10 Best Anime About Guns That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime About Guns

The use of unnecessary firearms is a well-known trope in anime. It’s simple to see why, with guns that are as unique and innovative as the people who use them.

To show off the strength of weaponry, anime is an excellent medium. Most beloved anime characters have impressive arsenals of weapons, with guns being a recurring theme. “

It’s not uncommon for anime to depict guns in a variety of ways, including as realistic, fantastical, or even demonic. The most memorable anime weapons are mesmerizingly beautiful while also being incredibly powerful. In this collection, you’ll find some of the most well-known anime weapons.

1. Bright Pink and Full of Personality, It’s P-Chan The P-90 (SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online)

SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online

In this Sword Art Online offshoot, LLENN’s P-90 is a show-stopping weapon that packs a powerful punch. LLENN has named this rifle “P-Chan,” and it is one of her most prized possessions. As soon as she got her hands on a gun, she used it for the majority of the series.

In the real world, this weapon would make its owner stand out too much on the battlefield, but when combined with LLENN’s abilities, it makes her both cuter and more lethal than before. Despite the fact that this pistol is a conventional military P-90, the emotional connection it has with its owner gives it a lethal edge.

2. The Thompson Contender Is A Sleek Match For Kiritsugu (Fate/Zero)

The Thompson Contender is a plot-relevant weapon for Kiritsugu throughout the events of Fate/Zero, despite the fact that it looks nothing like a real gun. When the odds are stacked against him, he has an advantage because he has used this weapon in many battles against formidable wizards.

Due to its high damage output and its ability to disrupt the magical circuitry of his magi opponents, Kiritsugu is a serious contender in the Fourth Holy Grail War with this weapon. Kiritisugu’s armory includes the Thompson Contender, which stands out as a classic and enhances his image as a vicious magus assassin.

3. Judgement Drips Style And Holy Power (D.Gray-Man)


While General Cross doesn’t appear until late in D.Gray-Man, his appearance is enhanced by his iconic innocence weapon, Judgement. One of the most religiously-inspired weapons of its kind, it fits this Black Order general’s frenzied demeanor.

The ability to shoot holy, innocence-infused bullets delivers significant harm to the story’s demonic foes, making it more than just a pretty gun. Furthermore, bullets do not come to a halt until they reach their target. Due to this, it’s a difficult weapon to deal with for any adversary. It’s a truly monstrous weapon for a truly monstrous person, and it deserves a monstrous weapon.

4. Mami’s Flintlocks Are Refined And Overwhelming (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Having the ability to conjure an infinite number of flintlock rifles at once is a truly impressive feat of power. Symbolic of Mami’s powers from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, these firearms exude grace and self-assurance. Mami’s magical powers are enhanced by the handcrafted design of her weapons and the sheer number of rounds they can fire.

In spite of their brief appearance in the show, these weapons create an impression. They can emerge in vast numbers, but they can also change their appearance, weapon type, and level of power based on the summoning method used by Mami. Most of the witches who came into contact with Mami were unlucky to have weaponry like these at their disposal.

5. Pumpkin And Mine Pack A Mean Punch (Akame Ga Kill)

Akame Ga Kill

Mine is one of the most lethal tsunderes ever, thanks in part to Pumpkin. Akame Ga Kill’s imperial arm Pumpkin is a mechanical powerhouse capable of defeating a wide range of opponents. In spite of its adorable name, this weapon packs a powerful demonic punch. Because of this and Mine’s tactical expertise, a slew of opponents have met their demise.

In a matter of seconds, the weapon can be converted from a rifle to a machine gun or a sniper rifle with the addition of various accessories. As a weapon that is always ready to pop adversaries in the most efficient manner imaginable, this is a must-have item. Pumpkin is one of the most recognizable imperial arms in the series because of all of this power.

6. Spike Makes The Jericho 941-R Shine (Cowboy Bebop)

Cowboy Bebop’s Spike Spiegel carries a gun that seems like a genuine one, but it’s actually a replica. Even if there are several Jericho pistols on the market today, no one carries one with the same level of coolness as Spike Spiegel. Throughout the series, Spike shows off his skill with this weapon, which he uses frequently.

This gun is a cultural touchstone owing to the way it is employed in the plot and how effectively it works with Spike, despite its lack of exceptional power or aptitude. Spike is the one who makes this pistol what it is, with his spinning gun acrobatics and lightning-fast accuracy.

7. The Demonic Pairing Of Casull And Jackal Makes Alucard Even Deadlier (Hellsing Ultimate)

Hellsing Ultimate

The Casull pistol is Alucard’s lone lethal weapon in Hellsing Ultimate. After a while, he gets his hands on the Jackal gun, an improved version of the original. However, a closer look reveals that these weapons work mechanically best together, aiding Alucard in his quest to eliminate enemies even faster.

The combination of Casull and Jackall only enhances Alucard’s appearance as a harbinger of death. If you’ve ever seen a demon brandishing a pair of weapons, you know it’s a terrifying sight.

8. The Demon Twin Guns Are Living Weapons That Ooze Perfection And Symmetry (Soul Eater)

Death the Kid’s Demon Twin Pistols make him an unbeatable strategist, despite his appearance. When Death the Kid first appears in Soul Eater, he immediately displays his enormous power, precision, and fighting talent. The guns enhance his signature symmetrical image while also enabling him to wield deadly weaponry.

Liz and Patty, the demon twins from the series, are not only strong weapons, but they’re also living weapons in the shape of Liz and Patty’s bodies. The three characters are readily recognized to longtime shonen fans because to their transformation sequences into these sleek pistols and Death the Kid’s dramatic manner and unique wielding method.

9. The Classic AGL Arms .45 Long Volt Is More Than Your Average Revolver (Trigun)


One of the first and most recognizable gun-oriented programs to run during the classic era of anime, Trigun is a pioneer in the genre. Vash and his AGL Arms have a lot to do with it, as they provide a lot of exciting action. Long Volt 45 caliber pistol Unlike your average handgun, this one packs a serious punch.

Vash and Knives carry a smorgasbord of revolvers and other real-life firearms as their go-to weapons throughout the game. These revolvers transcend reality and demonstrate a great deal of affection for the appearance and practicality of vintage revolvers. Its use with the Angel Arm technique and Vash’s deadly marksmanship made this gun a new standard for anime weaponry.

10. The Dominator Is A Weapon That Does It All At A Heavy Psychological Cost (Psycho-Pass)

The Dominator, a weapon that serves as the sole judge, jury, and executioner in the dystopian hellscape of a series, is the standard issue weapon for members of the Public Safety Bureau inPsycho-Pass. Built-in safety features, multiple fire modes, ultra-advanced AI technology, and more abound in this futuristic-looking sci-fi gadget.

In the finest way possible, the Dominator allows viewers to experience the twisted depths of the setting and the choices of the characters within it. Using this weapon necessitates making difficult decisions. The show’s most original and remarkable element is this gun, which serves as a catalyst for much of the show’s tension.