10 Best Anime Like Brave 10 That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime Like Brave 10

An evil ninja attack on the temple of Izumo forces Isanami (a young priestess of Izumo) to flee into a forest in order to avoid becoming a victim of the ninja’s wrath. She meets Saizou Kirigakure, a ninja from the Iga school who has no idea what he’s doing. Upon their arrival at Ueda Castle, they seek the assistance of Yukimura Sanada. When Sanada learns that Isanami possesses a mysterious and dangerous power, he immediately offers to assist her, enlisting the aid of eleven other valiant warriors.

As the Warring States period begins, Brave 10 begins. As Saizou and Isanami traverse war-torn nations in quest of heroic warriors to serve under Yukimura’s flag, each with unique abilities, the story chronicles their adventure. They’ll have to cover a lot of ground while fending off others who want to take the evil power she has and use it for their own ends.

10. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo (2004-2005)

In a modest teahouse, Fuu Kasumi, a young and awkward waitress, spends her days chatting with customers. When one of her clients is covered in drink spillage, she’s fine. Having been relentlessly harassed, Fuu calls on another samurai in the business, Mugen, who rapidly defeats the assailants with a combat style that is evocative of breakdancing and utilizes wild, erratic movements. Due to Mugen’s decision to engage in a duel with Jin, who uses more accurate and conventional sword fighting techniques, the latter proves to be a hard adversary for Mugen to overcome. Because of this, the shop is destroyed and the local magistrate’s son is inadvertently killed.

The two samurai have been apprehended and sentenced to death for their involvement in the crime. However, Fuu rescues them and recruits them as her bodyguards, saving their lives. With no home to return to, the former waitress enlists the help of an exonerated couple to track down a certain Samurai who had the distinct scent of sunflowers. In spite of their initial reluctance to help, the two finally come around and agree to go on this journey with her; as long as Fuu can keep Mugen and Jin from killing each other, the trio sets off to find this enigmatic warrior.

A hip-hop-infused music and action-packed swordfighting make Samurai Champloo a must-see for fans of the Japanese samurai genre, which takes place in an alternate Edo period Japan.

 9. Basilisk: Kouga Ninpou Chou

For generations, the ninja clans of Kouga and Iga had been at odds, but when Gennosuke and Oboro of those two families hoped for a lasting peace, they were betrayed by fate and forced into a bloody conflict. The rules are laid forth on two separate scrolls. The list of Kouga warriors is on one of them. A list of persons who support Iga is kept in the other one of these. Blood must be used to erase the names on these scrolls.

 8. Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica

Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica (2012)

Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica is based on the story of people who were summoned to other planets 30 years before the beginning of the story and were unable to return. After defeating Garius in Alayzard, Akatsuki Ousawa returned to his home world. Among the young people chosen was Akatsuki Ousawa. Some of the lucky ones who were picked returned home with mementos of their trip. While Akatsuki chose a different path, the defeated Dark Lord’s daughter, Miu, was brought back to life and disguised as Akatsuki’s long-lost sister!

In order to learn how to use the newfound abilities they received in Alayzard, Akatsuki and Miu must enroll in a specialized school known as BABEL upon their return. Do they have what it takes to protect her secret, or will Akatsuki and Miu’s peaceful coexistence come to naught?

7. Chrome Shelled Regios

People in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by mutant animals known as Limbeekoon or Filth Monsters are compelled to live in vast mobile cities known as Regios and learn to use powerful weapons known as Dite by harnessing the power of Kei. For Layfon Alseif, the Academy City of Zuellni is a place to begin a new life and erase his past. A few others have taken notice of his history, including manipulative Student Council President Karian Loss and student and platoon captain Nina Antalk of the 17th Military Arts Platoon, who both immediately identify his ability and determine he’s the ideal candidate to join their group. Layfon, on the other hand, may not be able to take it, given his troubled past and the fact that he possesses abilities well beyond the usual.

 6. Samurai 7

Samurai 7

Battles were place on an Earth-like world in the distant future between warriors who had mechanized their bodies. People were able to relax a little when the bloody conflict was over.

