10 Best Devil May Cry Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Devil May Cry Anime Characters

Developed by Capcom, the Devil May Cry video game series debuted on the PlayStation 2 in 2001. It was only natural for Capcom to follow through with an anime version of the game following the success of its sequels. Dante was reintroduced to the audience in a fresh, but familiar, light in 2007 as a result of this approach.

They managed to recreate the series’ mood, ferocity, and grim tone in the animation. Dante, as depicted in the video game, is a ruthless killer. Some of the anime’s best characters, like Trish, Lady, a slew of demons, and even Patty Lowell were featured. We’ll leave you with some stunning Devil May Cry anime characters after that, so be ready for a blood-soaked journey to the dark side.

10. Moduce

Moduce - Devil May Cry

One of the more attractive characters in this anime is going to be our first stop on our list. The famous Sparda’s two apprentices, Moduce is one of them. He carries a demon sword like his twin brothers Barl and Dante, and he does so in the same way. Including his trenchcoat with a high collar, Moduce wears all black. Gold eyes and long black hair make him stand out from the crowd. Contrary to popular belief, Moduce has a more delicate face than Barl. That’s in keeping with his calm and honorable nature.

A demon, Moduce, was entrusted with Sparda’s will before his death. After he became irritated with the fact that his swordsmanship served no purpose for him whatsoever and just served to harm his brother further as a result of his aspirations, he gave it up to him. As a character, Moduce is notable for his extraordinary abilities and calm attitude. Even though his speed and power are unrivaled, he rarely uses them until absolutely necessary. And don’t forget about his telekinetic powers! As a result, he earns high marks from us.

9. Brad

Brad, a beneficent demon, is the latest addition to our roster of amazing characters. He makes an appearance in only one episode, which is common for many of the characters on this list. Angelina, a human girl, falls in love with him after he helps her with her damaged ankle in the third episode. When it comes to demons, Brad isn’t one of the more powerful ones. He’s intriguing since he’s gifted in the healing arts.

Angelina’s butler needed Brad’s assistance in summoning his boss, Belphagor, so Brad was sent to the human world. Seeing him treat Angelina, her father immediately concluded that he was some sort of evil murdering machine. When Dante saw Angelina’s love for Dante, he turned down her father’s order to kill Brad. The most significant characteristic of Brad is his kindness to everyone, including Angelina’s father, who first resented Brad. Brad’s father was revived by him even though he had treated Brad badly. The father of Angelina’s mother had a high opinion of Brad at the end of the day, and we couldn’t agree more.

8. Elena Huston

Elena Huston - Devil May Cry

Next up, we have our first female nominee at position number eight. Elena Huston made her television debut in episode six as a member of a rock band whose self-titled first record made them overnight celebrities. After years of hard work, the band’s first album was finally out. Elena had to work as a dancer to help pay for the band’s CD, despite the fact that she loathed the job. She had given up hope until she struck a deal with a devil and gained the gift of a mesmerizing voice. She was able to take possession of the demon’s body in exchange for this.

Elena has blonde hair, green eyes, and bright red lips. When she was seen in any guise, her earrings were a hallmark for her. Her hypnotic voice enthralled everyone she came into contact with, turning them into mindless savages. In the end, Elena walked away from all human contact because it had become too much. In her devotion to her followers and her aspirations, she genuinely stood out.

7. The Dog Demons

Counting down to number six, we must acknowledge the anime’s many demonic characters. We’d like to draw attention to the dog demons that first emerge in episode four. Even though they were only given one episode apiece, several of the fiends in this series were able to make the most of it. We’re introduced to them right away, and the fact that you already knew their motivation just served to heighten the tension. They had no time for chit-chat.

They’re interesting because of how easily they can be identified. They looked like a cross between a dog and a goblin. The effect was to give them the appearance of a huge and dangerous gremlin. They could eat a human in a matter of seconds thanks to their razor-sharp teeth and long, slender legs. Trish and Lady were engaged in fierce combat with the fiends, who towered over them and had long, pointed ears. We were unanimous in our opinion that they had one of the most hauntingly gorgeous looks of the entire series.

6. Barl


Anime debut: Barl, the older twin brother of Moduce, appeared in the tenth episode of the series alongside his younger brother. The demon Barl, like his younger brother Dante, is a master swordsman who was trained by Dante’s paternal grandfather, Sparda the Great. He stands out from his brother because of his distinct attitude and appearance. There are numerous ways in which Barl and I are very different. That involves wearing all white clothing and sporting short white hair spikes.

It’s not just his looks that set him apart from his sibling, but also his demeanor. Barl is a snarling, egotistical jerk. So he travels to the human realm in order to assassinate Dante and obtain the blood of Sparda in order to gain the might of his former mentor. Barl wields two swords and is well-known for his lightning-quick killing power against other demons. He was a force to be reckoned with thanks to his incredible combination of power and cunning. Since Barl is so determined to succeed, we gave him the highest priority on the list. As long as they weren’t too polluted, he didn’t hesitate to use his fire to pursue his dreams.

