14 Best Movies Similar To Cruel Intentions Update 05/2024

Movies Similar To Cruel Intentions

For the sake of full disclosure, let’s call them “Cruel Intentions.” Having a glamorous star cast is the simplest way to make a commercial film with a modest budget a financial success at the box office. Next, craft a manipulative story that is, in essence, something we have all seen before. Finally, infuse the story with elements like deception, emotions, greed, obsession, love/lust/betrayal, and betrayal, and voil√†, here we are. Cruel Intentions are defined in this way, in my opinion. Here is a selection of high quality, recently released films that we think you might enjoy if you enjoyed Cruel Intentions. Some of these films, such as Cruel Intentions, are available on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

14. Unfaithful


The similarities between Unfaithful and Cruel Intentions can be boiled down to betrayal and the obsession that develops when a person’s deepest desires are aroused. Murder, the Indian version of the aforementioned Unfaithful, does a good job of portraying this theme. Reactions to the film were rather mixed. In spite of this, the film was a box office success thanks to its appealing qualities.

13. Disclosure

The writing of screenplays is like the skeleton of a movie: without it, there would be no movie. However, according to the script writing experts, only 7 or 8 different movie genres exist, and yet it is very often the case that a film is better than others of the same genre when we see something new. Even though he’s happily married, a woman pressuring her ex-lover to cater to her sexual desires defies the conventional wisdom that only men are responsible for sexual harassment. The female antagonist told such an intriguing tale with a unique shape.

A man is at odds when confronted with such allegations, which proves him guilty long before the court even begins its trials, in both “Disclosure” and “Aitraaz” (Indian version). Moviegoers loved it, and it gave Bollywood a reason to bring the same concept to the big screen again.

12. Obsessed


It doesn’t matter what you hide or don’t tell people about your true feelings and intentions. It’s a movie about a newly promoted Derek Charles whose marriage is in jeopardy after he meets Lisa, as the title suggests. This film has to be included because it shows a woman as the story’s ringleader, alluding to Cruel Intentions’ depiction of dominance among the female characters. In spite of this, I was confused after seeing the film because I couldn’t figure out why Lisa had such a strong desire for Derek. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the main characters’ acting. An average film that can be enjoyed at least one time, despite its unjustified actions and shoddy character development,

11. Fatal Attraction

So far, everything I’ve mentioned has one thing in common with Cruel Intentions: the darkness of a person’s soul, which is normal as long as it’s kept hidden from the rest of the world. Behind the mask we call a face is a piece of our imagination. Elements who have been raised in a social environment don’t reveal their secrets easily, not even to the people closest to them. As we get closer to the end of the list, the darkness grows more twisted. When a New York lawyer goes out on the town with his new girlfriend for the weekend, they have a one-night stand that turns into something more. Despite the negative reviews from critics, the film was widely acclaimed and won a BAFTA for best editing. It’s a fun film with good acting and a solid editing job. I’d recommend it.

10. Kill Bill

Kill Bill

Quentin Tarantino is a household name in Hollywood. His films have grossed over $1 billion worldwide. Uma Thurman has appeared in a number of Quentin Tarantino films, including Kill Bill and The Hateful eight. I’m thinking of pulp fiction, which is widely regarded as one of the best ever crime thrillers. The plot revolves around a woman’s quest for vengeance against those who have betrayed her. The decision to split the film in its current form was a mistake in my opinion. Most of the female revenge films that we’ve seen have been let down. Kill Bill is unquestionably not the work for which Quentin Tarantino wants to be remembered. Style-wise, I liked the bloody action scenes. The English subtitles, on the other hand, were a letdown when they appeared during Japanese dialogue. There are some decent moments in the film, but many of the scenes were ridiculous. This film is recommended for those who want to enjoy a movie without thinking too much.

9. Valmont

It’s a time-honored French classic in which a widow bets with her love maker to seduce a newlywed in order to prove her corrupt character. Cruel Intentions is next on my list because of the stench of the setup and the conspiracy theory surrounding it. When Valmont falls in love with the married woman while seducing her, the movie takes a beautiful but complicated turn, as his feelings for her lover are sabotaged. For the foreseeable future, this film solidifies Colin Firth’s superstar status as a performer of note.

