knew everything about these two until we realized they knew nothing about everything but their favorite subjects…!?

1. Gamers!

Some students and one hobby are the focus of this article. He has a love for video games and pals with Uehara Tasuku, a fellow gamer who believes his life is wonderful. Amano Keita is our protagonist. Karen Tendou, the video game club’s president, and Chiaki Hoshinomori, who is often at odds with Keita, are also there. Comedy and misinterpretations are the order of the day in this story. We’re off to a wild start in our romantic comedy!