20 Best TV Shows Like The Lying Game That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

TV Shows Like The Lying Game

1. Pretty Little Liars (2010)

Pretty Little Liars (2010)

Following the lives of Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily, the series is based on Sara Shepard’s young adult novel series Pretty Little Liars. The clique breaks up after Alison, the clique’s queen bee, disappears. Then, a year later, they start getting messages from someone going by the name “A” who says they’re going to expose their darkest secrets, including some they thought were only known to Alison for so long.

2. Somewhere Between (2017)

Laura Price, a San Francisco-based reporter and producer of local news, is assisting authorities in their search for a serial killer. A “Groundhog Day”-style reset occurs after the killer strikes close to home, allowing Laura to relive the week prior to the string of murders. Will she be able to stop the assassin in time?

3. Covert Affairs (2010)

Covert Affairs (2010)

Unknown circumstances lead to the mysterious summoning of CIA field agent Annie Walker to the agency’s headquarters. The CIA may be after something or someone from Annie’s past even though she believes she was promoted because of her exceptional linguistic skills. In this world of bureaucracy, excitement, and mystery, Annie is guided by Auggie Anderson, a CIA military intelligence agent who was blinded while on assignment.

4. Nikita (2010)

After being trained as a spy and assassin by Division, Nikita will stop at nothing to bring the agency to justice.

5. Gotham (2014)

Gotham (2014)

GOTHAM was the prelude to the advent of the Dark Knight. Commissioner Gordon is well-known in the law enforcement community. He’s a formidable opponent in the criminal underworld, a name that’s practically synonymous with law and order. What is known, however, about Gordon’s life and career as a rookie cop who eventually rose to the position of Police Commissioner? What did it take to get through Gotham City’s many levels of corruption, the birthplace of some of the world’s most infamous villains? In other words, what circumstances gave rise to Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler, Two-Face, and The Joker’s superhuman personas?

6. The Expanse (2015)

Two hundred years in the future, a hardened detective and a rogue ship’s captain team up to race across the solar system in order to uncover the greatest conspiracy in human history after a young woman goes missing.

7. Instinct (2018)

A determined top NYPD detective, Dr. Dylan Reinhart is enticed back to his old life after Dr. Lizzie Needham, an author, university professor and former CIA operative. Despite their initial animosity, Dylan and Lizzie make an excellent team when it comes to tracking down serial killers.

8. Siberia (2013)

Siberia (2013)

Siberia is an American mockumentary series about a reality show where 16 contestants have to survive in Tunguska, Siberia. Birds Hill Provincial Park in Manitoba, Canada, is where the show was filmed. NBC aired the series’ premiere on July 1st, 2013. The first season received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers alike, averaging around 2.03 million viewers per episode on average. The show received a Metacritic score of 63/100. The first season of the show ended on the 16th of September, 2013.

9. Black Mirror (2011)

The Twilight Zone is reimagined in a contemporary British setting with stories that explore our collective unease with the modern world. We haven’t had enough time to reflect on how technology has changed our lives in the last ten years. Every plasma screen, monitor, and smartphone in the world is a black mirror reflecting our 21st-century existence.

10. Servant (2019)

An unspeakable tragedy has torn a rift in the marriage of a Philadelphia couple, allowing a mysterious force to infiltrate their home.

It’s been 250 years since Ichabod Crane was last seen, and he’s been transported back in time to help solve an ancient mystery that goes all the way back to our country’s founding fathers.

11. Sleepy Hollow (2013)

Sleepy Hollow (2013)

It’s not uncommon for villains to have a higher purpose than heroes, and vice versa.

12. Gang Related (2014)

Los Angeles’ elite Gang Task Force has a new star in Detective Ryan Lopez. What most people don’t know is that before becoming a cop, Ryan belonged to a rival Latino gang known as the Los Angelicos. Ryan joins forces with longtime Task Force member Cassius Green, who has been on the front lines of the city’s fight against organized crime, after his best friend and police partner are both killed in the line of duty by a notorious gang member. The series examines how only those who are well-versed in the streets can triumph in the conflict between law enforcement and gangs.

13. The Mob Doctor (2012)

The Mob Doctor (2012)

The Hippocratic oath holds great significance for the majority of doctors. However, saving lives isn’t the only thing on the mind of one Chicago doctor who owes money to the mob. The Mob Doctor is a high-octane medical drama about a young female surgeon torn between her promising medical career and her family’s debt to Chicago’s Southside mob.

14. Deception (2013)

For the investigation into the murder of her friend, a detective goes undercover.

15. The Undoing (2020)

The Undoing (2020)

There is nothing better for Grace and Jonathan Fraser than the life they’ve always dreamed of. Everything changes in an instant, from the sudden death to a series of shocking revelations. Left behind in the wake of a widely publicized disaster, Grace must deconstruct one life in order to build a new one for her child and her family.

16. Mare of Easttown (2021)

A small-town detective in Pennsylvania investigates a local murder while trying to keep her life together.

17. Someone Has to Die (2020)

Someone Has to Die (2020)

While visiting Spain to introduce their son to his fiancée, a young couple is surprised to see their son return with a ballerina in tow.

18. Tower Prep (2010)

When Ian Archer wakes up one morning, he discovers that he’s enrolled in a strange school for kids with superpowers. Ian forms a secret society with other paranoid students after he cannot get any answers from the school’s faculty and is cut off from all outside contact and escape routes.

19. Charlie’s Angels (2011)

Charlie's Angels (2011)

ABC commissioned Alfred Gough and Miles Millar to create a remake of Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts’ original 1976 television series, Charlie’s Angels, which they dubbed Charlie’s Angels. From September 22 to November 10th, 2011, ABC broadcasted the show. Because of this, there has been talk of an original series remake ever since 2009. There were supposed to be a total of 13 episodes, but only four were actually aired before the show was cancelled due to dismal ratings and reviews. On November 10th, 2011, it aired its final three episodes and was canceled by ABC. Acting, plot, and action scenes were all criticized for being weak points in the show. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is currently selling Charlie’s Angels on DVD as part of their current release schedule.

20. Strange Angel (2018)

in 1940’s Los Angeles the mysterious and brilliant Jack Parsons is helping to create the discipline of American rocketry by day and by night performing sex rituals and becoming an apprentice to Aleister Crowley. The story is about him.