24 Similar Movies Like Dangerous Minds Update 02/2024

movies like dangerous minds

Those will appeal to fans of Dangerous Minds, which you may have already seen and enjoyed. Listed below are films like Dangerous Minds.

1. The Bodyguard 1992

The Bodyguard 1992

An ex-Secret Service agent reluctantly accepts a job protecting a pop idol from a maniacal fan who poses a threat. Bodyguard and diva initially have a tense relationship due to their conflicting priorities. But the tension soon ignites another kind of conflagration, and the duty-obsessed tough guy finds himself torn between duty and love.

2. Life As A House 2001

Because of his terminal cancer, the father is forced to take care of his misanthropic teenage son, for whom quality time means getting high, doing small-time prostitution, and avoiding his father’s presence.

3. Ghost 1990

Ghost 1990

Molly Jensen is an artist, and Sam Wheat is a banker. The two are head over heels in love. Carl Bruner, Sam’s friend and corrupt business partner, kills him for exposing a shady business deal, and now a powerless Sam wanders the earth. To make things right and keep Molly safe from Carl and his thugs, Sam enlists the aid of psychic Oda Mae Brown.

4. Meet Joe Black 1998

In exchange for a few more days of existence, the grim reaper offers to host Bill Parrish’s spirit for a “vacation” in the living world. Death agrees to participate in Parrish’s daily activities under the pseudonym Joe Black and falls in love with the man’s daughter. Even so, when Black’s vacation is over, Parrish’s life will be, as well.

5. Scent Of A Woman 1992

Scent Of A Woman 1992

A poor kid from a private prep school, Charlie Simms aspires to be a doctor one day. During Thanksgiving, Charlie takes a job as a nanny for Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade, a cranky middle-aged man who lives with his niece and her family in Gresham, Oregon, to help pay for his flight home for Christmas.

6. A Time To Kill 1996

Defending a black man accused of killing two men for raping his 10-year-old daughter prompts the KKK to rise once again after this young lawyer represents him.

7. I Am Sam 2001

When they leave the hospital, the homeless woman abandons Sam and Lucy, leaving Sam to raise Lucy on his own, despite the fact that Sam has the mental capacity of a 7-year-old. Lucy is taken away by the authorities as she grows older because of Sam’s limitations.

Sam humiliates Rita, a wealthy lawyer, into taking his case for free, and in doing so, he teaches her the importance of family and love.

8. Freedom Writers 2007

Freedom Writers 2007

Inspiring her class of at-risk students, a young teacher teaches tolerance, hard work, and the importance of continuing your education after high school.

9. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape 1993

Gilbert Grape is a young man from a small town who has taken on a great deal of responsibility for his community. In particular, he worries about his obese mother and his mentally challenged younger brother Arnie, who always seems to get into mischief. Gilbert has his life all but figured out, with a job at a grocery store and a long-term relationship with a local woman named Betty Carver. Then he meets the free-spirited Becky, and everything changes.

10. Everybody’s Fine 2009

Frank Goode is eagerly awaiting the return of his four adult children eight months after the death of his wife. When everyone fails to show up for their scheduled visits, Frank decides to defy his doctor’s orders and take a road trip to reunite with his family. Frank discovers that his children’s lives aren’t as idyllic as they’d imagined as he visits them one at a time.

11. Running Scared 2006

Running Scared 2006

Joey Gazelle is put in charge of disposing of a dirty cop’s gun after a drug op goes wrong. However, Joey’s life takes a turn for the worse when his neighbor’s child steals the gun and shoots his tyrannical father. In order to keep the kid and the gun safe, Joey must find them quickly before the police and the mob do.

12. Life 1999

After serving life sentences for crimes they did not commit, two Mississippi men in the 1930s become friends.

13. 8 Mile 2002

8 Mile 2002

The year is 1995, and the location is Detroit. The road 8 Mile, which divides the city along racial lines, divides the city in half. Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr., a young white rapper, finds the strength within himself to overcome these arbitrary barriers and achieve success in hip hop. All he has to do now is avoid choking with the help of Future and the three one third.

14. 8mm 1999

Tom Welles, a surveillance expert, finds himself on an increasingly bleak and terrifying journey after picking up a small, seemingly harmless plastic film reel. To find out what happened to a stranger, he relentlessly pursues a bizarre trail of evidence with the help of streetwise Max.

A small-town PI’s career turns into an obsession, and he begins to distance himself from his wife, children, and the simple life he used to lead.

15. Men Of Honor 2000

Although Carl Brashear faces formidable odds and is frustrated by the U.S. Navy’s new, less discriminatory policies as a traditional diving instructor, he strives to become the Navy’s very first African-American master diver in this inspiring true story.

Even though their relationship starts out rocky, destiny has a way of bringing the two men together in a place of mutual admiration, triumph, and respect.

16. The Beach 2000

Twenty-something When Richard arrives in Thailand, he discovers a strange map in his possession. He’s intrigued by the rumors that it leads to a secluded beach paradise where he’ll find tropical bliss, so he sets out to investigate.

17. Sleepers 1996

Two gangsters seek vengeance on a state jail employee who sexually abused them while they were inmates at a youth prison. In a dramatic court hearing, he is indicted on all counts and faces the death penalty.

18. Monster 2003

After being raped by a sadistic trick, an emotionally scarred highway drifter kills the sadist trick and goes on to become the first female serial killer in the United States.

19. As Good As It Gets 1997

The city of New York. An irritable, bigoted writer named Melvin Udall has his life turned upside down when a nearby gay artist named Simon is taken to the hospital and his dog is left in Melvin’s care. Due to Carol, the only waitress who tolerates Melvin, being absent from work because of her ill son, the only option left for Melvin is a breakfast sandwich from the local diner.

20. Leaving Las Vegas 1995

In order to drink himself to death, Ben Sanderson, a Hollywood screenwriter who has lost everything due to his drinking, travels to Las Vegas. There he meets prostitute Sera, with whom he forms an uneasy friendship and non-interference pact.

21. Cruel Intentions 1999

Kathryn challenges her stepbrother Sebastian to deflower their headmistress’s daughter before the summer is out, quenching her thirst for dangerous games. If he’s successful, he’ll get a shot at Kathryn, which would be sweet. He’ll have to give up his most prized possession if he loses to Kathryn.

22. Brokedown Palace 1999

The two of them are inseparable As soon as they graduate from high school, Alice and Darlene book a flight to Thailand. They meet an intriguing Australian named Nick Parks in Thailand.

As a result of Darlene’s adoration for Nick, she convinces Alice to accept Nick’s offer to take the two of them to Hong Kong for the day. When the girls are apprehended by the police at the airport, they are shocked to find heroin in one of their bags.

23. Fear 1996

Young woman, 16, falls in love with handsome, attractive young man who quickly exposes his true colors by beating up a friend for walking with her, and then goes into a rage when she tries to end their romance.

24. Excess Baggage 1997

Alicia Silverstone plays a rich brat who fakes her own kidnapping and ends up in the trunk of a stolen car.