Update 02/2024

Anime Characters That Look Weak But Are Strong

There are many anime characters whose looks match their strength, yet appearances are deceptive. Strong characters in anime can appear weak for comedic or aesthetic reasons.

An understated character with amazing strength is always entertaining. List of 10 anime characters who are more powerful than they appear in this article.

1) Takemichi


The protagonist of Tokyo Revengers is a sobbing baby who is constantly being savaged. Takemichi’s struggle against anyone in the series will be a long time in the making. There are very few instances in which a time leaper will engage in physical combat again. What makes Takemichi a strong character is not the power of his fist, but his capacity to endure so much pain and still speak from the heart, even after he’s been severely injured. Takemichi’s spirit is truly indestructible.

2) Zenitsu

Rather of attempting to defend himself, this Demon Slayer is more concerned with his fear of death than he is. He never stops talking about how helpless he feels in the face of death. The swordsman, on the other hand, made it through the anime’s Final Selection and is a formidable warrior. Zenitsu, despite his outward appearance and temperament, possesses considerable talent and aptitude.

3) Saiki K.

Saiki Kusuo

As mild-mannered as they come, the protagonist of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. The psychic wants to keep his powers hidden as much as possible, so he doesn’t show them off. The overpowering physical and psychic abilities of Saiki, on the other hand, are continually demonstrated to the anime’s audience.

4) Chiaotzu

In fact, it resembles a doll in its little size. Despite the fact that he is now a mere bystander in the ever-expanding universe of Dragon Ball, this pale-faced kid was a powerful foe in the original anime and manga. A powerhouse in the eyes of humans, Chaiotzu is no match for the Saiyans or anybody who comes after them.

5) Ui Ui

Ui Ui - Jujutsu Kaisen

Mei Mei’s younger brother, Ui Ui, is a Grade-One sorcerer for Jujutsu Kaisen. Despite the fact that he’s much younger than the pupils at Jujutsu High School, he appears to be acting his age. As long as he’s strong enough, he’ll follow his sister on risky missions with the aid of jujutsu.

6) Chopper

Although he looks like a fluffy doll, the Straw Hat Pirates’ doctor is no joke. As a pirate, Chopper appears to be the most innocent of all. As a result, many, including the United Nations, regard him with suspicion. His bounty posters list Chopper as a pet. Fans of the One Piece anime series will recall Chopper’s use of several transformations, including his ultimate form as a huge rumble ball.

7) Gon

Gon Freecs (Hunter x Hunter)

A happy-go-lucky kid is how Hunter x Hunter’s protagonist appears to be. Gon has a soft-spoken demeanor, and he treats others with respect. However, he transforms into a whole different person when he’s in combat. As a youthful hunter, he’s taken on innumerable foes and is constantly working to improve his strength.

8) Kid Gohan

Goku’s first child had no desire to lead a warrior’s life from the outset of his life. In the anime, he’s always said that when he grows up, he wants to be a scholar. When he is on his own or facing a great adversary, Kid Gohan is in continual fear. But when the stakes are high, Gohan’s Saiyan blood surges and he’ll do anything to protect those he cares about.

9) Zeno Sama


Childlike in appearance and manner, this greatest entity resembles nothing more than a child’s toy. However, this great being has the ability to destroy entire universes. Zeno is Dragon Ball’s most powerful deity. Only the most lightning-fast mortals in the entire multiverse can match his vision. He is the only one who has the power to reshape the very fabric of reality.

10) Nezuko

A close bond forms between Tanjiro, the protagonist of Demon Slayer, and his younger sister. Tanjiro’s family was attacked by demons, and only Nezuko survived. The magic placed by Mr. Urokodaki and her attachment to her brother have let Nezuko retain some of her humanity despite her transformation into a demon. When she doesn’t use her demonic strength, Nezuko is a quiet presence who can suddenly become a dangerous foe.