25 Best Anime Girl With Short Wavy Hair That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Girl With Short Wavy Hair

With the passage of time, curly-haired anime girls have become increasingly popular. When it comes to anime females, curly hair has always been lovely and attractive, but anime girls have taken the style and beauty of curly hair to a new level.

Characters with curly hair are often depicted as innocent, naive, bashful, and endowed with a certain girlish allure. Curls in anime are often wild and unruly, a sign of the characters’ carefree and innocent demeanor. Occasionally, villains get curls as well, but the intensity and sleekness of their curls suggest that they radiate evil energy.

Regardless of the circumstances, anime girls’ curly hair is a stylistic inspiration for girls around the world, regardless of their gender. Curly hair in anime isn’t typically long or patterned; instead, it’s usually free and styled in an abstract fashion that’s unique to each character.

Anime females’ curly locks are all it takes for some people to fall in love with them. Moreover, the girl grows their hair long and dyes it the same color as their favorite anime characters with curly hair.

Hairstyles for Anime Girls with Curly Hair

Given how much we’ve discussed the topic, here are 11 well-known female characters from anime who all have curly hair.

1. Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

A representation of Mami Tomoe’s persona can be found in her two perfectly coiffed curls. Her golden eyes and flawless magic are undoubtedly the reasons for her popularity, but her golden curls also play an important role in her appearance. Because of the way her curly hair is highlighted by her uniform, she always appears to be a youthful woman.

2. Elizabeth Medford’s Pigtails

The anime series Black Butler, which stars a famous pigtailed girl named Black Butler, is still a fan favorite due to its stellar cast of characters. A female with classy curls in it has been a superb representation of beauty and elegance in it, Elizabeth Medford.

What differentiates this anime girl in such a fascinating way is her wavy hair, which makes her look stylish and impressive. The developers were able to get a sophisticated and gorgeous image thanks to her wavy blond hair.

3. Selnia Lori Flameheart from Ladies Versus Butlers

Selnia Lori Flameheart from Ladies Versus Butlers

Even though Selnia from Ladies versus Butlers’ yellow blonde hair looks intense, she is a humble and innocent character who is not afraid to show her emotions. Kakureiryo Academy’s constant bullying of her hair shape impacts her outlook on life.

Drill Head is a common nickname for her, but it’s her hair that’s always drawn people to her. Even though she had to toughen up on the outside to fend off the bullies, she manages to maintain her kindness and humility on the inside.

4. Ravel Phoenix from High School DxD

As the youngest member of her family, Ravel from Phoenix is blessed with extraordinary powers and anime-inspired hair. For example, she wears pink gowns on most occasions, and her hair is tied in ribbons in order to keep it in place, which adds to the girlie vibe of her persona. Ravel is extremely loyal to those she loves about, and she has a very warm and gracious demeanor.

5. Chariot from Black Rock Shooter

Chariot from Black Rock Shooter

Unlike the protagonist of Black Rock Shooter, the adversary plays a more somber game. It’s hard to miss her ferocious look with her long, curly blonde hair left down. The spiky black crown she wears only heightens the ominousness of the ensemble.

6. Ichigo Hoshimia from Aikatsu

With her long, wavy blonde hair, Ichigo Hoshimiya exudes a youthful, girlish innocence. In most cases, she wraps it up with a crimson ribbon, which contrasts with the rest of her profile.

7. Biscuit Krueger from Hunter x Hunter

Biscuit Krueger from Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter’s Biscuit Krueger is another curly-haired anime female who hides her immense power behind a sweet exterior. Her beautiful, curly blonde hair complements the flowy outfits she normally wears nicely. Her go-to color is a feminine pink, which gives her the youthful appearance she’s going for.

8. Sadi from One Piece

Sadi from One Piece

Not only can anime characters with devious minds and even more cunning plans look great with curly hair, but neither are they the only ones. With Sadi’s hair matching her attitude so perfectly from One Piece, it’s hard to imagine her without it.

9. Aria from Omega Quintet

Aria is a beautiful and strong anime girl with long white wavy hair that reaches her calves. Because of its natural waves, her hair looks much better than before.

10. Moeka Kiryu from Steins, Gate

Moeka Kiryu from Steins, Gate

It’s no surprise that Moeka Kiryu, an editor, has a rather geeky appearance. Her naturally styled light chestnut-brown hair gives her nerdy look and vibe more character. Isn’t it true that when we don’t have our phones on us, we become like this adorable anime girl with the curly hair?

Anime Girls with Brown Hair Who Are Popular

11. Kagari Izuriha from Black Rock Shooter

During Black Rock Shooter, Kagari Izuriha had a beautiful blonde hairstyle. In her anime curly hair, her hair is mostly unkempt and hangs down her back in natural waves. She used to be confined to a wheelchair, but she soon recovered and began to walk on her own. Look at the adorable pink ribbon knotted around her blonde hair!

These adorable anime girls with naturally curly hair have become a global symbol of naturally curly hair.