12 Best Netflix Shows Like Atypical That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Netflix Shows Like Atypical

‘Atypical,’ a Netflix original from Robia Rashid, is a coming-of-age story about autistic 18-year-old Sam Gardner. The action takes place in Connecticut, where Sam lives with his parents Doug and Elsa, as well as his sister Casey. If Sam ever decides to venture out into the real world, perhaps he should begin dating. Doug is overjoyed by the idea and jumps at the chance to connect with Sam by offering advice. When Doug learns that Sam has a crush on his therapist Julia, a 26-year-old woman, he sends Sam on a search for a woman his own age. Sam does just that. With the knowledge gained from his friends and family, Sam sets out to find a “practice girlfriend” who can teach him the dating norms.

As Sam grows up and becomes more self-reliant, the story of ‘Atypical’ also takes a look at the rest of the family. Due to her newfound freedom, Elsa begins an illicit relationship with a bartender she meets while enjoying herself with her friends. As a result of a scholarship, Casey can attend a high school hundreds of miles away from her birthplace. Despite her enthusiasm, she is hesitant about her choice because of the possible consequences for her brother. When Doug discovers Elsa’s affair, things get even more complicated because he orders her to leave the house and assumes all of her responsibilities. As a result, there is now additional tension in the relationship. As the series goes on, we see the Gardners go through a variety of ups and downs. It follows Sam’s life as he gets into his first relationship, gets his first job, and has to deal with family problems. ‘Atypical,’ which is both heartwarming and hilarious, is a must-see for the whole family if you haven’t seen it yet.

Following the completion of this fantastic series, you may be looking for other shows that deal with social issues, family drama, and developmental disorders. This is a good place to start. We’ll see if we can’t assist you with that. The following is our pick of the top shows that are similar to ‘Atypical.’ Several of these shows, such as ‘Atypical,’ are available on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

12. The Good Doctor (2017)

The Good Doctor (2017)


When did you last see Norman Bates from the cult classic film, “Bates Motel”? Freddy Highmore, the amazing actor who played Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autistic and savant syndromes in the medical drama ‘The Good Doctor,’ is now reprising the challenging role. He relocates from Casper, Wyoming, where he grew up in poverty, to the prestigious San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital in California. He struggles to connect with his patients, but his extraordinary medical skills and photographic memory allow him to heal them while also defying the doubts of his colleagues who doubt his abilities.

11. The End of the F***ing World (2017-)

The End of the F***ing World is a black comedy based on Charles Forsmansees’ comic book series about two social outcasts. James (a self-proclaimed serial killer) and Alyssa are two teenaged characters in the film (his rebellious classmate). The former wants to seize the opportunity and flee with James from the upheavals of her family life, while the former views her as a potential victim for James’ first human killing spree. Because of this, they decide to take an unexpected road trip to look for Alyssa’s long-lost father, which quickly turns into a run from the law filled with crimes and bizarre events.

10. Switched at Birth (2011-17)

Switched at Birth (2011-17)


It premiered on ABC Family on June 6th as a teen family drama called ‘Switched at Birth’. The story revolves around two teenage girls who are diametrically opposed and were substituted at birth, resulting in very different upbringings. Bay Kennish, a well-to-do Kansas Citian, learns that her blood type is different from her parents’. Further genetic testing has revealed that she is not a Kennish. Daphne, a young girl from Missouri who lives with her single mother Regina and her grandmother, was assigned to her bed at the hospital. She grew up in a middle-class family and has been deaf since she was three years old after contracting meningitis as a baby. Daphne and her family are invited to move into the Kennishes’ guesthouse once they learn that Regina is having financial problems as well. So now that both families live close to one another, they must learn to appreciate their differences as well as their shared characteristics.

‘Switched at Birth’ shares many characteristics with ‘Atypical,’ including being heartwarming, touching, and eye-opening.

Deaf and hard-of-of-hearing regulars and scenes shot entirely in American Sign Language (ASL) are among the show’s many firsts, according to ABC Family. This is a show that must be commended for its excellence.

