Top 10 Movies Like Logan Lucky That You Need Watching Update 02/2024

Movies Like Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky is one of the best films of the last few years that almost nobody has heard of. If you liked it, you should see a lot more films like it.

Logan Luckyis a film that deserves a lot more recognition. The movie served as a fitting send-off for Steven Soderbergh, showing that the director didn’t want to go out on a low note.

Even thoughLogan Luckywas a great film, it’s important to remember that the film was heavily influenced by the many previous heist movies, such as The Italian Job and Ocean’s 11..

Good news for Logan Lucky fans: there are a ton of other films like it out there!

We’ll go over 10 movies like Logan Lucky in this article.

10. Ocean’s 11 (2001)

Ocean's 11 (2001)

Heist films like Ocean’s 11 have a lasting impact on popular culture. The Ocean’s 11 remake, despite being based on the 1960s original, outperforms its 20th Century Fox predecessor in every way. In order to pull off a successful casino heist, the film brings together a talented group of individuals and strikes the perfect balance between humor and high-octane action.

Ocean’s 11 with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon was a critical and commercial success. As a result of the success of the film, it spawned multiple sequels and a spin-off called Ocean’s 8.

9. A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

Fans of John Cleese and Monty Python will enjoy A Fish Called Wanda. Even though it’s not a Monty Python film, this comedy-crime caper with John Cleese and Michael Palin follows a con artist as she tries to get her lover’s money.

The film received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics, many of whom praised the film’s intelligent script, stellar cast, and blend of British and American comedic styles.

8. Baby Driver (2017)

Baby Driver (2017)

Featuring an all-star cast led by Ansel Elgort, Jamie Foxx, and Lily James in the lead roles, Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver is a stylish and entertaining caper with a great soundtrack. Baby (Ansel Elgort), one of the best getaway drivers in town, is forced by a crime boss to take on one final job. The film follows him.

There were three nominations for the film at the Academy Awards, and it was well received by critics who lauded the film for its originality and enjoyment as well as its clever humor and strong performances from the cast.

7. The Italian Job (1969)

The Italian Job is a cult classic and a cultural touchstone from the twentieth century. The Italian Job, a fun and exciting British crime caper directed by Peter Collinson and starring Michael Caine, Noel Coward, and Benny Hill, followed Michael Caine’s Charlie Croker as he devised a scheme to steal gold bullion from Italy.

The film features some of cinema’s most iconic scenes, including a memorable car chase. The Italian Job was well-received by critics and audiences alike, and it quickly rose to cult status. Those who enjoy heist movies will enjoy this one, so don’t miss it.

6. Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

It was Guy Ritchie’s first feature film as a director, and it featured many of the traits that would come to define a Guy Ritchie film. A gang of criminals tries to steal from a cannabis farm to raise some money in this film, which stars Jason Statham, Jason Flemyng, and Vinnie Jones.

Filmgoers and critics loved it, with many praising the film’s unique comedic style and alluding to influences like Quentin Tarantino.

5. Ocean’s 8 (2018)

Sandra Bullock, Rihanna, Awkwafina, and Anne Hathaway star in Ocean’s 8, a spin-off of the popular Ocean’s series of films. After gathering a gang to steal an expensive necklace from the Met Gala, Debbie Ocean (Bullock) leads the way.

Despite the negative reviews, critics still praised the film for its all-star cast’s strong performances, its clever plot, and its visually stunning cinematography.

4. King Of Thieves (2019)

King Of Thieves (2019)

To steal from the city’s famous jewelry district, a group of elderly thieves try to pull off the perfect heist in King of Thieves. Michael Caine, Michael Gambon, and Jim Broadbent star in this lighthearted yet heartfelt biopic about real-life events.

In spite of the fact that the film did not do well with critics or audiences, it is well worth seeing if only for the chemistry between the actors in the lead roles or for fans of true crime and British comedy.

3. Snatch (2001)

With a stellar cast including Jason Statham, Brad Pitt, Benicio Del Toro and Vinnie Jones, Snatch is Guy Ritchie’s second film. In the film, a diamond stolen from an Antwerp jeweler’s leads to chaos as rival gangs and criminals race to recover the elusive gemstone.

Many of the film’s strengths were lauded by critics, including its visually stunning style and cinematography, as well as its witty dialogue and sharp comedic timing.

2. Inception (2010)

Inception (2010)

As Dom Cobb (DiCaprio) is hired to enter the mind of a businessman and inject an idea in an act of futuristic corporate espionage, director Christopher Nolan’s Inception follows Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (to name a few).

Both critics and audiences lauded the film’s success.

This film pioneered the use of special effects, had a clever and thought-provoking plot, and an incredible and unforgettable soundtrack all in one package.

1. Band Of Outsiders (1964)

Band of Outsiders (Band Part) stands out among the rest of the albums on this list for a variety of reasons. Band of Outsiders, directed by Jean Luc Godard and starring the legendary Anna Karina, was a pivotal film in the French New Wave movement of the 1960s. It was one of the most influential films of its time.

An elaborate heist is planned by three young people living in a Parisian suburb, and the movie follows their progress. Tarantino paid homage to the film’s iconic dancing scene in his masterpiece,Pulp Fiction, which was not only a huge hit at the time but also one of the most influential films of all time.