12 Similar Shows Like Lie To Me Update 07/2024

Shows Like Lie To Me

Crime dramas are popular among TV viewers, but not all of them succeed in grabbing the attention of the viewers. The show’s success or failure is largely determined by its lead actors. Viewers were captivated by Dr Cal Lightman of Lie to Me’s ability to decipher liars’ body language and catch them red-handed. If you’re a fan of Lie to Me, you may be interested in these other shows.

1. Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds

It’s a well-produced series with a large budget, and the lead actors all have unique personalities. And to top it all off, it’s based on fact. This gripping crime drama is based on the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, whose agents use psychology and science to track down serial killers who are so cunning they leave no traces behind.

2. The Mentalist

The Mentalist

You’ve never seen human psychology like it in this series. If you start watching the show, you’ll find yourself judging people without even realizing it. There’s nothing better than watching a gripping crime drama while learning a little bit about psychology. Put your feet up and enjoy some good ol’ fashioned detective work with Patrick Jane. It was a great show! Series like Lie to Me fans will adore this little gem.

3. Cold Case

Unlike most other crime series, this one is unique. Unlike other shows, Cold Case looks at old cases that have gone cold to see if there is anything they can learn from them. Cold Case, in contrast to most other shows in this genre, relies on hunches and clues to solve the cases rather than forensics and psychology. When people who committed crimes years ago have changed, it’s fascinating to see how they deal with their past.

4. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Law and Order Special Victims Unit

Even though forensics and psychology aren’t heavily featured in this show, the focus is on the fundamentals of the law. It’s a more realistic portrayal of how the law operates in the real world, and how it fails at times. You’ll see how criminals are found and brought to justice, as well as how attorneys negotiate plea deals that can lead to injustice.

5. Sherlock

This portrayal of Benedict Cumberbatch’s ferocious logic and intellect is utterly enthralling. For hours, you’ll be glued to your seat thanks to his arrogance, manic energy, and borderline insane sense of humor as a crime-fighting detective. Many of the show’s viewers believe that his cold-blooded behavior stems from his autistic nature. This is a show that will stun and delight you in equal measure.

6. Castle


A crime novelist named Richard Castle inspired the story. Because of his sharp wit and years of experience writing crime fiction, he is an asset to Kate’s investigation team because he helps solve crimes while also creating stories about them. It’s unquestionably worth seeing.

7. Third Watch

Third Watch, unlike most shows like Lie to Me, spent its entire six-season run following the lives of emergency responders like cops, firefighters, and paramedics. The show boasts a stellar ensemble cast with complex interpersonal dynamics. Third Watch is a great choice for fans of character-driven television.

8. Luther


The Serious Crimes Unit in Britain is the inspiration for this dark and twisted crime drama starring Idris Elba. While solving some of the most horrifying murder cases, Elba’s London accent fits in perfectly with John Luther’s menacing persona. While he excels at what he does, his workaholic tendencies make him a liability to those around him. The show takes place in a grimy, yet exciting, setting.

9. Homeland

Clair Danes, a CIA agent, suspects a POW, Damian Lewis, of being a terrorist and decides to investigate. Homeland, which starred Mandy Patinkin, is a psychological thriller in the vein of Lie to Me.

10. Dexter

Dexter has the ability to manipulate people’s thoughts. This is a must-see if you’ve had your fill of crime dramas. It turns out that Dexter is a violent serial killer who also works as an autopsy expert. As a result, he’s virtually uncatchable when committing the ideal murders. As a result, it portrays a level of brutality absent from Lie to Me, but it offers a unique perspective on the genre.

11. Whitechapel

BBC America aired this British show in the United States. There is a team of detectives who work to solve crimes in the present day that have ties to the past. A series of murders similar to those committed by famed serial killer Jack The Ripper is investigated in Season 1. You will be kept on the edge of your seat by the intense investigations featured in the show.

12. Profiler

The story of Dr. Samantha Waters, an FBI profiler, is told in this NBC drama. Samantha becomes both the hunter and the hunted in her quest to apprehend the murderer Jack of all Trades. Like Lie to Me, this is one of the few shows with an all-female cast.