10 Best Japanese Anime Cartoon Characters That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Japanese Anime Cartoon Characters

This article will feature some of the most adorable fictional Japanese animation characters. It’s hard not to like Japan. Honestly, I’m not exaggerating when I say this: There are some funny cartoon characters, so it’s amusing.

They’re just like your baby in every way! Some of these characters, like Hello Kitty, Doraemon, and Pikachu, are known only for their adorableness.

The Japanese manga and anime business is well-established, as you may be aware. Creating an original cartoon character for either manga or anime requires a great deal of thought and planning.

The desire to become an artist as a child led me to beg my parents to bring me a drawing set box, which they happily obliged.

Although I took numerous drawing sessions with an instructor, my desire of being an artist quickly dissipated! Let me introduce you to these two.

1) Mario


Hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world love Mario, and I’m one of them! My childhood was filled with Mario games. Nitendo’s Super Mario games had me completely hooked.

Shigeru Miyamoto, a Japanese video game inventor, developed Mario, an Italian plumber with a mustache who looks like a Mexican. Miyamoto, thank you very much for coming up with this character!

Italian footballer Mario Balotelli was punished for uploading an Instagram photo and text a few years ago, according to press reports that surfaced on social media.

Now is the time to check out that post. The message, “Don’t be racist,” was accompanied with a text message that said, “Be like Mario, he’s an Italian plumber, invented by Japanese folks, who speaks English and looks like a Mexican. ” A black man who jumps like a Jew snatches coins like a black man.” This is against racism, and it sounds dreadful!

2) Afro Ken

There’s a lovely dog with an eye-catching afro that’s the color of a rainbow. When he doesn’t speak, his expression tells the story!

He is sincere, innocent, joyful, and upbeat. He is drawn to fluffy stuff, which suggests he likes things that resemble him in appearance.

When he comes close to them, his hair takes on the appearance of these bizarre creatures. This cute creature’s creator claims to enjoy dogs.

At San-X, he drew several dogs for whatever reason, and Afro Ken is one of them.

3) Totoro


What is Totoro’s origin story? No, I have never heard of it before. It’s no secret that Totoro is beloved in Japan as a hero and a role model for a generation of young people.

He is a fictitious figure who is fuzzy, cute, silent, large, and has pointy ears. Hayao Miyazaki directed the 1988 animated film My Neighbor Totoro, which features this character.

The number of times I’ve seen this film is staggering to me. Let me see if I remember correctly: I saw it three times with my friends, twice with my brother, and once with my small cousin.

This is my favorite animated film, and I’ve seen it five times! Take a look at this animated film; I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Right now, you may watch the trailer for the film.

4) Kureyon Shin Chan/Crayon Shin Chan

Especially in Japan, this small boy is a well-known fictitious character among the public. He is also known as Shin Chan in several places.

It’s a hoot to see him in the animated series or read about him in the well-known manga. Whenever the anime series begins, I burst out laughing. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

5) Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty

The adorable little girl known as Hello Kitty is a well-known fictional character from Japanese animation. Yuko Shimizu, who designed this character for Sanrio in 1974, came up with the idea.

Kiti Howaito is the Japanese name for Hello Kitty. Many young children mistake Hello Kitty for a cat, although the company that owns the character, “Sanrio,” insists it is not.

According to the firm, she’s a “upbeat and happy little girl with a heart of gold.” In fact, we have no choice but to accept their assessment of this fictitious person. Hello Kitty enthusiasts, however, may disagree with the company’s position on this issue.

She is, without a doubt, Japan’s cutest animated creature ever.

Shops like Walmart and Amazon are full of Hello Kitty stuff. Because of the widespread adoration for Hello Kitty, there is a huge demand for her items. My cousin’s Hello Kitty School Bag is the only thing keeping her from going to school!

Hello Kitty” is a song by Avril Lavigne, a prominent Canadian singer-songwriter. The Hello Kitty and Avril Lavigne fanbases have various opinions on this song, and some fans went berserk when they heard it.

EVA Air’s Hello Kitty Jet air service may be familiar to you. You may travel from Taipei to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Guam, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Paris, and many more cities in Asia and Europe. Taipei to Huston, USA will soon be served by EVA air thanks to a recent announcement.

Those who are huge fans of Hello Kitty will cherish the experience of flying with a Hello Kitty-themed itinerary.

6) Jiji

What is the identity of Jiji? How does he spend his time? He is Kiki’s black cat and best friend. Jiji is a charming character from the animated film Majo no takkyûbin, also known as Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Hayao Miyazaki, one of the greatest animators of all time, directed the picture in 1989.

Hayao’s film shows that charming imaginary characters have a distinctive quality. This man rarely smiled and had a countenance that seemed preoccupied with something else at all times.

This film is ideal for viewing with family and friends over the weekend or on a holiday.

7) Anpanman


You may not have heard of Anpanman, although he is widely regarded as one of Japan’s most endearing fictional characters. Check out one of his anime DVDs if this is your first time hearing about him.

It’s important to remember that the Anpanman anime series (Soreike! Anpanman) has over a thousand episodes. In addition to toys, games, clothing, and even the JR Shikoku 2000 commuter train, Anpanman is featured on a wide variety of products.

I still haven’t informed you about Anpanman, the character I’ve been working on. He’s got a big Anpan head and a beautiful Anko bun on his head (Japanese red bean paste).

It’s red, but on the back of his neck is an ornate burgundy cloak. In addition to the smiley face symbol on his chest, his belt, boots, and gloves are all yellow. He never eats and has no desire to do so because of his enormous Anpan head.

Despite this, water and anything that makes his head dirty are his greatest weaknesses.

8) Rilakkuma

Rilakkuma is another adorable Japanese animation creature. When a bear is relaxed, the name “Rilakkuma” is used.

Cute and lazy bear Korilakkuma (the white bear) and Kiiroitori (the black bear) are his two best friends (the yellow chick). San-X Company published his debut picture book, Rilakkuma Seikatsu.

Rilakkuma plush toys may be found in almost every toy shop in Japan, and some of them are rather large! Whatever he does is sure to put your mind at ease!

Watch the Rilakkuma video on YouTube if you want. These Rilakkuma backpacks on Amazon.com caught my eye. You can take a look at it for your kids.

9) Doraemon


Doraemon, you two Who hasn’t heard of Doraemon, the robot cat? This century, just as Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and other celebrities, he is considered a celebrity.

Please don’t assume that I’m going insane right now. Millions of children throughout the world enjoy watching and reading the Doraemon anime TV series and manga. This is a huge number!

One of the best manga series for Japanese children is Doraemon. Its free online games have recently sounded quite addictive! I’ve played a few, and I think they’re good enough to get hooked on.

It has come to my attention that some children refuse to attend school because they prefer to spend their time watching Doraemon cartoons. This is how we can tell that Doraemon is so popular: there is a kind of Doraemon fever.

10) Pikachu

Are you a fan of the Pokémon manga or anime, or both? If so, you may have heard of Pikachu. Yellow fur covers its body, and it has a small mouth.

A Pokémon creature is a type of this creature. It goes without saying that I like this adorable creature and used to have a whole collection of its wallpaper and images.

The Pikachu outfit is a popular choice among many cosplayers. Pikachu, on the other hand, is my favorite character from the show and the second most adored anime character of all time, right behind Hello Kitty.

They were all born in Japan, the country of origin for these adorable fictional characters. All across the world, these useful character party supplies are marketed in big quantities.

Almost every anime and manga enthusiast would want to receive Hello Kitty and Doraemon party materials for their birthday. Is that something you’ve ever heard of before?