30 Best Anime Girl With Orange Hair And Glasses Update 05/2024

Anime Girl With Orange Hair And Glasses

When you lose your glasses, you turn into Velma, they get cloudy all the time, and people always want to put them on. Glasses can be a real pain.

On the other hand, there are positive aspects to this as well. For starters, you have the appearance of a well-dressed snob. Girls wearing spectacles, in particular, may put on a show.

If you’re seeking for anime finest girl glasses inspiration, go no further than this post. Let’s take a look at how lovely they are even in their hazy state.

30. Sheele


In the anime Akame ga Kill

Sheele, armed with a pair of huge scissors, is a dangerous client. She can cut down just about anything she comes across.

And it’s safe to say that she’s put that claim to the test herself. Despite the fact that there were primarily just individuals there.

Despite her assassination prowess, she has a soft side. As well as serving as the group’s emotional anchor, she was always there to lend a sympathetic ear.

When you see her stumbling around because she’d lost her glasses for the millionth time that day, it’s easy to forget how many people she’s killed.

29. Manami Okuda

Manami Okuda

Assassination Classroom is a Japanese anime series.

Imagine our surprise when we find out we’re dealing with yet another assassin.

There are many methods in which they serve the same purpose, but they’re all unique. It’s obvious that firearms and snipers aren’t Okuda’s cup of tea. She’s shy and has difficulty interacting with Koro-sensei in the normal up-front manner.

That being said, she’s highly bright and skilled in the field of chemistry. This will allow her to unleash a potent poison unlike anything this world has ever seen before… yes, it’s fine

You don’t see dandere every day, therefore it’s a rare sight to see. Then then, she manages.

28. Sumireko Sanshokuin

ORESUKI, a Japanese anime The only one who cares about me is you. (Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo)

I can tell you that Sumireko completely surprised me.

Jouro is a “good guyTM” who secretly wants a harem, and that’s the focus of the show. It doesn’t matter how bad his character is.

In contrast to the phony identity he lets the rest of the world think he has, Sumireko shows genuine interest in Jouro. His genuine neckbeard self, instead.

As everyone plays into her hands, she messes with with them all.

A library girl has never been so commanding and attractive at the same time.

27. Hange Zoë

Hange Zoë

Awkward: Attack of the Titans

The comic didn’t make it clear whether Hange was male or female, so this is a fun tidbit.

The creature in the anime is quite different. Is Hange a good fit for a wife?

No, she’s already engaged to her work. You also can’t or shouldn’t be a house thief. Even when she isn’t on the edge of making a significant discovery, you can tell how thrilled she becomes.

In addition, it’s important noting how far she’s willing to go. She shares a lot of characteristics with Erwin in this area. With an insatiable need to learn, no matter the cost.

26. Moeka Kiryuu

One of my favorite anime series, Steins;Gate

I’ve made it clear that I didn’t like this character, at least in the beginning. Nevertheless, I found myself like her more and more as the show progressed.

A character who appears to have nothing to lose and would thus go to any lengths to achieve her goals has a tremendous amount of narrative pressure.

Even if it makes me want to throw a shoe at the screen.

The show’s design has allowed viewers to observe her in two different roles: as a savior and as a punishment.

You can’t deny that she’s at the very top of her game when it comes to dynamic writing.

25. Yuki Nagato

Anime: Haruhi Suzumiya: A Memoir of Hopelessness

When it comes to fakers, Yuki is one of the worst offenders. But she’s so adorable in them that I’ll let it go.

Initially, she appeared to be the beehive’s hardcore kuudere, balancing out Haruhi’s bees.

In reality, Yuki is nothing more than a human interface for the Brigade, who collects data through her interactions with members of the public.

I’m baffled as to how the writers were able to keep her fascinating without going down the Pinocchio path. But it’s a good thing.

24. Saya Takagi

Saya Takagi

Highschool of the Dead (anime)

In my opinion, the one in glasses has a clear advantage in this situation.

The spectacles are on Kohta, too. However, he went in a different route altogether.

Saya is a genius, despite her stern exterior, which makes her easy to overlook. The Sadistic samurai and Machinegun Kohta rely on her just as much as the others in the organization.

