10 Best Robot Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Robot Anime Characters

There are a lot of fantastic robots in anime that aren’t mecha. Among these are those worth mentioning in particular.

Anime is synonymous with giant mechanical robots as peanut butter is with jelly. Many anime viewers are well-versed in the idea of a gigantic mecha squaring off against another of its type or a huge kaiju. While these enormous mechas are well-known, the anime medium has also been shaped by a wide range of smaller robots that have had a significant impact. Robots and anime are inseparable, whether they’re supporting characters or the center of attention. Anime’s smaller robots deserve as much attention as their larger counterparts, but there’s no denying that they deserve it. Here are the Top 10 Non-Mecha Anime Robots in no particular order! Warning: There may be some spoilers ahead.

10. QT – Space Dandy

QT - Space Dandy

QT, the Aloha Oe’s resident robot vacuum cleaner, is the best of the best when it comes to dependability and versatility. Because QT is an artificial intelligence rather than a human, he is able to contribute significantly to the Space Dandycrew despite the fact that his human friends are incompetent. QT is one of just a handful of fictional robots that has been transformed into a zombie. However, we don’t know how that’s physically possible.

9. Canti – FLCL

Canti, a robot from FLCL, lacks the ability to speak and communicates through gestures. This TV-headed robot, with his awkward charm and over-the-top Gainax fight sequences, has made a lasting impression on anybody who has seen FLCL. When a giant bump appeared on a Japanese boy’s head, he generated Canti, a robot that instantly went to war with another large robot that was spawned at the same time.

8. MachineHead Tetsujin – Redline

MachineHead Tetsujin - Redline

It’s no surprise that MachineHead Tetsujin, the reigning Redline champion, is the most powerful robot on this list. MachineHead has an advantage over other competitors because he can drive his own vehicle. The ability to fully merge with his vehicle as a robot gives MachineHead unlimited control and simple access to enormous quantities of potent “Platinum Nitro” for even more speed.

7. Cyborg 009 – Cyborg 009

To date, there have been a number of different versions of the Cyborg 009 series, from its manga roots to its multiple anime adaptations. With superhuman speed and agility on par with The Flash, Joe Shimamura is a versatile robot with a wide range of superhuman skills. Among anime’s robots, Cyborg 009 stands out for its consistent reimaginings, each expanding on the character’s prior incarnations. It would be a travesty to leave Cyborg 009 off this list, given his enduring appeal and influence. No other robot on this list has fought against Devilman.

6. Aigis – Persona 3 Movies

Aigis - Persona 3 Movies

Due to the importance of Aigis’ role in P. 3: The Movie and the fact that she is a fundamental and integral part of the Persona franchise, leaving her off this list felt wrong. While Aigis was designed to battle shadows, she makes it her life’s work to protect Makoto Yuki from harm. Throughout the course of the story, Aigis begins to question her own existence as an artificial person, becoming more and more self-aware and emotional.

5. Android 18 – Dragon Ball Z

Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z is one of the most memorable anime robots ever created. As soon as she appeared in the series, Android 18 obliterated Vegeta and broke his arm with seemingly no effort, creating a name for herself swiftly. With Krillin and Hercule in the World Tournament, Android 18 takes on a supporting role during the Cell Saga. She later gets married to a series staple, Krillin.

4. Franky – One Piece


Franky, the Straw Hats’ shipwright and mechanic, has seen it all. After being ran over by a train, he built his own soda-powered robot body. Franky, the Straw Hats’ master mechanic, was instrumental in the construction of the current ship and is an indispensable member of the crew to this day.

3. Android 17 – Dragon Ball Super

It wasn’t until Dragon Ball Super came out that Andoroid 17 really found his stride. As an adversary in Dragon Ball Z, Android 17 was eventually consumed by Cell. As a member of Team Universe 7 in “Tournament of Power” arc inDragon Ball Super, we get to see a lot more of the character. Android 17 is the last member of his team left at the end of the arc, and he goes on to use the Dragon Balls after racking up multiple victories throughout the series.

2. Makoto Kusanagi – Ghost in The Shell

Makoto Kusanagi - Ghost in The Shell

On this list, Major Makoto Kusanagi is one of the most important figures in the Cyber-Punk subgenre. The Major’s stealth cloaking technology makes her an intriguing aesthetic character, but she’s also a compelling story character. With barely any organic material remaining in her nearly-cyborg form, Major Kusanagi represents the question of what makes an individual genuinely human in the most literal sense. Makoto Kusanagi is one of the few robots capable of capturing the essence of a whole subgenre.

1. Astro Boy/Atom – Astro Boy/The Mighty Atom

Astro Boy is one of the most recognizable robots in all of literature, let alone in anime. This pioneering robot not only paved the way for future generations of anime and manga characters, but also paved the path for future generations of robots. The world of modern culture would be quite different if Astro Boy hadn’t inspired so many diverse forms of media, from Naoki Urasawa’s manga Pluto to the development of the video game icon,Mega Man.