Top 10 Movies Like The Thinning That You Need Watching Update 07/2024

Movies Like The Thinning

Movies like The Thinning portray a dystopian future in which generations and classes are pitted against one another, exposing the underlying social tensions.

There are strong similarities between this film and The Hunger Games, with a similar creative central premise and starring notorious Youtuber Logan Paul and released via Youtube’s video subscription service.

Look no further if you like flicks such as The Thinning. The following is a well-researched list of gripping young adult dramas.

1. Expelled (2014)

Expelled (2014)

Expelled is a story of adolescent love and high school hilarity that stars a colorful cast of internet celebrities. In order to keep his expulsion from school a secret from his parents, Felix O’Neil (Cameron Dallas) must rely on his cunning, ingenuity, and the assistance of his friends.

Alex Goyette wrote and directed the film, which blends suspense and drama with zany characters and dialogue. After a brief theatrical run, the film was released to a ‘on demand’ audience by Netflix, joining the ranks of titles like The Thinning.

2. The 5th wave (2016)

The 5th Wave is a doomsday film, or as we’ll refer to it in the year 2020, reality television…

According to the plot of J Blakeson’s film The 5th Wave, the earth is threatened by an evil alien race. It stars Chlo Grace Moretz and Nick Robinson, both of whom are in their early 20s. Five waves of disasters, including earthquakes and disease, are creatively inflicted on gluttons for punishment.

Younger moviegoers will particularly connect with this thriller’s suspenseful story, but adults will enjoy it as well. If you enjoyed The Thinning, then you’ll enjoy The 5th Wave.

3. Escape Room (2018)

Escape Room (2018)

Health and safety rules have been ignored when six people are invited to participate in an escape room for a chance to win $10,000. The strangers must work together quickly to overcome a series of difficult obstacles if they hope to make it out alive.

This darkly rendered psychological horror, directed by Adam Robitel and written by Bragi F. Schut and Maria Melnik, depicts the survivor’s efforts to escape, as they must use their wits to survive.

Fans of films like The Thinning will enjoy this one for its bizarre plot and performances by a young cast.

4. Swimming for Gold (2020)

While coaching a boys swimming team in Australia, Claire Carpenter runs into her old foe, Mikayla Michaels.

When Claire learns that the camp will shut down if her team loses the next competition, she must overcome her fears and put old rivalries to rest in order to rediscover her passion.

Hayley MacFarlane directed the film, which will be released in 2020 and features Peyton List as the lead. If you liked The Thinning, you’ll want to put this one on your “up next” list because it features a slew of young heartthrobs.

5. Fallen (2016)

Fallen (2016)

After being held responsible for the death of a young boy, a girl is sent to a reform school. She falls in love with a new classmate at her new school, who turns out to be an angel.

Incorporating fantasy elements into a high school romance story, this film is one of many aimed at young adults following the success of The Twilight Saga.

Jeremy Irvine and Addison Timlin star in Scott Hicks’ teen drama, which will appeal to fans of The Thinning and other teen dramas.

6. The Darkest Minds (2018)

When a gang of schoolkids discovers they have superpowers, the government will do anything to keep them in check.

While based on young adult novel “The Hunger Games,” Alexandra Bracken’s film adaptation blends action and romance in a dystopian future.

Despite its mediocre box-office performance, Jennifer Yuh Nelson’s film has developed a cult following, and plans for a sequel have been floated. This is an excellent sequel for fans of The Thinning and other similar films.

7. Avalon High (2010)

Avalon High (2010)

Disney Channel original series Avalon High centers on a teenage girl who transfers to a new high school and discovers she’s been reincarnated as King Arthur.

The young cast, led by Britt Robertson and Gregg Sulkin, delivers some standout performances to support this imaginative premise.

Moviegoers who like films like The Thinning or similar ones will enjoy this one very much.

8. The Maze Runner (2014)

It’s a dystopian science fiction film about a sixteen-year-old boy named Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) who wakes up in an old elevator with no recollection of who he is and discovers he’s been forced to compete to find his way out of a complicated maze.

The Maze Runner is a standout in the genre, and Wes Ball made a stunning directorial debut with this well-received film. There have been two more sequels to this film because of the quality of the performances and the storytelling.

I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed The Thinning or anything similar.

9. The Purge: Election Year (2016)

The Purge Election Year (2016)

This dystopian horror film is the third in the Purge series, which depicts a world in which people have a night a year to let out all of their bottled-up rage.

This James DeMonaco film, set in the year 2040, tells the story of a fictional presidential election and the people involved.

There’s a lot of cathartic violence in this creative work, and it joins our list of films like The Thinning because of it.

10. Hunger Games (2012)

Our final entry, which has since become synonymous with anarchy and lawlessness, was a huge hit when it came out in 2012 and has gone on to become a hugely popular series.

It depicts a dystopian future in which a boy and a girl are chosen annually from each district to participate in a televised fight to the death, and Jennifer Lawrence gives a strong lead performance. Director Gary Ross also does some interesting and creative directing in this film.

Fans of The Thinning will enjoy this film’s strong lead character who pushes forward in a dystopian world.