15 Best Anime Quotes About Friendship That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Anime Quotes About Friendship

Friendships between the main characters and their sidekicks are a big draw of anime. This is a common theme in most anime, regardless of subject matter or genre.

15 Powerful Friendship Quotes In Anime

1. Kodaka Hasegawa Quotes

Having no friends is seen as a negative in today’s society. But isn’t that not quite right? This is the name of Kodaka Hasegawa

Is it fair to pass judgment on someone negatively because they don’t have any friends?

How do you know whether it exists? “Friends that endure a lifetime?” In the words of Kodaka Hasegawa

Friendships are said to be lost every seven years or so. As a result, the friendships that truly “last forever” are rare.

2. Lucy Heartfilia Quotes

As a matter of fact, it’s not illegal! Taking care of your friends is not a crime!!” Heartfilia’s Lucy

It is not a crime to express one’s emotions. Even if we pretend it makes you “weak,” it’s still human to feel vulnerable.

“If I can’t utilize magic to keep my buddies safe, what’s the point?” Heartfilia’s Lucy

“I won’t give up, I will fight till the bitter end, cause there’s no way I will back down after what you did to my friends. Because they shaped me into the person I am today, I will continue to battle… In honor of my comrades Heartfilia’s Lucy

Keep up the good fight for your pals…

It’s impossible for Fairy Tail to turn down someone who is able to shed tears for their pals! Heartfilia’s Lucy

One of Fairy Tail’s strongest points is its emphasis on the importance of deep interpersonal relationships. And the significance.

3. Rin Okumura Quotes

In return, I’ll put my faith in your hands as well.” “Isn’t that what friendship is all about?” Rin Okumura, author

There is no meaningful friendship if there is a lack of trust.

“Didn’t you adore my father a lot?” That explains your melancholy mood. This is also true of me, therefore let’s become buddies.” In the words of Rin Okumura:

4. Naruto Uzumaki Quotes

The only thing that matters to me is who I am going to face. if he cuts my arms off, I’m going to kill him. I’ll bite him to death if he tries to rip my legs off. I’ll look him to death if he slits my throat. And if he goesuges my eyes out, I’ll curse him to the end of the world! Sasuke will be returned to Orochimaru, no matter what! “Naruto”

For your friends, nothing is off limits when you are serious about it.

5. Hikaru Hitachiin Quotes

As far as I’m concerned, you’re the best in the world. In this case, Hikaru Hitachiin.

Ouran High School is the source of this image.

6. Gray Fullbuster Quotes

Nothing has to be decided on the basis of life and death, you understand. “Will you take a moment to think about the future?” This is a Gray Fullbuster,

Think about what might happen in the future…

7. Shougo Kiryuu Quotes

The only way to find out if you like each other is to talk to people and see if you get along. the eponymous – Shougo Kiryu

This is so easy, yet so easy to forget and so tough to perform at times!

8. Mutsuki Quotes

“Listen, I have faith in you. Having faith in your own ability is more crucial than anything else.” — Mutsuki & Co

From the Kantai Collection, this is Mutsuki, writing to Fubuki.

9. Yato Quotes

“Man, the children of today. In their minds, it’s a contest to see who can amass the greatest number of acquaintances. Only one is needed. “Find a one-of-a-kind individual.” – Yato (Noragami)

A few loyal pals outweigh a dozen who don’t give a fuck about you.

10. Umi Sonoda Quotes

Going it alone is a waste of time. We should all try this together if you’re going to.” In other words, Umi Sonoda

Umi Sonoda, Love Live (U’sindependent, )’s level-headed member.

11. Natsu Dragneel Quotes

A friend of mine told me that “You don’t die for your friends, you live for them!” In this case, it is Natsu Dragneel.

Friendship is all about sacrificing yourself for the sake of others.

12. Honoka Kousaka Quotes

“We can do anything if we put our minds to it!” In the words of Honoka Kousaka:

.. Honoka Kousaka’s message to her Love Live! bandmates

Do not be concerned; we are right here with you! Honoka Kousaka, a Japanese actress

13. Angelo Lagusa Quotes

It’s been said that “a friend is more reliable than a knife” in honor of Angelo Lagusa

The metaphor isn’t the finest, but the message it conveys is accurate.

14. Shiemi Moriyama Quotes

“It’s not right for me to cry. Instead of crying all day, I plan to meet some new people today! In the words of – Shiemi Moriyama

Adapted from the anime series Blue Exorcist.

15. Ryuji Suguro Quotes

I’m telling you, stop blaming yourself for everything. “Remember that you’re not by yourself!” In the words of Ryuji Suguro

This is sound advice, in my opinion. You don’t even have to be a genius to see that doing everything yourself is a waste of time.