10 Best Movies Like My Best Friend’s Wedding Update 04/2024

Movies Like My Best Friend's Wedding

For those who enjoyed My Best Friend’s Wedding, here are some excellent romantic comedies to watch.

We appreciate a film that defies genre expectations, and many rom-coms do just that.

Dermot Mulroney played Michael in the 1997 film My Best Friend’s Wedding, in which Julia Roberts played food critic Julianne Potter who tries to stop or ruin his wedding to another woman. Having come to terms with the fact that she adores Michael but hates his upcoming wife Kimmy (Cameron Diaz), Julianne concocts a scheme that goes horribly wrong, almost succeeding in ending their relationship.

Upon realizing Michael genuinely cares about Kimmy, Julianne releases him and accepts their marriage, even if she can’t bring herself to be happy for them. Because of this, it’s a great romantic comedy, even if the ending isn’t what you might expect. If you enjoyed this one, here are 10 more that are well worth your time.

1. Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman

This 1990 rom-com staring Julia Roberts catapulted the actress to stardom overnight. A wealthy businessman (Richard Gere) hires Roberts’ character Vivian (a sex worker) for a week to accompany him to various events. When Vivian falls for Edward (Gere), she’s forced to leave him.

Edward climbs up Vivian’s fire escape to declare his love for her, just as she always dreamed. The two are reluctant to make their arrangement anything more than a business deal, but they truly care for one another. Whatever the case may be, that sounds like the recipe for a heartwarming rom-com.

2. The Wedding Singer

The film stars Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler as lovers from the 1980s. Sandler plays Robbie Hart, a musician betrayed by his bride-to-be while they are about to get married. He is devastated and will no longer sing at weddings. Meanwhile, Glenn (Barrymore) agrees to set a date for his wedding to Julia (Barrymore). Due to the fact that she’s new to town, she asks Robbie for advice on things like choosing a wedding cake and a band.

Although both of them spend an increasing amount of time together, they begin to develop feelings for one another but encounter some difficulties along the way. Julia and Glenn are on the verge of tying the knot when Robbie and Billy Idol appear and Robbie sings an emotional song to win her back.

3. The Wedding Date

The Wedding Date

Dermot Mulroney and Debra Messing starred in this comedy from 2004. Nick (Mulroney) is a character hired by Kat (Messeing) for the purpose of impressing her ex, who dumped her unexpectedly a few years earlier, to attend her sister’s wedding in the United Kingdom. Nick quickly convinces everyone, including Kat, that he and Kat are madly in love.

Then, Kat discovers some shocking details about her past involving her ex-husband and her sister, which rocks her world and sends Nick running for a while. Fortunately, Nick makes an appearance, and Kat and she both realize that he is the one for them.

4. 50 First Dates

In their second film together, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are back in a rom-com set in Hawaii. Lucy (Barrymore) is an artist who has lost the ability to retain new memories after suffering head trauma in a car accident. In the movie, Henry (Sandler) is a womanizer who stops cold turkey after meeting Lucy, whom he eventually discovers to be the woman of his fantasies.

In order to make Lucy fall in love with him every day, he must figure out a way to make her forget about her condition and fall in love with him every time they meet. Henry tries and fails miserably to win Lucy’s heart on a daily basis, but he discovers that putting in the effort to win her heart ultimately leads to his happiness.

5. A Lot Like Love

A Lot Like Love

Ashton Kutcher plays Oliver (the lead character in this rom-com), who meets Emily (the female lead) by chance and has several encounters with her after that (Amanda Peet). Neither of them seem to be completely satisfied with their lives at any given time. Despite this, they both work through their problems, find each other, and eventually find happiness together.

One finds the other at critical junctures in their lives, and they act as a support system for one another. Both of them arrive where they need to be, which is together, in the end.

6. Made Of Honor

Friendships that last a lifetime There is no way that Tom and Hannah can be apart. They get along well, have a lot of chemistry, and are obviously meant to be. Hannah is clearly attracted to Tom, but she refuses to pursue the relationship because she believes Tom does not see her in that light. When Hannah meets and gets engaged to someone else while Tom is on a business trip to Scotland, he doesn’t realize how much he cares for her.

In order to help Hannah plan her wedding to another man, Tom appoints Hannah as his maid of honor. With a plot that takes us from New York City to Scotland, it’s a riot. This romantic comedy starring Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan was released in 2008.

7. Definitely, Maybe

Definitely, Maybe

Reynolds plays Will, a divorced father who tells his daughter Maya (Abigail Breslin) the story of how he met her mother while going through the divorce process. However, he alters names and facts to make Maya believe that her mother is not the one depicted in the story.

In telling his daughter about the three women he had serious relationships with in his life, Will discovers that looking back on the past can help him make sense of his present (with Maya’s assistance, of course).

8. P.S. I Love You

This heartwarming but tragic love story stars Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank. As a married couple navigating life with Gerry (Butler) dying of a brain tumor, Holly (Swank) must try to make sense of it all. It’s heartbreaking to see her go through the film, thinking back to the first time she met Gerry, their silly fights, and other special moments they shared.

To help Holly get through the grieving process and get back to living, Gerry has written a series of letters for her to read after his death. In the end, it’s a tragic love story, but the kind of love that endures forever is what helps Holly move on.

9. While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping

As a result of her job at the train station, Lucy (Sandra Bullock) has a huge crush on one of the commuters who frequents the station. While trying to protect the man from muggers who have just shoved him onto a train track, she accidentally saves his life and takes him to a hospital, where he later dies from his injuries. Lucy finds herself engaged to Peter (the comatose man) by mistake and surrounded by Peter’s loving but obnoxious family.

A panic-stricken Lucy is too attached to her new family to be honest, but she is also falling in love with Peter’s brother Jack (Bill Pullman) as the lie escalates. Obviously, the truth must be revealed, but despite the repercussions, everything works out perfectly for Lucy. This movie takes place during the holiday season, making it an ideal choice for a holiday rom-com.

10. The Holiday

This Christmas rom-com has Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, who are complete strangers, swapping houses for the holidays and improving their lives as a result. It’s winter in England, and Iris (Winslet) is ready to move on from the man she loved who recently got engaged, so she heads to sunny Los Angeles. After a heartbreaking breakup, Amanda (Diaz) hopes for the same for herself.

In their new towns, Amanda and Iris both find love and a renewed sense of purpose as Amanda settles down with a family and Iris learns to forgive and move on. This film takes the top spot because it’s the ideal rom-com for any season because it’s touching and, of course, has a happy ending (especially the holidays).