8 Best Shows Like The Great British Baking Show Update 06/2024

Shows Like The Great British Baking Show

These calming reality competition shows, such as glassblowing and pottery, are also well worth watching.

As a calming tonic to get us through these hectic months, nothing beats bingeing on The Great British Baking Show(or Great British Bake Off, as it is known in its native Great Britain). It’s a good time to check out other shows like The Great British Baking Show now that Season 11 has come to a close and Season 12 is still a ways off.

Following a group of 12 amateur bakers as they compete for the title of Great Britain’s best baker, the show debuted in 2010. Participants are tested and judged on their baking skills, including cakes, breads, pastries, and desserts, over the course of ten weeks. Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc served as the show’s hosts, while Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood served as the competition’s judges. New hosts Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig joined the show along with new judge Prue Leith after a shakeup in 2017. With the exception of Matt Lucas, who takes Toksvig’s place as co-host, the cast has stayed mostly the same this season.

The wait for the next installment can be agonizing with new episodes coming out every week. Fortunately, TV Guide is here to make it a little easier. Fans of The Great British Baking Show should not miss these other shows while waiting for new episodes to air.

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1. Nadiya Bakes

Nadiya Bakes

With Nadiya Hussain as host, you can guess what she does on this cooking show: she bakes. Hussain won Season 6 of The Great British Bake Off (also known as Collection 3 on Netflix). For those who missed GBBO, the series has the same serene feel with recipes from Nadiya’s favorite bakers in England and profiles of some of her favorites bakers in the country. Everyone who comes to watch is a winner regardless of their skill level.

2. Jeopardy!


Jeopardy! is just as relaxing as The Great British Baking Show if you’re looking for something similar. Even though there are no baking elements on the classic game show, it still has a laid-back atmosphere with trivia rounds that are both entertaining and educational. Admirers of the Great British Baking Show will recognize Alex Trebek’s soothing tone when reading the category names or gently correcting a contestant who makes a mistake. Plus, you’ll be well-prepared for the next round of virtual trivia, thanks to all the new information you’ve learned.

3. Blown Away

Blown Away

Observing amateur bakers create works of art out of cakes, pastries, and various types of bread on The Great British Baking Show is truly inspiring. It’s impossible-looking dishes that you’d never be able to pull off in your own kitchen, but these chefs make it look simple. Netflix’sBlown Away is a great choice if you’re looking for an art-focused binge. However, even though the glassblowers on this show aren’t professional craftsmen, the stunning creations they can create with a flame torch and glass — from drinking glasses to decorative whales and beyond — will have you spell-bound. Our recommendation is that you avoid attempting any of theBlown Awaycreations at home, but observing what the artists create is entertaining in and of itself. Megan Vick, author

4. The Great Pottery Throw Down

The Great Pottery Throw Down

While The Great Pottery Throw Down is a British competition show, it has a lot in common with the Netflix and PBS shows. Each episode, similar to The Great British Baking Show, features contestants competing in several rounds, including a technical challenge where judges evaluate and rank the potters’ performance from worst to best blindly. The skilled potters competing in Pottery Throw Down have more pressing concerns than whether or not their loaf will rise or whether or not their cake will stick to the pan. They must also ensure that their creations do not crack while drying out in the sun. It’s worth a shot if you’re looking for something similar to The Great British Baking Show but with a more modern twist.

5. Holiday Baking Championship

Holiday Baking Championship

Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship features holiday-themed treats in addition to the usual baking competition fare. Those who enjoy the flavor of pumpkin spice and get excited when stores begin selling holiday decorations in October will enjoy this show a lot. Preliminary Heat: This is where it all starts. The contestants create eye-catching small treats like cookies or mini pies to determine who advances to the next round. Final Heat: This is where it all ends. A final-minute twist, such as creating an additional pastry or working with a new ingredient, determines who moves on to the next episode in the “Main Heat,” which is where bakers really stand out. Even though the pace is a little slower than The Great British Baking Show’s, the series is just as enjoyable.

6. Nailed It!

Nailed It!

The confection competition Nailed It! is definitely worth checking out if you’re also in the mood for something wackier. This show isn’t about discovering the next great baker, but rather about putting amateurs to the test to see if they can replicate the intricate baked goods created by professionals, with hilarious — and occasionally horrifying — results. There is a celebrity guest on every episode who must put up with Nicole Byer, French pastry icon Jacques Torres, and other panelists as they attempt to eat their way through a variety of disasters that may or may not be edible. Because the prize pool is only $10,000, the stakes are low and the show is a lot of fun.

7. MasterChef Junior

MasterChef Junior

When things go wrong, like running out of ingredients or needing an extra hand to hold a towering cake in place, one of the best parts of The Great British Baking Show is seeing the other contestants support and help each other. MasterChef Junior, the kid-sized version of Gordon Ramsey’s juggernaut Fox reality series, embodies this communal spirit admirably. There are no unnerving breakdowns or screaming matches like those at a Thanksgiving family dinner discussing politics like in its adult counterpart. Instead, everyone wants the other to succeed. And to top it all off, these kids are talented chefs!

8. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

The Great British Baking Show’s appeal stems in large part from the show’s calming atmosphere, which includes soft classical music, beautiful shots of the British countryside, and soothing discussions about cake and biscuits and other sweet treats. The lifestyle seriesTidying Up with Marie Kondo, with its adorable host who feels like Xanax in human form, is a great way to wind down between seasons of The Great British Baking Show. When Kondo is giving advice to clients on how to get their lives organized, she never raises her voice or acts hysterically; instead, she’s all cheery good vibes the whole time. Then watch her fold the laundry. Awe-inspiring as it is, it’s hard to describe. Taken from the oven, it’s like hearing a perfectly cooked sponge sing. Megan Vick, author