5. Trish

Trish first appears in the anime in episode four, helping Lady fight several demon hounds. In order to slay an electric demon, Lady enlisted Trish’s help. Dante broke up the showdown between Trish and Lady when he properly introduced Trish to Lady. After that, the two collaborated on a number of instances. It’s no secret that Trish has a penchant for clothes shopping, even though she’s famed for her electrifying strikes and skillful skills. In episode four, she spends Dante’s money on new outfits.

A demon hunter who left the Devil May Cry organization to go on her own, Trish is a freelancer. Despite their limited screen time, Dante seemed to miss Trish’s presence. For all her small part in the anime, Trish is nonetheless a formidable opponent. She’s no match for Lady, but she’s no stranger to demons either. Hand-to-hand combat is a strength of hers, and she has mastered the art of manipulating electricity to her benefit. There are times when she can provide a hand and it’s hard to tell if she’s being deceptive.

6. Patty Lowell

Patty Lowell

In order to complete this list, we had to include the young Patty Lowell. Patty is a minor character in a dark anime controlled by demons and demon hunters, so some people may not think she’s all that amazing. As a result, we believe she’s a good candidate for our list for a number of reasons. Her presence brightens up an otherwise dreary performance. With long blonde hair and blue eyes, Patty is a beautiful young woman. With her ruffled gowns and vintage hats and hairstyles, it appears that her style takes cues from the Victorian era.

Despite her young age, Patty has a lot of wisdom and may be a little sassy with Dante. He and his Devil May Cry establishment benefit from her feminine perspective. She even went so far as to decorate his workplace with flowers, plush animals, and pink drapes. They’re like brothers and sisters, and she’s always helping Dante out around the house, whether it’s cleaning or getting groceries. In one of our favorite moments, she buys a ton of expensive clothing for herself and returns the bill to Dante, who is already so overdrawn from his bank account. Patty, in our opinion, serves as the show’s unifying factor.

3. Sid

In a series that doesn’t feature a lot of demons, our third option is a lesser demon who becomes a regular. Sid originally appears in the anime’s first episode and reappears on occasion thereafter. Dante frequently spared him because he didn’t appear to be a threat. He has a sinister atmosphere about him, despite the fact that he doesn’t seem that dangerous at first. To his gain, humans are often exploited for his own purposes.

Sid has the ability to shrink his body and alter his voice pattern, which he uses to blend in with his surroundings. He also has an extraordinary flair for stealth. His greatest asset is his ability to persuade and influence others. He is a cunning man who aspired to a higher position of authority. After a long time, he finally succeeds in breaking the seal that had kept Abigail imprisoned for so long. After that, he had the ability to call forth an army of demons, shoot demonic beams from his mouth, and regenerate from his own blood. Sid is one of the most impressive characters in this program because of Abigail’s threat to Dante.

2. Lady


This list is coming closer and closer to being finished. She’s got a lot going for her, and it all begins with her beauty. For whatever reason, she has short black hair and the genetic trait heterochromia, which results in one eye being a distinct hue from the other. Her right eye is a bluish-green hue, whereas her left is red. Her body is covered in scars, a testament to her tenacity and resilience in the face of adversity. Lady grows envious of Trish and Dante’s partnership when she learns about Lady’s affection on him.

Lady’s tough and gruff nature continues to enthrall us with her features and demeanor. She knows a lot about guns and is quite quick for a human. The Kalina Ann, a custom-built rocket launcher, is her trademark weapon. For help with a mission, she will go to the Devil May Cry office and ask Dante, who constantly seems to be in a financial bind. She wears her attire from the computer game Devil May Cry 3 in the anime. Even though she’s thin, she does have a huge bosom and an allure that’s particularly geared for men. Lady is not a woman to be trifled with.

1. Dante

The fact that we chose Dante as our most stunning character from the Devil May Cry anime should come as no surprise now that we’ve reached our number one pick. Then again, he’s the protagonist, therefore everything he appears to be doing is fine. In the anime, Dante is portrayed as hospitable, foul-mouthed, and kind. Pizza, strawberry sundaes, and beer seem to be the only things he ever eats. In order to execute his objectives, he often goes above and beyond the call of duty. It’s common for him to lend a helping hand to Lady when she’s in need. Dante is depicted throughout the book as a powerful guy who is able to annihilate nearly every demon that stands in his way.

Mercenary, private investigator, and vigilante demon hunter, Dante is a demon/human hybrid. His life’s work is to rid the world of evil demons or any other supernatural entities. There are numerous clients for his business, yet he always complains about being overdrawn. People see him as someone who takes his work seriously because of his demeanor and demeanor. A long red coat with black gloves, boots, and a black shirt is one of his most recognizable outfits. Ebony and Ivory are the names of his two firearms. A strong sword, passed down from his father Sparda, rounds out his arsenal of weapons. It’s clear why he’s at the top of the list.

Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of another enthralling list from Honey’s Animation. This anime series has a reputation for focusing on a small number of characters who appear multiple times. As a result, we believe that the characters in Devil May Cry have been adequately fleshed out with this list.

The anime adaptation of the Devil May Cry video game franchise has split fans of the series. We’re curious as to which side of the debate you all fall. Regardless of whether or not you like this series, please share your thoughts with us. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the section provided below.