Faced by starvation and kidnapping by terrifying mechanical bandits, Kanna Village’s farmers take the risky step of hiring samurai for protection. Three members of the village’s water cult, Kirara, Komachi, and Rikichi, go out to hire samurai with nothing but rice from their scant harvests in hand. Samurai of varied specializations and expertise unite for an epic battle against the bandits and the merchants who influence them after risky encounters and a bit of luck.

5. Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu

The eyes of the “Alpha Stigma” are reputed to be able to discern between all kinds of spells. In the folklore, they are more commonly known as the “cursed eyes,” because of their proclivity for wreaking havoc on those around them.

The Roland Empire’s Magician Academy, where Ryner Lute, a gifted wizard and Alpha Stigma bearer, formerly studied, was an elite institution dedicated to the training of magicians for military purposes. However, following the deaths of many of his classmates in a battle, he takes an oath with his fellow survivor and best friend, Sion Astal, to make the nation a more orderly and peaceful place.

Since Sion has become Roland’s new king, he has given Ryner the task of searching for relics that will benefit the country. He sets off with Ferris Eris, an extremely adept swordswoman, to find artifacts of renowned warriors from the past, and also to discover what lies beneath his cursed eyes.

4. Hiiro no Kakera

Hiiro no Kakera

Isn’t it just in fairy tales that there are gods and ghosts? Tamki Kasuga, a 17-year-old high school student, had this impression before she moves into her grandmother’s distant village of Kifumura to live with her. Upon her arrival, she is informed that the blood of the Tamayori Princess, who has the obligation and power of securing gods and spirits from harming the ordinary populace, is found in the female members of her family. Tamaki has a hard time accepting this at first, but having five handsome young men pose as her guardians and accompany her everywhere she goes helps a lot.

However, Tamaki is about to go on a journey packed with peril and danger as she learns more about her new position. Will she be able to carry out the responsibilities entrusted to her?

 3. Sengoku Basara

There were various tyrannical warlords in Japan during the Sengoku period who were fighting for the creation of a central authority. By possessing the might and military resources necessary to conquer Japan, Nobunaga Oda had asserted himself as the most powerful of these monarchs.

Nobunaga was thwarted by the bravery of Shingen Takeda and his trusty samurai, Yukimura Sanada. In the middle of the night, General Kenshin Uesugi had ordered Sanada to lead a surprise attack, but Masamune Date and his troops managed to defeat the plan. After a tense fight, Sanada and Date formed a rivalry based on their mutual adoration.

Nobunaga’s power in Sengoku Basara is only increasing as he expands his sphere of influence throughout the kingdom. In order to free feudal Japan from Nobunaga’s control, Sanada and Date are forced to put their differences aside. As these warriors and commanders struggle with each other and the troops of Nobunaga, magical, militant, and political energies are unleashed.

 2. Naruto: Shippuuden

Naruto Shippuuden

Almost three years have passed since Naruto Uzumaki departed Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf Village, for a period of grueling training. There is an elite group of rogue ninja known as Akatsuki closing in on their grand scheme, which could endanger the entire shinobi world.

Still youthful and rowdy, Naruto is now more confident and determined than ever to protect his friends and family from harm, no matter how old he is or how dangerous the future may be. In the ongoing narrative of the child who aspires to become Hokage, Naruto will continue to battle for what is vital to him, even if it means sacrificing his own life.

1. Hakuouki

Chizuru Yukimura, a 16-year-old daughter of a doctor, lives a humble existence in Edo, Japan, in 1860. Chizuru is left to fend for herself when her father’s business takes him away from the family home and into Kyoto, Japan’s capital city. Chizuru grows worried when the letters stop coming. Assuming the identity of a man for the sake of her safety, she journeys to Kyoto in search of him, only to be ambushed by a band of samurai and a weird, nearly inhuman stranger. Chizuru is rescued by a mysterious Shinsengumi member, but she is taken back to the group’s base of operations to be probed and maybe silenced…forever. When the Shinsengumi learn who Chizuru’s father is, they decide to spare her, showing that they, too, are on the hunt for him, albeit for different reasons, as seen in Hakuouki. The hunt for Chizuru’s father must now be accompanied by a discovery of secrets far greater than anything she could have anticipated, as well as new ties formed with the gorgeous young men who will have a lasting impact on both of their futures.