Top 10 Anime Characters With Anger Issues Update 05/2024

In every story, conflict is at the heart of the action.

Some people have this trait in far greater abundance than others, to put it mildly.

We’ll take a look at some of the anime characters with the shortest fuses to discover exactly how enraged they can get for this rating. Especially when it comes to something you had no idea made people so irate.

These anime characters have the shortest tempers, according to our list.

10. Albedo


One-Eyed Monsters

When you’re in love, you’ll go to extremes. Is it any wonder that you end up doing insane things when you’re trained to love someone with all of your heart and soul?

Direct insults will only cause her moderate annoyance. In any case, if you attempt to talk ill of Ainz, she will likely try to kill you and unleash the terrible jaws of hell on your unsuspecting ears.

Ainz, on the other hand, was able to pick at his imaginary nose. That, and Albedo would come up with a means to get away with it as well.

Is this what I’m talking about?

9. Nobuchika Ginoza

Psycho-Pass: The Anime

We have a rulebook rager on this list, which is a bit unusual. Yes, his past definitely explains why he has such a strong desire to follow the rules.

The vast majority of his on-screen time, though, finds him being more than just witty.

He will treat you like a felon if the Sybil system thinks that you are. They’ll laugh at the thought of trusting these alleged crooks.

As a result of his inflated sense of self-importance, even his father is the target of his rages.

8. Beatrice

Beatrice From Re Zero

One-Hundred and One-Two

When Beatrice gets upset, she’ll always be adorable.

Her grumpy demeanor becomes much more understandable after we get a glimpse of her past.

I’m surprised she hasn’t blown up a few rooms, in fact.

At first look she appears to be a mean little girl who likes to kick people out of her library by slamming them into the wall with her fus ro dah.

Let nothing ever change in Beatrice’s mind.

7. Kusuo Saiki

This is a story about the tragic life of Saiki K.

To be honest, it’s not surprising that the protagonist isn’t the most upbeat character in an anime with this title.

In fact, if you exclude Saiki’s time alone, I believe you can count the number of times he has truly smiled on one hand.

He’s always so fed up with everyone and everything. Whenever I see his father in the image, I can’t help but worry about his safety.

When it comes to raw power, Saiki is nothing short of divine. If there is one thing Greek mythology has taught me, it is that grumpy gods can be rather depressing.

6. Mugen

Mugen - Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo is an anime series.

He despises other people more than anything else in the world.

That is, unless they want to have sex with him.

Because he’s gotten into so many fights about such inconsequential stuff, you have to give him credit for his survival abilities.

Aside from that, it’s not uncommon to see him deviate from the norms of the typical nakama flow.

No one respects him, and it’s possible he’s never kept his thoughts to himself before. And we all appreciate him for it.

5. Eren Yeager

Awkward: Titan Attack

There is enough hatred packed in Eren’s physique to outscream the entire Tumblr community.

Because of his irrational aversion to people taller than six feet, I now feel compelled to assault anyone taller than that.

In the beginning, he was known as the guy who wanted to conduct a one-man genocide against those derpy-looking nude individuals rushing beyond the walls.

In any case, as the tale progresses, the turntables…

That’ll probably enrage him as well.

4. Naofumi Iwatani

Naofumi Iwatani (The Rising of the Shield Hero)

The Shield Hero: The Ascension is an anime.

In reality, the title of this show should have been “The Elevation of the Shield Hero’s Blood Pressure”.

Because this individual is so despised over the globe.

Since episode one, he has been tricked into being an outcast and being saddled with the weakest weapon. He has no idea what’s going on.

Were we truly shocked that he got his superpowers from rage?

Slavery is a godsend, though! Respect the context, but I’m glad he got to meet Raphtalia. By now, his blood vessels would have burst.

3. Inosuke Hashibira

This is a Japanese anime series called Demon Slayer.

There is no way that Inosuke can harness the amount of chaotic energy that he does.

He’s ecstatic and enraged at the same time.

No matter what, he will punch you in the face and then chase you around the room while shouting obscenities for no apparent reason.

A good thing that Tanjirou can handle him and use his fury in a constructive way… With this battle-hungry boar on their side, the gang would be doomed to fail in their endeavors.

My heart goes out to him. With his spontaneous outbursts, he often makes me laugh.

2. Taiga Aisaka

Taiga Aisaka

Toradora, the anime!

Naturally, I had to include my tsundere brunette princess.

Because of the wooden sword she swings around in moments of wrath, everyone is afraid of her at the start of her career.

There were so many harsh things being said about her relationship with Ryuuji that it appeared to be a real-life comment section.

But she softens (except for that one occasion when the president catches her hands) and she’s now the cutest girl ever to secretly lurk in lockers at random.

1. Katsuki Bakugo

Boku no Hero Academia is a Japanese animated series.

When it comes to this man’s personality, it all revolves on his rage.

Is he stronger than you? He is enraged that you are unable to stand up to him because of your inability to stand up to him.

Is he a match for you? It frustrates him to think he hasn’t yet reached the height of power.

How can I help you? He resents the way you treat him as if he’s a lesser person.

I’m sure you understand the idea.

This man’s demeanor has remained almost unchanged, other from a few instances in which he has shown a more vulnerable side. This is the cherry on top.