Top 15 Movies Similar To Taken That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Movies Similar To Taken

If you enjoyed the Taken films, here are 15 more to check out.

Look no further than these similar action-thrillers starring Liam Neeson if you enjoyed his work in the Taken series.

The 2008 action-thriller film Takenstarred Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills, a role that wasn’t well received by critics but quickly gained a devoted following, making it a surprise hit that spawned two sequels in the following six years.

There are other action-thriller movies with similar qualities to check out next to satisfy the hunger for brutal revenge stories with respected dramatic actors taking on the role of a violent vigilante that the franchise has cultivated.

Mark Birrell made the following update on March 13th, 2021: One of the most popular films of all time is Taken. Even some of the most important people involved in its production were taken aback by its enormous success, and even after star Liam Neeson retired from Bryan Mills in the third film, the TakenTV series continued to grow in popularity among fans. Even so, with only three films in the series, fans may find themselves wanting more of the same action once they’ve finished the trilogy. We’ve added even more examples of films like Taken to the library so that fans never run out of exciting stories to watch with great actors.

15. Man on Fire (2004)

Man on Fire (2004)

Taken got mixed to negative reviews from the critics, but Tony Scott’s Man on Fire was well-received by moviegoers and is frequently mentioned as one of the best revenge thrillers ever made, like Taken.

After being in the military and the CIA, Denzel Washington is now a ruthless one-man army looking to exact revenge on the gangsters and corrupt cops who kidnapped his bodyguarding Dakota Fanning.

14. Death Wish (2018)

Taken fans will appreciate Eli Roth’s more conventional retribution film, which stars Charles Bronson in the role originated by Michael Winner in the 1970s.

Basic plot remains unchanged as Willis portrays a man who turns vigilante after his wife is murdered and his daughter is left in a coma following an invasion of their home, but the 2018 version increases the firepower and brutality to better fit the franchise’s overall image rather than just the initially subdued one.

13. Haywire (2011)

Haywire (2011)

An unstoppable black-ops soldier is betrayed by members of her own team, and she sets out on a bloody, Jason Bourne-like revenge mission directed by Steven Soderbergh.

It’s the director’s keen eye for realist elements which makes for a uniquely brutal kind of bare-knuckle fight scenes and choreography that puts Gina Carano on par with Channing Tatum, Michael Fassbender, and Ewan McGregor.

12. The Equalizer (2014)

As a retired black-ops handyman who turns to good samaritan vigilantism, Denzel Washington stars in this film adaptation of the popular TV series from the 1980s.

When compared to Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills in The Equalizer, Denzel Washington creates a new elderly action icon in the 2010s, and the methodical killings in both films should satisfy any Takenfan.

11. From Paris with Love (2010)

From Paris with Love (2010)

In the wake of director Pierre Morel’s Taken, comes From Paris with Love, a lighter take on the Parisian action genre that is no less gritty.

John Travolta’s psychotic superspy teams up with Jonathan Rhys Davies’ moderately low-level CIA agent to stop a terrorist plot involving a narcotics ring.

10. Point Blank (2010)

On the other hand, directors like Fred Cavayé have made critically acclaimed thrillers that have gone on to receive their own American remakes, like his 2010 film, Point Blank, which was received in 2019.

When a nurse’s aide is compelled to help a professional criminal escape from the hospital where he works, the story takes an unexpected turn, and the young man finds himself in the middle of a deadly game involving corrupt cops and cover-ups.

9. The Man from Nowhere (2010)

The Man from Nowhere (2010)

While working to bring down the entire organization, a mysterious loner becomes the guardian angel of a young girl who has been kidnapped by merciless criminals.

While Won Bin’s action hero is younger than a seasoned actor like Liam Neeson, the precision with which he demolishes his prey is decidedly old school.

8. Harry Brown (2009)

Former soldier Michael Caine takes on the role of a man who goes berserk after witnessing the murder of an old friend at the hands of some local bad guys and vows vengeance.

Takenfans will appreciate how a well-known dramatic actor transforms into a cold-blooded action movie killer, as well as Harry Brown’s role as a throwback to a simpler time.

7. 3 Days to Kill (2014)

3 Days to Kill (2014)

Kevin Costner plays a government killer who travels to Paris to reunite with his estranged daughter after receiving a terminal diagnosis that gives him only a limited amount of time left.

It was also co-written by the prolific Luc Besson, who worked on Taken as a co-writer and producer. With 3 Days to Kill, fans can enjoy some humor while still being treated to a ruthlessly efficient hero.

6. Peppermint (2018)

For this tale of Jennifer Garner’s unstoppable action heroine facing off against a cartel mob in Los Angeles, Pierre Morel returns to the vengeful vigilante genre.

After her daughter and husband are killed in a drive-by shooting, Garner, a mild-mannered mother, trains herself to become a ruthless killing machine. Fans of the director’s previous film, Taken, will recognize several of his hallmarks returning in Peppermint.

5. Blood Father (2016)

Blood Father (2016)

In this gritty action crime thriller, Mel Gibson plays a recovering alcoholic and ex-con who must protect his troubled and estranged daughter from the gangsters she escaped.

A French-produced film made in English, Blood Father, like Taken, should provide fans with a new perspective on grizzled Western-genre archetypes and their hardboiled rampages against overwhelming odds thanks to its distinct Southwestern setting and Gibson’s convincingly war-torn main character.

4. Non-Stop (2014)

Along with director Jaume Collet-Serra on four other projects, Liam Neeson has found great success outside of the Takenfranchise in modern thrillers.

Their second collaboration, 2014’s Non-Stop, sees Neeson’s Air Marshal forced to solve a murder mystery and a terrorist plot aboard a passenger plane flying over the Atlantic, and the claustrophobic setting makes it no less action-packed, hard-nosed, or sprawling than a movie likeTaken.

3. The Foreigner (2017)

He plays a Chinese-British immigrant who, after his daughter is killed in an attack, unleashes his special forces training on an IRA bombing crew in order to exact vengeance.

Chan turns in a great dramatic performance in this emotionally charged political action thriller, which Pierce Brosnan and GoldenEye director Martin Campbell are reuniting to make.

2. Colombiana (2011)

Olivier Megaton worked with franchise writers Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen before directing the Taken sequels on this action-packed revenge thriller starring Zoe Saldana as a young woman who has trained for years to face down a powerful drug cartel and avenge the deaths of her parents.

Because of this, even though she has more experience in the current action genre than Nesson did when she starred in Taken1, they managed to transform Saldana into a convincingly deadly character in a much gritty and grounded setting than she usually inhabits. This accomplishment would be topped off with our final submission.

1. John Wick (2014)

When it comes to action-movie renaissances following Liam Neeson’s performance inTaken, Keanu Reeve’s return to the martial-arts-driven, gun-heavy setpieces of his days in The Matrix movies made the most sense and may have had the greatest impact.

Using his former assassin, the actor struck gold in a world of revenge and creatively endless death.

While John Wick’s choreography and stuntwork are unquestionably different from those in Taken, it’s difficult to see how that could ever be a knock against the film.

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