Because she was the first to discover out how the “not zombies” tracked their whereabouts, a valuable piece of information that proved to be highly helpful later on.

The “guard the grin” mentality she has toward Alice is really sweet.

23. Mirai Kuriyama

Kanata from the anime Kyoukai (Beyond the Boundary)

I can’t stand her. The adorableness is too much for me.

There is a profession in her planet known as the Spirit World Warriors. They have a duty to find Youmu. These people frequently make their money this way.

That’s not to say Kuriyama wants to fight Youmu, because she’s just a ball of fluff and doesn’t want to.

How do you explain it?

Financial instability is the worst enemy of all. Wooo. In addition, I like that she wears a piece of herself on her sleeve. Even if her life depended on it, she couldn’t lie. This is what we love most about you; embrace it.

22. Shino Asada (Sinon)

Sword Art Online II Anime

So, you’ve got to have a soft spot for your gamer gals.

In the virtual world, Shino does not wear glasses, but that is only because he is blind. But in reality, she does. So it’s worth it!

As one would expect from an A-class sniper, she is as “cool as a cucumber.”

When it comes to making decisions, she’s never wavering in her resolve. Kirito’s overpowering nature has now reached the human psyche, making her angry practically every time.

Her past isn’t all rainbows and happiness. Let’s give her credit for her perseverance, though.

21. Homura Akemi

Homura Akemi

the Mahou Shoujo MadokaMagica anime.

Iwatani’s danderest offspring would be Homura, Naofumi Iwatani’s daughter.

As a support character, she has a lower priority on offense and a higher priority on shielding.

Nonetheless, just like her fictional father, she soon learns how to use her skills for the greater good. And soon she would be able to stand on her own two feet.

Also, she’s such a bashful little dumpling that I want to squeeze her cheeks.

20. Kasumi Nomura

A Japanese animated television series titled Asobi Asobase

Nomura appears to be much more subdued in comparison to Hanako. On the other hand, we all do it.

However, when she does lash out, it’s a joy to see.

Due of her tendency to become extremely nasty and harsh when she’s agitated, this is why.

The harshest paddling I’ve received since Hanako pretended to be tough in the 1980s, if I may say so. If a man surprises her and makes her feel threatened, she can be rather stabby. There are extra points for Maeda.

19. Koyomi Mizuhara

Azumanga Daioh is a popular Japanese anime series.

I was confident in my knowledge of anime slang until I came across Koyomi and the term maganekko. The person who voted for Donald Trump was not a cat, either (it is also spelled meganekko but I had to make that joke).

Wearing glasses is, in fact, a major part of the character’s attraction and aesthetic attractiveness. The more you learn.

At the other end of the maturity spectrum, Koyomi is a perfect fit. Because of this, she is slightly more dynamic than she otherwise would be.

Grading in school has probably cut her life expectancy by a few years. But I think that’s just the majority of people.

18. Yomiko Readman

Yomiko Readman

An Anime: Read It or Die

Glasses-wearing characters tend to be extremely intelligent.

What is it that makes you so intelligent? Reading books is the best way to spend your time! Then there’s the possibility of a SkillShare membership.

How do books come to be? Paper is Yomiko’s weapon of choice in fighting, and she can control it.

Like Konan, but a little less angelic..

Even though Yomiko is a bookworm, having this ability makes sense because she likes her reading time so much. Her reading pace is unrelenting, even after she’s finished hundreds of volumes. Because her eyes were a little blurry, it’s understandable.

17. Tamako Arai

Barakamon is a Japanese animated series.

The Tamako-Miwa pairing was quite entertaining to see. Even more so when they’re around Sei.

Tomfoolery was easy to pull off because they were older than the rest of the ensemble, but yet young enough for Sei’s amusement.

Tamako’s manga-obsession is what drove her over the top for me and into this list.

Every time the subject of manga or anime is brought up, she bursts into a hysterical fit. She also has a sneaking suspicion that Sei might flip, if you get what I mean.

Her out-of-control outbursts were a constant source of laughter. And her passion for what she’s saying is contagious, to say the least.

16. Nina Einstein

CoG: The Hangyaku no Lelouch Anime

For the sake of pranking her, I’d like to put her in this position.

