15 Best Car Movies On Netflix That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Best Car Movies On Netflix

We can’t overstate how much Netflix’s movie offerings have dwindled over the past few years. After losing Starz rights in 2011, and then substantial portions of the Warner Bros, MGM, and Universal back catalogs in May 2013, no film genre has been spared. In the meanwhile, there aren’t many must-see movies for automotive enthusiasts, which is a bummer. Vanishing Point, Two-Lane Blacktop, Bullitt and Christine may not be on this list, but it’s not because we dislike them. Rather, it’s because they’re some of the best movies ever made. At this point, you can’t watch them online.

All hope is not gone, however. You may have previously ignored or not even heard about these hidden gems, which we hope will now be simpler to find thanks to the removal of all of the most popular vehicle movies from the list. Check out The 15 Best Automobile Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now if you think your car is the most comfy place in your home. Watching while driving is a no-no, so please don’t.

15. Rocksteady (2010)

Rocksteady (2010)

Director Mustapha Khan’s debut feature, despite the fact that it’s about dirt track racing in upstate New York rather of street racing, has a lot of heart and a lot of fantastic automobiles. In addition, there’s reggae. While our protagonist is the son of a Jamaican immigrant, we’re sure you didn’t see this coming. In addition, the name. Check out this if you’re looking for a new kind of automotive movie.

14. Redline 7000 (1965)

Redline 7000, albeit rarely discussed in the same sentence as Grand Prix or Le Mans, is basically a romanticized depiction of NASCAR of the past, much like Grand Prix is for Formula One. In addition to James Caan and George Takei, there’s a lot of action in this film. Fans of Carroll Shelby should see this film. Howard Hawks was the director and co-writer of the film.

13. Born 2 Race (2011)

Born 2 Race (2011)

Despite the film’s use of “2” in its title, don’t hold it against it. Among the vehicles on display is a Buick Grand National, which should please most car aficionados. Yes, we are disappointed that Netflix does not currently offer access to the GNX documentary Black Air. (It would be on this list if it were possible.

12. RoadRacers (1994)

What you’re thinking is very understandable to us. The answer is no. Salma Hayek is a resounding yes in my book. We understand what you’re going through. Do you need another reason to buy? Between El Mariachi and Desperado, this was an early Robert Rodriguez picture. In addition, there are automobiles. Despite the fact that Netflix doesn’t have any of the Grindhouse films, it’s still thinking about you.

11. Red Bull: Return to Millen Mountain (2011)

Rhys Millen, the actor. Pikes Peak is the name of the mountain. What else could you possibly want? The only issue we have with this film is that there is too much music and not enough of the amazing engine growl, but that could just be us. This is definitely worth a look.

10. Boys of Bonneville: Racing on a Ribbon of Salt (2011)

Boys of Bonneville Racing on a Ribbon of Salt (2011)

It has long been the testing area for those hoping to break land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Documentary on Ab Jenkins, who was a professional race car driver and the coolest mayor ever to have lived, is included. You might be wondering where I’m from, so here’s a little background: It’s also a film about the relentless chase of speed. The Bonneville Salt Flats would not exist if it weren’t for Mayor Jenkins.

9. The World’s Fastest Indian (2005)

The World’s Fastest Indian is one of the films on this list that you may see with everyone, regardless of their interest in automobiles or motorcycles. Film is inspired by the true story of Burt Monro’s efforts to set land speed records on his substantially modified 1920 Indian Scout “Burt Munro Special.”. Despite the fact that it’s a story about a man and his motorcycle, Munro’s passion—the place where car and motorcycle enthusiasts get together—is the main story. If you don’t want to go through a Disney marathon for the fiftieth time, here is a movie you can put on over Thanksgiving and keep everyone happy.

8. Initial D: Special Edition (2005)

An adaptation of the long-running manga series Initial D by Shigeno Shuichi in Hong Kong is surprisingly good, particularly in the sections involving automobile drifting races. As a bonus, the anime took extra attention to the angles of the cars drifting to show you exactly what was going on during each maneuver, making it even more enjoyable. We couldn’t get enough of some of the shots in the live-action film. Netflix only has the dubbed version available for streaming. DVDs are your best bet if you want subtitles.

7. Racing Dreams (2009)

Racing Dreams (2009)

To become a professional racing driver, you need both raw skill and early racing experience. Every racing series has this in common. As part of the World Karting Association’s National Pavement Series, this film follows three NASCAR-aspiring go-kart racers. This film features some of the most breathtaking racing sequences you’ll ever witness.

6. Truth in 24 II: Every Second Counts (2012)

In terms of endurance racing, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is widely regarded as the pinnacle of the season.
Audi’s nail-biting victory at the 2011 race is documented in Truth in 24 II: Every Second Counts. Sadly, Netflix doesn’t offer Truth in 24: Audi’s 2008 Attempt, which follows Audi’s attempt to win the 24-hour race in 2008. (and which is interesting for different reasons). There is no requirement to see the first film in order to enjoy the second. All the action is narrated by Jason Statham.

5. Dust to Glory (2005)

Dust to Glory (2005)

To compete in the Baja 1000, drivers must contend with the paint-stripping, suspension crushing, bone shattering Baja Peninsula terrain. Only by participating in a competition can you truly understand the depth of the experience depicted in this film.

4. Ronin (1998)

For John Frankenheimer’s final picture, Ronin, is a brilliant heist movie with the best car chase action you’ll ever see on film. This film features a great plot, script, acting, cinematography, automobiles, and no weak romance subplot inserted for no apparent reason.

3. Love the Beast (2009)

Love the Beast (2009)

Eric Bana isn’t just another actor; he’s a unique talent. He’s a true automotive enthusiast. You can watch Bana create his ideal Ford XB Falcon Coupe to compete in the Targa Tasmania in this documentary, which he also filmed and edited. “A Gearhead’s Gearhead Movie” is more than a film about one vehicle; rather, it’s a film about the culture of automobiles.

2. Senna (2010)

Ayrton Senna is still Formula One’s greatest driver to this day. To celebrate his racing career, Asif Kapadia put together a stunning film that uses only historical material to tell the narrative of this incredible man. The narrator isn’t boring, and the documentary isn’t dry. Even if you don’t care about Formula One, you’ll find it a fascinating film to watch. Bring Kleenex, it doesn’t matter how tough you are. Although you know what will happen, it is still heartbreaking. When we saw this movie in a theater, there were plenty of grown males in the audience who were in tears as well.

1. Drive (2011)

Drive (2011)

Only a handful of drivers have been referred to be “The Driver” in the end credits of films over the years. Due to their ferocity and lack of time, these characters are unable to adhere to “character names.” That’s exactly what’s happening here. With filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn’s immediate classic entry into the car movie pantheon, Ryan Gosling’s previous doubts about him will be dispelled. The end of it.