Best 15 Movies Like Backcountry That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

movies like backcountry

1. Backcountry (2014)

Backcountry (2014)

Unexpected beauty and primal fears coexist in the Canadian wilderness where an urban couple goes camping. When it comes to the outdoors, Alex (Jeff Roop) has plenty of experience while Jenn (Missy Peregrym) is a newbie. Her better judgment is overridden by his persuasiveness and she allows him to lead her on a secret hike along his favorite spot in the park, the secluded Blackfoot Trail.

A strange alpha male named Brad (Eric Balfour) appears to them on their first night in the woods, with eyes only for Jenn, and he could be stalking them. In the midst of Alex’s growing impatience to make it to Blackfoot Trail, something unexpected happens. Despite Alex’s insistence that he remembers the route, they make steady progress into the woods. After a period of three days, their route vanishes, and they find themselves completely stranded.

The harsh conditions bring out the best and worst in them, straining their already frail relationship to the breaking point. Without food or water, they struggle to find their way home. When they discover they’ve strayed into bear territory, getting lost seems like a non-issue. Terror, horror, and the will to live take on new significance.

2. The Revenant (2015)

During his 1823 expedition into the uncharted wilderness, legendary fronjitiersman Hugh Glass is attacked by a brutal bear and is left for dead. In order to get home after his hunting team abandons him, Glass must use his survival skills to avoid being hunted by the locals and find his way back to civilization.

Bereaved and fueled by…

With a sense of justice in his heart, Glass sets out to find John Fitzgerald, the man who betrayed and abandoned him.

3. Lake Placid (1999)

Lake Placid (1999)

What happens when a crocodile that eats humans starts preying on tourists in picturesque Lake Placid? It’s not out of the question that the crocodile decides to make it his new home.

4. Swiss Army Man (2016)

On a deserted island, Hank is contemplating suicide when he sees a body washed up on the shore. To his surprise, Manny turns out to be more than just a pet; he has a variety of supernatural abilities that could aid him in his quest to return home.

5. Wild (2014)

Wild (2014)

Cheryl Strayed has given up on life after her marriage ended in divorce and her mother died. She makes a hasty decision after a period of reckless, destructive behavior. Cheryl hikes more than 1,000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail by herself, despite having no prior hiking experience.

the book captures the terror and pleasure of a young woman pushing through despite all the odds on a journey that makes her madden, strengthen and heal her in the end.

6. The Edge (1997)

During a photoshoot, a model’s wealthy, much older husband joins her. As they try to make their way back to civilization after their plane crashes in the middle of nowhere, a mental game begins between the clever husband and the envious young photographer.

7. Them (2006)

Them (2006)

Mrs. Clementine and her husband, Lucas, own a piece of land in Snagov, Romania, where she works as a teacher at a French school. Outside their home, Clementine hears strange noises, and Lucas sees their car being stolen during the night.

All of the electronics have been turned off, and they are now completely alone. The family hides in the cellar when strange lights appear outside, hoping to get some assistance from the night that could be a terrible night of pure terror…

8. When A Stranger Calls (2006)

When Jill Johnson is told she’ll have to babysit a large house by herself because she used all of her phone minutes, she snaps. Then, out of nowhere, a strange caller begins making strange remarks. To find out who made the call, Jill dials 911.

When Jill discovers that the call is coming from…within the house, she is terrified! Jill dashes after the children in an effort to grab them quickly and escape. How fast will Jill be able to get out of here? Is there any chance she’ll make it? But you’ll have to see for yourself if you watch the film!

9. Splinter (2008)

Splinter (2008)

A couple going camping in the woods accidentally damage their tent because of Polly Watt’s carelessness. They settle on a cheap motel for the night. To get to Platt, Lacey Belisle and Dennis Farell abandon their stolen car and walk along the lonely road. …

As soon as Polly sees Lacey, she puts the brakes on the car and Dennis comes to their aid. They are attacked by a strange splinter while changing the tire after Polly runs over something in the road. Zombies infected with the splinter parasite capture them after their car overheats.

10. Eden Lake (2008)

Jenny, a nursery school teacher, and Steve, her boyfriend, go away for the weekend for some R&R. Steve has chosen an idyllic location for his proposal: a secluded lake surrounded by woods that appears to be deserted. When a gang of rowdy kids surrounds their campsite, the couple’s tranquility is shattered.

Rejoicing… in… provoking the parents, they take the couple’s personal property and damage their vehicle, leaving them stranded. Tempers flare and a shocking and violent attack occurs when Steve confronts them. If you’re Jenny and you’re running for your life, you’re going to have to play a brutal game of cat-and-mouse to survive.

11. Open Water (2003)

Open Water (2003)

A Caribbean vacationing couple decides to go scuba diving for the day. But did I make the wrong choice?

Susan and Daniel are stranded in the middle of the ocean after the crew makes an accounting error. To keep themselves safe when sharks appear, they try to keep all their hopes on the boat returning to bring them to safety.

12. Blair Witch (2016)

The couple Lane and Talia find a DV tape in the Black Hills Forest near Burkittsville, on the root of a lightning-damaged tree. However, there is an intriguing small segment near the end where someone is trying…to escape from something after him, screaming and running in an abandoned house. The content of the tape is mostly static.

Following his accidental discovery of the uploaded footage, James gathers a group of friends in search of answers to the unsolved mystery of his sister Heather’s disappearance twenty years ago in the same woods.

One of the team will get lost in a green maze filled with the chilling legend of the Blair Witch, Elly Kedward. The Blair Witch will torment the team until they are all gone. A final twist of fate places James right where he should not be: inside the house where his sister vanished, unaware that the witch will once again demand her sacrifice.

13. Dreamcatcher (2003)

Dreamcatcher (2003)

Jonesy, Beaver, Pete, and Henry, four childhood friends, all share a special secret. They go camping in the Maine woods once a year. This year’s going to be unique. During a blizzard, they locate and rescue a lost individual.

They have no idea that they are not the only ones who have been found. Now, they must act quickly to halt the spread of the outbreak and spare the rest of the world the apocalypse.

14. Red Planet (2000)

Earth will perish in the not too distant future. Humanity’s only hope may lie in establishing a colony on Mars. It will be the first manned mission to Mars, and a group of American astronauts with diverse backgrounds and ideologies will face challenges as they embark on the first manned mission to the red planet.

A crew’s faith in God, man’s destiny, and the nature of the universe are tested when their equipment is damaged and they are forced to rely on one another to survive in hostile Martian conditions. To survive in this strange new world, they’ll have to confront their most basic human traits.

15. Ravenous (1999)

However, after defeating the enemy command in a battle during the Mexican-American War, Captain John Boyd is given a promotion by the general who realizes it was due to his cowardice that got him there.

In addition to George and Martha, who arrived with the fort, there are also two Indians at the fort, Chaplain Toffler, a drunken cook named Cleaves, and a soldier named Reich. As soon as Colquhoun, a Scottish stranger, shows up and is bathed, he recovers from frostbite almost immediately and tells a story about his party’s leader, Ives, who ate members of the party in order to live.

A part of their job requires them to check on those who may have perished in the cave where the incident occurred. Martha, Knox, and Cleaves are the only ones who have remained. According to George, Colquhoun is a Windigo, a ravenous cannibal who eats human flesh because he admits to doing so.