10 Best Games Like The Long Dark That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like The Long Dark

These ten games are sure to arouse your instincts for self-preservation.

Immersion is a key component of any video game focused on long-term survival. Many of you have experienced the delight and satisfaction of a well-made survival game if you’ve played Hinterland Studios’ gorgeous post-apocalyptic masterpiece The Long Dark.

Temperatures, calorie counting, and even parasite-infested raw meat are all included in The Long Dark. When you play a fantastic survival game, you feel like you’re in the shoes of your character.

  1. Green Hell

Green Hell

Savages! Savages! Savages!

Green Hell is a jungle survival game that puts your tenacity to the test and challenges your understanding of wilderness survival. The Long Dark, Green Hell, on the other hand, transports you to the tropics. This book is for you if you’d rather get bitten by mosquitoes than get frostbite. In Green Hell, you and your wife are on a mission to make peace with the Waraha, a violent and secluded tribe deep in the Amazon rainforest. You awaken in your tent to find your wife has vanished and you’re pleading for aid over the radio. You put on your clothes, gather your belongings, and make your way towards the solace of your wife’s voice and the impending peril that it heralds in your ears. Evade the violent tribe that is out for blood, build weapons, tools, and healing supplies from the natural environment around you, and cross the rainforest in your attempt to rescue your wife.

Yikes! This is going to hurt when I wake up the next day. A bandage of ash would be a good idea.

Use your homemade weapons to protect yourself from dangerous animals.

  1. The Forest

Fight demon-like monsters in a woodland!

There may be a more comfortable climate for you if Canada’s icy cold and the Amazon’s scratchy heat are too much for you. Taking place in the shoes of a father and son on an aircraft to an unknown location, The Forest is a fascinating survival game. Unknown factors contribute to the plane’s demise (always check your turbines for stray clowns, they tend to hide there for warmth in the winter). Upon reawakening, you see a mutant kidnapping your son and dragging him out into the woods. As soon as you realize that this is an issue, you begin searching for and rescuing your son. Soon enough you’ll learn that the only way to defend yourself is to engage in combat. It’s best if you avoid being out late at night. Shelter and a sharp object are your only options when the sun goes down. Investigate the reasons for which they might ever require your son as you go across the wilds.

I mean, it’s bad enough that there are two clawed hands dangling around. It’s a total of seven now! Encounter a wide variety of mutants, all of which are terrifying.

Please excuse me, I’ll turn around! Wishing you all the best for the day! To enter a community without knocking is considered disrespectful.

  1. Subnautica


Awe-inspiring, ethereal, and horrifying all at once!

The story of Subnautica begins with your spaceship blasting out of the sky due to mechanical failure. As you emerge from the pod, you find yourself surrounded by the charred remains of your crew and the majority of your supplies. In addition, the ocean you’ve stumbled upon is located on an extraterrestrial planet that is home to vicious and ferocious creatures. Everywhere you look in the ocean, there’s something out to get you. To learn more about the ancient inhabitants of this odd planet, search the ocean floor. Find out why the Earth and everything on it is dwindling by uncovering the mysteries of ancient aliens. Discover the unsolved mystery of your ship’s disappearance, while also exploring a gorgeous ocean teeming with bizarre and scary alien marine creatures.

Reaper Leviathan: magnificent, massive, and terrifying all at once! They’re skulking in the shadows, waiting for a chance encounter with an unprotected diver.

Don’t build bases that would make your mother cry. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for any base.

  1. Breathedge

Comedy and space are a good match. A zany intergalactic journey is created by Breathedge by merging these two elements!

Upon waking, you find yourself in the midst of a robot gangster who is questioning you about an unspecified crime. Flashbacks and stories bring you back in time. After that, you’re free to roam the cosmos at your leisure, all the while taking in the dark and caustic humor that comes with it. It features a variety of mini-games and crafting options. With the help of your faithful chicken companion, embark on a journey into the unknown!

You’d be right if you thought being stranded in space without any supplies, a ship, or a place to land was terrible.

At the very least, you won’t be going it alone. You’ll always have a companion in the form of a lovable chicken! Because you’re in space, you’ll be able to travel a long distance!


Metro Exodus

The Metro Exodus station is just stunning! Sickeningly detailed?

In the beginning of Metro Exodus, our protagonist Artyom is on a mission to escape the Moscow Metro. His objective is to show that not all people have succumbed to this new and harsh way of life. Find the Aurora, a steam locomotive train that is claimed to take you to a better life, by traversing the desolate landscape. Forge your own weapons to defend yourself in this post-apocalyptic horror by scavenging for spare components. Prove that there is still hope by finding the promised land.

Combat wild mutants and keep the cold at bay by making your own weapons.