When it comes to the subjugated people of Europe, Nina has some racist tendencies. The fact that she is both Oppenheimer and a nice innocent girl who keeps to her books and avoids drawing attention to herself creates an interesting Jackal and Hyde dynamic for her.

I mean, I couldn’t just include characters who were “happily ever after, all rainbows and sunshine” on this list. Grittyness was needed to bring out the best in it. Nina is absolutely suited for the part.

15. Shizuku


Hunter × Hunter (2011)

I’m a huge fan of the Phantom troupe, which ranks alongside the Akatsuki as one of the best adversaries.

This spider’s Shizuku limb is both amusing and functional. I find it humorous that she is armed with a demon-possessed vacuum… for example, how do you think of such a thing?

I feel like I’m fighting a ninja, a samurai, and a gigantic strong man all at the same time.

A pleasant atmosphere is created when the group is on stage because of her presence. Hisoka’s eye candy quotient was significantly reduced by the arrival of Hisoka.

14. Sheska

In Fullmetal Alchemist, a Japanese animated series

Sheska has the makings of a motivational speaker.

I mean, the core of her story is on her passion for reading. When we’re destined to be together, she reads wherever we are…

And this has a significant impact on her job performance. Because customer service is more important than reading a new novel.

Despite this, her mind has become a super Saiyan after a lot of reading. Even if you remove all of the bizarre fetish sites she’s visited, you’d be hard-pressed to tell that she’s ever been on the Internet.

So don’t be afraid to use your weaknesses to your advantage. As a matter of fact.

13. Maiko Oogure

: Kill la Kill, the Anime

To properly explain why I adore this character, I’ll have to be a little spoilery.

In anime, self-aware cowards are one of my favorite characters. Aside from being a quick laugh, it also has the added benefit of being more authentic.

Maiko, on the other hand, is so cowardly that she’s willing to resort to any and all dirty tricks in order to win.

Get sympathy cards by pretending you’ve been injured.

It’s okay to be a total Brutus, but in a lighthearted manner.

Aim for the softies, and you’ve got it!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I found her attempts to defeat Ryuko to be quite entertaining.

12. Yumi Azusa

Yumi Azusa

Soul Eater is a popular anime.

Yumi, like Sheska, has a photographic memory and a great knowledge of everything.

That being said, she’s a lot more dedicated about her work than Sheska was. She’s more like a log in the marsh than a stick in the mud.

I mean, she’s a total sourpuss. And sneers at the rest of her coworkers. You may be wondering, “Why did I include her on this list?”

This is a nice change of pace for the show. I can’t help but giggle at her deadpan demeanor and the absurdity of her moniker, “The King of Tattletales.”

11. Tashigi

One Piece is a popular anime series.

In the past, I’ve talked about how much I enjoy characters who offer a break from the usual plotlines. Tashigi, on the other hand, goes completely against everything we’ve discussed so far.

There is only one thing that connects her to the majority of the characters on this list: a curiosity/obsession with the subject matter. Katanas are the only weapons she has a problem with.

On top of that, she’s an out-of-control swordswoman who jumps into battle headlong. There is no way she will give up, no matter how bad the situation is. Moreover, she despises being regarded as a failure more than anything else.

Clearly, she’s not your normal bifocal-sporting bookworm.

10. Saya Kisaragi

The Blood-C Anime Tashigi and Saya would be a perfect match. That’s when she’s being herself.

As a result, Saya is able to lead both a normal high school life and a double life as an anime heroine, much like Hannah Montana.

Just to be clear, she also has a katana. If Tashigi were interested, she’d be all in.

As a “female with glasses,” however, she appears to be more like the stereotypical “weak, kind, and smart” type of woman when she’s not fighting demons.

9. Miyuki Takara

Miyuki Takara

The Lucky Star Anime

And we’re back in the book-loving and charitable sphere.

Adorable young Miyuki is a bookworm with a passion for reading. Everything else, as well.

You can’t help but fall in love with her because she’s so nice and soft-spoken.

She has a habit of dozing off whenever there is nothing of significance going on around her. However, this only serves to enhance her cuteness.

