20 Best Anime Assassin Girl With Guns That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Assassin Girl With Guns

Anime has had a lot of great killers over the years.

And each one of them has a distinct rationale. Even if they’re able to do so because they’ve been reared in an unusual way, because they’re trying to make the world a better place… We have a thing for cold-blooded killers.

So we’ve compiled a list of some of the best assassins in anime and ranked them from worst to best.

Expect a lot of violence, sorrow, and character development. Let’s get this party started!

20. Johan Liebert

Johan Liebert

Toon: Monster

The fact that Johan isn’t a full-fledged assassin is what maintains him at the bottom of our ranking.

That, and the fact that he believes his deeds are morally righteous. Hedonism and a desire to be the last man standing are the driving forces behind this.

Serial killer Johan is a tragic character with mature overtones and an unwelcome presence. Killing styles range from the bloodcurdling to the quiet and swift.

It is, however, his deceptive, warped attitude and enticing appeal that is ultimately his most potent weapon.

19. Akame


Assault on Precinct 13

When Akame and her sister were sold at an early age, they were ridiculed and humiliated before joining the Elite Seven, an assassination team.

Killer Akame wields a wicked katana that leaves a trail of supernaturally incurable wounds.

Akame was the solitary survivor as her companions were annihilated one by one. Night Raid, an assassination clan, is also revealed at the opening of the anime, with the purpose of defeating those who disbanded her former gang.

They say she’s a BA.

18. Suzuya Juuzou

It’s a Tokyo Ghoul Anime.

Since she was a toddler, Juuzou has been an outcast because to her inability to feel pain as a result of physiotherapy.

He’s been a killer since he was a child, and his psyche shows it. That came as quite a shock.

In each situation, Suzuya is ready for a fight.

It doesn’t matter how bad the situation is for him.

His loyalty is always put to the test, and his character development is always razor-sharp, as he wields knives and subsequently far deadlier weapons.

17. Death Gun

Sword Art Online: Phantom Bullet is an animated feature in the Sword Art Online series.

Killing avatar Death Gun is a reaper-like figure brandishing two firearms that appear to have been upgraded and are capable of not only killing an avatar with a single shot but also disconnecting the user from life.

So you’ve arrived at SAO, haven’t you?

During the second season of Sword Art Online, Kirito, Asuna, and Assada are trying to stop Death Gun’s methodical assassination of their loved ones. It’s all wrapped up in an enjoyable, though imperfect, animated shounen that’s filled with pomposity.

It’s a must-see for everyone who hasn’t seen SAO.

16. Minene Uryuu

Minene Uryuu

Futuristic Diary, an anime

It’s Minene Uryuu, the ninth diary bearer, and hence the ninth contender in the battle royal plot.

Wacky, self-righteous, and unafraid to leave an impression when she terrorizes.

Aside from these guys, who else could keep an entire high school hostage using just explosive mines and other dangerous weapons? Escape from under her dress by riding a motorcycle.

For that reason, her name has to be included on this list.

15. Motoko Kusanagi

Ghost in the Shell (anime)

A magnificent visual and aural design proves that she is first and foremost a weapon, and the legendary Major herself is introduced during her construction.

Throughout Stand Alone Complex and Arise, she plays as a pawn for the government in a variety of covert missions.

However, her full-body prosthesis, which is an upgraded synthetic body and mind, has allowed her to amass a large kill count. Near-perfect warfare, psychological preparation, and hacking abilities are all possible because to it.

As far as I’m concerned, Motoko Kusanagi is indeed a weapon. Designed and constructed by the government for the express purpose of carrying out violent acts in exchange for a monetary reward.

So, by my criteria, she’s a top-tier assassin. However, a gun is not an assassin…

But isn’t that what Ghost in the Shell is all about? This anime was fantastic.

14. Hei (DTB)

Darker than Black

Darker than Black: Anime

When he wears his Black Reaper costume and kills for money, Hei is frequently compared to Batman in anime.


Hei’s agility and dexterity are at their greatest since he aims to kill in the name of justice and protect those he cares about. Additionally, he has a BatBelt full of tactical weapons that he employs extensively.

You’ll see him using that belt to swing about, electrocute, and pacify people.

We may get a third season at some point in the future.

13. The Scarred Man

In Fullmetal Alchemist, a Japanese animated series

For whatever reason, we refer to him as Scar, a serial killer vigilante who is on a mission to rid the world of State Alchemists for retribution. And this is in accordance with his religious or spiritual convictions.

He had already killed ten high-ranking state alchemists before the Elric brothers met him at the opening of the novel.

Let’s rank this guy as an assassin because he’s acting like one.

12. Satō

Ajin: The Anime

Here’s an elderly gentleman who doesn’t hold back when it comes to his opinions.

In his spare time, he likes to demolish skyscrapers, and he likes to demolish skyscrapers. and society as a whole, too.

To take on the task.

A tactician who prefers mass-accumulative killings to targeted ones, he chooses the latter.

As he saw it, the more deaths he had, the higher his position on the leaderboard. It’s no secret that Sato is a fierce competitor.

11. Thorfinn


Vinland Saga: The Anime

Wit Studio’s 2019 Viking Seinen anime features Thorfinn Karlsefni, a fictional character based on an Icelandic historical figure.

Thorfinn’s adolescence is just the beginning of a long story that will continue into his maturity.

Thorfinn had always wanted to be a soldier, both for the glory and the bloodlust, as a child. Just like his father used to do.