Explore breathtaking landscapes that are always changing. The reconstructed post-apocalyptic environment has a beautiful gloom about it.

  1. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky lets you explore the vastness of space. You’ll be able to discover new elements, languages, aliens, and more!

In No Man’s Sky, you can explore the universe on your own or with others, or you can take the story-driven path that is laid out in front of you. Your location in the cosmos is chosen at random. It is your job to learn all you can about the ever-expanding area in which you reside. Quests in No Man’s Sky include learning alien languages, recognizing and documenting different worlds, and building a reputation with the various species of aliens who populate livable planets. With planetary residents, it is entirely your decision whether to make friends or foes.

Explore and savor the wealth of the universe! However, you must exercise caution, as some races may not be pleased with your intrusion into their area and begin fighting!

Investigate and catalog fantastical creatures using genetic data created at random. There is no such thing as a one-of-a-kind creature! There is always something new to find in the shifting landscapes.

  1. Far Cry: Primal

Far Cry Primal

Become a master of beasts! Take control of creatures, defeat your foes, and rule the prehistoric past with your mighty fists!

With his pack, Takkar sets out on a mammoth-hunting excursion in Far Cry: Primal. When Takkar’s squad is ambushed, he is the only one who makes it out alive. Oros is the homeland of Takkar’s Wenja tribe and he sets out for it. A strange shaman bestows upon him a destiny, which he soon discovers. Take on the role of The Beast Master: Takkar Having the ability to command any animal he desires, Takkar utilizes this gift to free his people from the enslavement they have suffered at the hands of their foes. To restore harmony to Oros, assume the job of Beast Master and create primitive weapons from scratch.

It’s up to you to wield the power of animals! All kinds of animals, from bears and wolves to saber-tooth tigers and bears. Every animal is at your command!

You have the power to rule the wilds of this earth if you accept it. Restore harmony to your tribe and reclaim your rightful perch above the bodies of your adversaries.

  1. Raft

Enjoy the seaside lifestyle. You have no one to stop you.

In and of itself, Raft is a riot. On a single piece of driftwood, you begin The ocean has the final say. This game’s resource gathering is as simple as casting a fishing line. Literally. You gather resources from the ocean by catching whatever seems to be spouting out of the water at the time. The foundation of your raft can be expanded as you acquire resources. You have the ability to make anything you want. All of the ocean’s sharks serve as the game’s primary opponent. They’re on a mission to devour you alive, and they’ll do whatever it takes. Throughout the game, you must use spears to fight off sharks and keep your raft in working shape. You also need to keep your hunger, hydration, and overall wellness in check. In order to avoid food poisoning, boil your water and cook your fish. Farming and multiplayer have also been added to the game in recent updates.

The crafting method in Raft is quite user-friendly. Build your raft with any components you can scavenge from the ocean.

Sharks are a serious threat. Sharks will appear out of nowhere and destroy your cherished raft at any time. It’s game over if you only have one piece of your raft left!

  1. 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die

Crafting in 7 Days to Die is a heart-pounding, anxiety-inducing race against the zombie apocalypse clock!

All of the essentials of a good survival game are here in this title: multiplayer, temperature and hunger gauges, day/night cycle. It’s the seven-day countdown that makes this game worth playing, but in a pleasant, deadline-oriented way. Assemble resources and weaponry throughout the course of seven days. The threat of the ticking timer gives the game a sense of urgency and purpose. While you’re resource farming, you can sit back, chat with your friends, and take in the scenery. On the seventh day, however, you’ll need to be prepared.

Don’t go out after the sun sets. To survive, you must either hide, fight, or run at night on the seventh day.

Take advantage of the zombie-free wilderness to gather resources and build a fortified base to withstand the onslaught of the undead.

  1. Stranded Deep

Your aircraft has gone down. You are completely defenseless. The ocean is a big, merciless place, so you’ll have to rely on your wits to get through.

You take off in your private jet, bound for an unknown location. Suddenly, something goes awry (those clowns, I tell you) and you plummet into the ocean. Before you run out of oxygen, you have to swim to the surface from the plane’s interior in an exhilarating opening scenario. When you emerge from the water, you see the ruins of what was once yours. You’re on your own in the middle of the ocean, with nothing to rely on except your wits and luck. In order to survive, get aboard the raft. You’ll have to deal with hunger, dehydration, and sunburn if you want to survive on an island. Defend your raft from shark attacks, battle hidden bosses in the ocean’s depths, and hope to make it to the next day.

Spearfish and sharks are hunted for their meat. There are deadly fish and enormous squid to be wary of!

There is no such thing as a safe amount of time. Don’t be afraid of the dark. There are snakes, sharks, poison starfish, and deep sea monsters all lurking in the shadows, waiting for you to make a mistake.