15 Best Movies About Motorcycles That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Movies About Motorcycles

Motorcyclists around the country are left wondering what to do after winterizing their bikes. To their (and our) benefit, a wide variety of excellent motorbike films are accessible for purchase or rental online.

To help you get through the winter or relax after a hard day of riding, we’ve compiled a selection of our top picks:

  1. On Any Sunday

On Any Sunday

On Any Sunday, which was released in 1971 and remains one of the most beloved motorbike movies of all time, is one of the earliest and most recognizable films ever made. It’s a fascinating look into the beginnings of racing, and the lives of legends like Steve McQueen, Malcolm Smith, Mert Lawwill, and more, in this fascinating documentary.

Is there anything else you’d like to know? Check out Redbull Racing’s On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter.

  1. Why We Ride

There is a cult following for this little-known documentary, which was made in 2013. Among the winners of the 2013 Motorcycle Film Festival’s Best Documentary award is this detailed and uplifting film that digs “into the world of motorcycling, narrated by the legendary racers, enthusiastic riders, and everyday families” that love riding.

  1. The World’s Fastest Indian

One of the strangest, weirdest, and most unbelievable motorcycle racing stories ever told. A 1920 Indian Scout race on the Bonneville Salt Flats follows Burt Munroe, a world record-setting New Zealander, through his hardships, tribulations, and triumphs in this film.

  1. The Wild One

The Wild One

The first outlaw biker movie! In 1953, The Wild One was viewed as a symbol of the motorcyclists that participated in the “Hollister Riot.” Marlon Brando became a cultural icon of the 1950s after starring in this film, which catapulted him into the public eye (and today).

  1. Riding Solo to the Top of the World

You just have to get away from everything, and in this case that meant going to the very top of our planet! This documentary, which was shot in 2006, was the first of its kind. Filmmaker and rider Guarav Jani sets off on a solo journey to the Changthang Plateau in Ladakh, which borders China.

  1. Easy Rider

In 1969, Peter Fonder, Dennis Hopper, and Terry Southern penned this American indie road movie that has had a profound impact on the counterculture.

The story of two drug-dealing bikers smuggling cocaine through the American Southwest is the focus of Easy Rider, a film that examines a variety of 1960s concerns.

  1. Being Evel

Being Evel

Even now, Evel Knievel is a household name. Evel, a stunt rider who has performed some of the most dangerous rides ever, is the subject of Being Evel, a new documentary. These fascinating insights into the life and times of the iconic entertainer are a must-have for anyone interested in learning more about him.

  1. TT3D: Closer to the Edge

Closer to the Edge is the racing game for adrenaline junkies who crave a high-octane, adrenaline-pumping experience. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see some of motorcycle racing’s most fearless competitors in action on the Isle of Man. The visual effects in this film are breathtaking, and we get a look at the world of the world’s deadliest race for the first time ever.

  1. Hitting the Apex

Brad Pitt’s narration of Hitting the Apex, a film about six elite MotoGP motorcycle riders, is another high-adrenaline choice in motorcycle movies. Find out what it’s like to compete in this perilous and highly competitive arena.

  1. One Week

One Week

Watching a film about the calming aspects of motorbike riding seems only fitting after all that speed!

Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson) rides from Toronto to Tofino in quest of personal serenity and mental clarity in One Week.

  1. Long Way Round

A one-week vacation may not be enough for some people…

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman embark on an arduous 19,000-mile journey from London to New York in The Long Way Round. Make the journey with them as they overcome obstacles and experience new things.

  1. The Great Escape

A motorbike jump in this 1963 American war film starring Steve McQueen is one of the most recognizable in the history of two-wheeled transportation. This action/adventure film is based on a true story about a group of World War II allied prisoners and their efforts to escape.

  1. Dust to Glory

Dust to Glory

It’s a must-see for any and all dirtbike fans. Documenting one of the most dangerous and hardest off-road events in the world, the SCORE Tecate Baja 1000, is this fantastic action-adventure film. The team employed 55 cameras, four helicopters, a buggy camera car, and a crew of more than 80 individuals to create this spectacular documentary.

  1. Somewhere Else Tomorrow

Somewhere Else Tomorrow tells the story of Daniel and Lars, who start off on a motorcycle adventure around the world, relying solely on the money they earn while on the road.

  1. Max Max: Fury Road

Max Max Fury Road

Mad Max, even though it’s not exactly a motorbike film, is nevertheless on our list. Incredible storytelling and high-octane adventures are made possible by the astounding visual effects, unbelievable stunts, and fictional reliance on two-wheeled machines.

Safety is always a primary priority for motorcycle riders, no matter how adventurous or life-changing their journeys may be. Make sure you have the best motorcycle gear and gadgets you can get your hands on, whether you’re traveling the world, organizing a race, or just riding to meet up with pals.

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