9. The A Word (2016-)

After learning that their 5-year-old son Joe has autism, the Hughes family goes through hell in ‘The A Word.’ This makes it difficult for him to communicate, and as a result, he spends his time listening to loud pop music through a pair of oversized headphones. Like the concept of ‘Atypical,’ the Hughes must also deal with their own personal issues while trying to connect with their son in this story. Morven Christie and Christopher Eccleston are among the cast members who star in this BBC miniseries.

8. United States of Tara (2009-11)

United States of Tara (2009-11)


A dissociative identity disorder plagues a homemaker, mother, and wife in ‘United States of Tara.’ This leads to her adopting various guises without her knowledge. However, even though her husband and children are there to help, they never know which side of her personality they will be dealing with on any given day. It’s a must-see for fans of ‘Atypical,’ who will appreciate the show’s unique blend of humor and drama.

7. Parenthood (2010-15)

NBC’s drama ‘Parenthood,’ about four adult siblings, is based on the Bravermans. In the series, they all have families, and it shows their journey as they try to raise them. When a child is diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, things get even more complicated. In ‘Parenthood,’ Jason Katims wrote and directed an adaptation of the 1989 film of the same name.

6. The Fosters (2013-18)

The Fosters (2013-18)


‘The Fosters,’ a heartfelt family drama that centers on a lesbian couple — Stef Adams Foster (a cop) and Lena Adams Foster (a teacher), highlights LGBT and intercultural issues (the vice principal of a school). As they raise biological, adopted, and foster children all under one roof, it details the highs and lows of the family’s life. Jesus and Mariana were adopted as babies by Brandon and Stef, but Brandon is their biological son. Stef and Lena foster Callie and Jude at some point, and they eventually adopt them. “The Fosters” is full of emotions and humor while focusing on the same themes as “Atypical,” so it’s a no-brainer for our list.

5. Young Sheldon (2017-)

When it comes to “The Big Bang Theory,” fans know about the spin-off and prequel “Young Sheldon,” which is set before the events of the original series. It focuses on Sheldon Cooper’s early years as the series’ central character. Despite his academic prowess, the 9-year-old child genius struggles to connect with his close friends and family members. As a result, he finds himself embroiled in a slew of amusing miscommunications. Chuck Lorreand designed it Author Steven Molaro’s novel “Young Sheldon” tells the story of a young boy growing up with his parents and two older siblings, as well as his grandmother.

4. For Peete’s Sake (2016-17)

For Peete’s Sake (2016-17)


After that, we have a TV show that hits all of our emotional chords, a reality drama. Holly Robinson Peete, a well-known actress, is the star, along with former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete and their four children. However, one of them is autistic. When it comes to portraying the challenges and complications of raising children with diverse needs, the show does an excellent job. Even more so if there is a child who clearly requires more care than the others. Throughout the series, we learn about the four brothers and sisters: RJ, who has Asperger’s syndrome; Ryan, his twin brother; Robinson, an athlete; and Roman, who is still in his preteens.

3. The Guild (2007-13)

This web series on YouTube follows the adventures of a group of misfits whose only solace is to lose themselves in a fantasy video game. The lives of two of the players are forever altered when they cross paths in real life. Because it introduces us to fandom, “The Guild” is similar to “Atypical” in a number of ways and is deserving of a spot on this list as well

2. Touch (2012-13)

Touch (2012-13)


Tim Kring and Kiefer Sutherland created and starred in ‘Touch,’ a Fox television series that aired from January 25, 2012 to May 10, 2013, The story revolves around Martin Bohm, a widower who lost his wife in the twin towers on September 11, 2001. In an attempt to cope, he works odd jobs and takes care of his autistic son Jake. Jake is mute as a result of his disability and dislikes being touched. Jake, on the other hand, has a unique set of skills. One day, Martin discovers a phenomenon relating to the world’s equilibrium thanks to his son’s random collection of numbers. Now, he’s on a mission to discover Jake’s mission and the reason he was born.

1. Special (2019-)

The Netflix Original drama ‘Special,’ based on Ryan O’Connell’s memoir I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves, was released in 2019 and is the final film on our list. In addition to acting as the series’ protagonist, the author also serves as the show’s writer and executive producer. As a gay man with cerebral palsy, we’re introduced to him in this comedy-drama. On the show, his struggles are documented as he learns how to deal with his flaws and begins to live a life of acceptance and achievement.