To be honest, I’d still think her adorable even if she had killed a baby seal. The eyes are just too huge and the art style is too clean to ignore.

8. Tsubasa Hanekawa

It’s an anime series called Bakemonogatari

You have to fall in love with your “class reps.” Even more so when they’re as wholesome as Hanekawa.

Ironically, I used the adjective “wholesome” in that sentence.

Araragi and my cold heart can always count on her to be there for them, regardless of her flaws. After getting to know her, we realize that she isn’t all that she appears to be at first glance.

I’m not going to spill the beans on too much. In any case, let’s just say she takes on a very fluffy form at some point, and at the same time, gains both strength and beauty.

7. Kobayashi

Cartoons: The Dragon Maid of Miss Kobayashi

The show’s protagonist, Kobayashi, is the right choice because I can’t see anyone else acquiring a dragon maid just because they got a little too boozed up one night.

It’s time for Drunk Kobayashi to get her own program. However, that’s a topic for another day.

When she’s sober, she’s a really rational person. Despite the presence of dragons in her home.

She’s also a good person, despite the fact that dragons are notoriously bad at their jobs.

In the beginning, I stated that no one could have been Kobayashi. It requires a unique personality to succeed in this industry.

6. Anri Sonohara

Anri Sonohara

Durarara!! is an anime series.

For a while, I was concerned that Anri would turn out to be a mediocre protagonist. Second half the program delivered and provided her some badass weapons to use.

To be honest, I don’t want to get into too much detail. But let’s just say that she’s a) lethal, and b) important to the overall story.

In addition, she retains her soft-spoken, kind-hearted personality.

In my opinion, an A+.

5. Yoko Littner

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a popular anime.

The fact that Yoko doesn’t always wear glasses isn’t really a big deal. Then again, she does have some goggles.

However, when she becomes a teacher (spoiler warning), she is shown wearing a pair. They were also the ideal size for her.

My all-time favorite character is teacher Yoko, and I don’t know why! Her gentle demeanor toward the youngsters is pleasant, but she has a ferocious side that she can unleash at any time.

And the change from the bikini and sniper to the basic shirt and glasses just worked so perfectly with this side of her.

4. Nodoka Manabe

Nodoka Manabe

It’s K-On! Anime

If you’re a member of K-On, you automatically get a place on whatever list I put together.

Also, I have a warm spot for Nodoka, because she’s the school’s mother figure.

Being around someone with a grounded demeanor and over the rainbow ambitions is awe-inspiring.

And, on a more personal level, I pray to her every time I have to go to the store because her proclivity for getting lost is something I can totally identify to.

3. Mey-Rin

Black Butler: The Anime

One of Nina Mey-two Rin’s personalities is that she adheres to the Geneva Convention.

Mey-Rin is a clumsy little maid girl who doesn’t seem capable of hurting a fly for the majority of the show.

Finally, it turns out that her glasses are really making it more difficult for her to see. Furthermore, she’s an expert marksman and sniper. Didn’t expect that, did you?

You can image the commotion that ensued when the glasses fell. This time around, Sebastian isn’t alone.

2. Nemuri Kayama

Nemuri Kayama

Comic books: Boku no Hero Academia

Shows that are clear about what a character stands for are the ones that I enjoy watching. And with Midnight, they really didn’t mince words.

Okay, so there was a little bit of a pounding. In a different way, however.

Seduction talents, dominatrix-like hero garb, an outspoken demeanor, and a killer body make her a natural for the role of femme fatale.

In combat, she even whips herself with a whip. It’s as though they went all in on her.

Her honesty and self-awareness are what I admire most about her. In addition, she’s a formidable opponent in the field of battle.

1. Ursula Callistis

Ursula Callistis

LWA: Little Witch Academia is a Japanese animated series.

In my opinion, Ursula is a quieter and more realistic All Might.

In order to achieve her goal of making people happy, she solely sees power as a tool.

Like All Might, she is looked to for help in times of crisis.

Realistically, not everyone is going to be happy all the time. As a matter of course.

As a result of this, Ursula decided to leave the idol industry and become a teacher.

Ursula’s fall from grace was far more relatable than All Might’s dramatic demise. What writers should strive for is a sense of awe and wonder.