And, as a result of a tragic event, his wish has come true. He turns into a cynical, damaged killer in a hurry.

After a brief respite at the end of the first season, he continues to break his father’s orders in order to kill.

10. Kotomine Kirei & Assassin

Fate/stay night and Fate/Zero are two popular anime series.

In Fate/stay night and Fate/Zero, Kotomine is both a master of assassination and an enemy.

He’s also partnered with even more powerful individuals.

While Kirei is a devout follower of religion, he is also perpetually plagued by the nature of his being, leading him to feel nothing but sorrow for the world around him.

I’d expect nothing less from an assassin.

9. Himura Kenshin

Anime: Rurouni Kenshin: Betrayal and Trust

If you’ve never seen Kenshin in action, you’re missing out on an amazing tale of war-torn Japan.

That road to pacifism, however, is what shows Kenshin’s prowess in killing with precision and brutality.

He’s an interesting character because of this.

His father figure comes from a wandering swordmaster who’s angry from war after being sold into slavery after losing both of his parents.

Even though it’s only been nine years, he also abandons him. Assassin for the Ishin Shishi in order to aid a revolution.

He became known as the Hitokiri Battosai after killing his 100th victim in less than six months. I’m pleased with the results.

8. Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman

Awkward: Titan Attack

He has no time for your nonsense!

You’d imagine a merciless, unstoppable killing machine with these dark, narrow eyes and a piercing look.

And you’re right, too.

Attack on Titan’s Levi is the greatest soldier humanity has to offer, and he resents the loss of life.

In a matter of seconds, Levi will be whirling for your neck like a Beyblade, and you won’t even notice.

7. Shiki Ryougi

Garden of Sinners, a Japanese animated film (Kara no Kyoukai)

Ryougi is a lady who is torn between a sense of self and a sense of the universality of death.

Psychologically split in two.

On the other side of her she is apprehensive and distant. The other side is apathetic, remorseless, and cynical.

She has a crazy need to kill, but she uses it to fight serial killers and other otherworldly threats. Isn’t she doing well?

It’s a tale about a woman who uses her dark side to save others. One of the best soundtracks ever created, Studio Ufotable’s Kara no Kyoukai adaptation is an overlooked masterwork of morally ambiguous criminality.

Assassins in general should check this anime out.

6. Alucard

Hellsing, the anime

A powerful and immortal vampire, Alucard is the Hellsing Organization’s most formidable weapon in the fight against supernatural creatures.

His ability to transform, regrow limbs in seconds, and save himself from total destruction make him an absolute badass.

This handsome mass murderer is sarcastic, cocky, and well-endowed with a lethal cannon, to boot.

5. Lelouch vi Britannia

Lelouch vi Britannia

Cartoon: Code Geass Anime

Hamlet was reimagined in a futuristic setting by Studio Sunrise, which introduced the world to everyone’s favorite prince. A dynasty must be overthrown in order for him to get justice.

In every sense, Lelouch is “extra everything.”

It is Lelouch’s preference that his pawns take the brunt of the violence because he has the capacity to command everyone and everyone to perform his bidding.

That doesn’t mean he won’t have to get his hands dirty.

Lelouch refuses to allow any impediment stand in the way of the new world he hopes to establish for his crippled little sister, no matter what it is.

Was this guy a virtuous murderer? Much remains to be clarified in this case…

4. Risota Nero

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo

This figurehead of La Squadra Esecuzioni (essentially an assassin group) is a deadly adversary.

Risoto, who is only 28 years old, is a ferocious defender of his teammates and will go to any lengths to get them back.

Quite the opposite of what you’d expect based on his icy exterior and quiet demeanor.

This capacity to manipulate metal comes from his stand, which is called Metallica. That’s OK, until you realize that blood is made up of iron.

Suppose he were to turn that iron into a pair of scissors or a pair of razerblades. It’s true that Risoto is a ruthless killer.

3. Light Yagami

An illustration of this would be Death Note from anime.

Everybody’s favorite psychotic, God-complex vigilante.

Light can and does murder anyone with the help of the Death Note. For as long as he is familiar with the person’s face and birthname;

To bring down the world, he kills politicians, criminals, adversaries, police officers and everyone else he thinks unworthy of a place in the new world he wants to build.

Isn’t this typical of a crazed assassin?

Light’s greatest skill is his mental fortitude, which enables him to outwit and predict at rapid speeds while wielding the power of Death Note.

In the meantime, we’ve had Light over here playing 4D chess, and I’ve been trying to drink from my phone. My drink has now spilled over into my bed as well.

2. Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck

Huntress against. Hunter, an anime

Killua is the third child of the Zolyck family, a well-known family of assassins capable of clandestine snuffing around the world.

Contrasts abound in this young man. He’s able to kill quickly, but he’s also trying to improve his own humility.

Killua’s narrative is one of humility and moral growth because he is so accustomed to being the best. His greatest foe is his insatiable need for blood and his uncontrollable talents.

Similar to an assassin struggling against his own will. No, not an assassin who is trying to kill himself.

1. Korosensei


Assassination Classroom: The Movie

Assassination Classrom is an anime with a name like that, and it should live up to it.

You’ve never heard of Korosensei, the mysterious octopus homeroom teacher with a complicated past and lofty goals.

It’s first revealed that Korosensei caused the moon to become permanently crescent-shaped by detonating an explosive device. Finally, he trains his students to kill him.

It’s true that Korosensei is so invincible and supreme in power that he has convinced the globe that he will hold off on decimating the rest of the moon if he gets one thing.