8. Dangerous Liaisons

Dangerous Liaisons

Because it is based on the same novel byChoderlos de Laclos, this film is an exact replica of the one just above it. The number of accolades and acclaim that these two films have received separates them. Three Oscars were given to Dangerous Liaisons. Perilous seduction takes a complicated turn, leaving the lives of those involved on a knife’s edge. As is customary, love triumphs in the end. This film, like many others in the drama/romance genre, moves at a leisurely pace but delivers great results. This film features some of the best acting I’ve ever seen from its cast.

7. The Unspeakable Act

The range of human emotions is virtually infinite. They’re so bizarre at times that it’s difficult to decipher them. Unspeakable Act is about an incestuous relationship between a sister and her brother, described as a distorted tendency and desire influenced by childhood attachment that ends up shaping into an improper and unspeakable feeling for a blood relative. When compared to Cruel Intentions, where we see the step-siblings sharing intimacy in some scenes, The Unspeakable Act explores unusually in-depth circumstances between a brother and a sister, going beyond what society can tolerate. It’s a controversial idea, but if it had been executed better, we’d have had a classic drama all its own!

6. Indecent Proposal

Indecent Proposal

I appreciate how a movie’s title of two or three words can encapsulate the essence of the entire film. Critics weren’t crazy about Indecent Proposal, but the general public was. Because it got away with technical flaws that could have produced a better recipe, the dramatization of the circumstances was quite appealing. We’ve seen directors like Sir Steven Spielberg recycle well-known ideas in their films. Movies can be works of art no matter what their concept is, as long as they are presented as an unexpected story. I enjoyed Indecent Proposal as much as I did Cruel Intentions because it offered something to the audience that was good enough to keep them entertained.

5. Basic Instinct

Sharon Stone plays a seductive and manipulative novelist who is accused of a brutal homicide case and drags an investigation into a policeman who falls in love with her beauty in the course of his investigation in this 1992 R-rated mystery thriller. This is a must-see film for any adult who enjoys sexually explicit material. Because of this film, we’ve become huge Sharon Stone fans. She’s a fantastic bad guy. Michael Douglas is a talented actor who has earned a reputation as one of the best in the business. Sharon Stone, on the other hand, was the star of the show. There is nothing in this film that detracts from the overall experience, despite the clunky ending, as we still enjoy watching a cop give in to the sexual symbol with Cruel Intentions.

4. Lolita


The more I wrote about R-rated films, the more I realized they were all influenced by nudity, sexuality, and even incestuous relationships (though not all of them) and had nearly identical reviews. Based on the novel by Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita explores an uncommon facet of human connection. For the sake of staying close to her 14-year-old daughter, a British professor marries a local landlady. We learn along the way that Lolita has grown to like the professor. The professor’s and Lolita’s mutual feelings are well-executed in the narration. The reason that films like Lolita aren’t considered masterpieces is because of society’s rejection of such themes and the filmmaker’s reluctance to fully explore them. The storytelling style of Lolita differs from that of Cruel Intentions in that it is distinct while still being straightforward.

3. The Quiet

There’s something about this film that keeps us engaged all the way to the very end. Because of Dot’s agonizing experience of molestation, we empathize with her. This creates a bond between her and her stepsister, who also suffers from a sense of loneliness. The situation that brings them together to confront the brutality of the bitter truth of their lives is the center of attraction. In terms of the aftereffects, this is a unique film because the narration does a good job of describing the characters’ state of mind. Drama fans will enjoy this film even more on the second viewing.

2. The Roommate

Leighton Meester’s portrayal of a creepy psychopath who becomes overly possessive of her newly residing roommate may be too innocent and beautiful for the actress. I’ll use Bollywood as an example. Back in the 1990s, when love triangles were a popular plot device in Bollywood films, my friends and I watched a film called Darr. It was more about King Khan’s performance than the plot. Rather than criticizing the writer, my goal is to call out the casting director for casting Leighton in the role. For actors, psychopathic roles present a challenge as well as an opportunity to rise to fame from the ground up. Sadly, a mature actress like Reese Witherspoon, who played Annette Hargrove in Cruel Intentions, was absent from the cast.

1. Wild Things

Wild Things 1 also shares many similarities with ‘Cruel Intentions.’ Despite the fact that the entire franchise serves as a metaphor for someone who is a bit of a show-off. As a result, future installments will not be remembered in the same way as the original. This film was made primarily for the purpose of indulging women’s desire for nudity. The formula eventually failed when the production company realized that nudity is not the only thing that draws audiences to theaters. While it provided us with a few memorable moments, the rest of the franchise was ruined.