9 Best Bad Movies On netflix That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Best Bad Movies On netflix

Netflix’s top movies are laborious to sort through, and picking which ones to watch may be a tedious task. In Netflix’s instance, it’s extremely simple to fall into the habit of browsing through thumbnails. Finally, the pressure to pick something worthwhile—if you’re going to put in the effort, it has to be worthwhile. There are times when two and a half hours is too much for you to sit through, even if you’ve had your eye on an awards contender or a sophisticated independent film for a long time. Is it worth it to spend your time watching a great movie on Netflix when you can instead watch something that is terrible? I mean, it’s horrible. This isn’t the best place to prioritize quality over quantity because of the huge volume of stuff available on the streamer. Netflix’s astronomical original production output suggests that much of the garbage is coming from within the home.

In order to appreciate a hate-watch, you must lower your expectations so low that you can’t help but be entertained. Because they don’t require critical thought or judgment, they’re easy to watch. It’s not about real-life consequences, so disregard what I’ve just written. From comedy to arthouse flicks, we’ve compiled a list of awful movies to alleviate the stress of the Netflix homepage scroll. In addition, there are a couple Netflix originals because the algorithm wants me to watch them, so I’ll do just that.

1. 6 Underground

6 Underground

Action film 6 Underground is a Michael Bay action flick that has the Netflix budget and isn’t subject to any age restrictions. In addition to blood, explosions, and a very long joke with a loose eyeball, there is a lot of violence. I don’t know what the narrative is, but I can tell you that there are six people and they drive a lot. I’m glad Melanie Laurent is in this so that she can use her money to make better films in the future.

2. Death Note

Death Note

This is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Then again, there’s also Willem Dafoe.

3. Nymphomaniac

Promiscuity is the focus of Lars Von Trier’s two-part, four-hour magnum epic on one woman’s life (Stacy Martin as a teen and Charlotte Gainsbourg as an adult). Watching Nymphomaniac on your phone while hiding beneath the blankets is the perfect way to overcome your humiliation.

4. Hot Rod

Hot Rod

To be clear, Hot Rod is not a horrible movie. It has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 39 percent, which indicates that it is terrible. That being said, my word in this list is legally binding, so it’s a great addition. With its Wet Hot American Summer brand of surreal humor, the Lonely Island’s debut cinematic attempt was misinterpreted. Those who cannot appreciate the avant-garde nature of the “cool beans” scene are not deserving of praise.

5. Jupiter Ascending

It’s impossible to deny that the Wachowskis’ Jupiter Ascending was brave, even if the final product was a complete disaster. Stars such as Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, and Eddie Redmayne make it appear as if everyone is playing a separate character in this film. I applaud Redmayne for taking a chance on acting, even if the only reward was a Razzie prize. Redmayne has now conceded his performance was “very terrible.”

6. Only God Forgives

Only God Forgives

It has all the hallmarks of a great Nicolas Winding Refn film, including daring choices, the Tumblr neon aesthetic, and Ryan Gosling being melancholy. Lifeless characters and an almost unbearable amount of immorality are also present in this film. While Only God Forgives divides opinion, it is a wonderful test of your tolerance for the slow burn savagery of Lars von Trier’s filmmaking.

7. Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

‘Do you suppose God stays up there because he too lives in terror of what he has created?’ wonders Steve Buscemi in the second Spy Kids installment. I’d like to think he was alluding to the film’s sequel, a computer-generated monstrosity that grossly underestimates the potential of virtual reality in the future. There’s no way Netflix can compete with those red and blue 3D glasses that came with the DVD.

8. Velvet Buzzsaw

Velvet Buzzsaw

A character actor who fooled Hollywood into thinking he was a starring guy is Jake Gyllenhaal. The strangeness of his best role as a crazed TV host in Okja is testament of this. (I know I’m correct, so don’t fight me). When it comes to the art critic in Velvet Buzzsaw, he shows off some of his rarely-used wackiness—but it’s not enough to redeem the film’s half-baked art parody/horror flick. To be honest, the death scenes are a lot of fun only because they’re so inventive. Isn’t it interesting that this film was released in February? This year has been a long one.

9. Wild Child

Teen comedies, like Juno Temple’s, became popular in the United Kingdom in the late 2000s. While Wild Child is the worst of them, it’s also the best in a cruel sense, with Emma Roberts playing an entitled California teen who is sent to England for a year to learn humility and lacrosse skills while also eliminating bullies in the process. Despite the film’s obviousness, Roberts’ performance as a cinematic cruel girl shines through.