15 Best Adventure Movies On Amazon Prime Update 06/2024

Best Adventure Movies On Amazon Prime

Binge viewing is everyone’s go-to activity for some quality time alone or with a loved one as we acclimate to the ‘new normal.’ If you’re looking for anything to watch on Amazon Prime Video, you might discover a new favorite movie! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best Amazon Prime adventure flicks. All of the films on this list are adventure films, and they’ll keep you entertained for a week or so. The pricing of the products listed below have been updated as of 9th December 2021, but the list itself may have altered after then owing to the launch of new products in the market.

1. ADRIFT (2018)

ADRIFT (2018)

Adrift, a 1983 hurricane survival film with elements of romance and adventure, takes place during and after the devastation caused by Hurricane Raymond. As a 2002 book by Tami Oldham Ashcraft, this film will have you riveted to your seats as it explores the human desire and will to survive. In order to keep their audience engrossed in the movie, Hollywood adventure films always make sure to balance out the film in terms of action and emotion.


Best adventure movies on Amazon Prime India aren’t just action-packed; they also flirt with the idea of merging genres or eliciting unexpected feelings from the audience. Because it’s based on the hit children’s television series of the same name, Dora the Explorer: The Lost City of Gold was a huge hit with the generation of youngsters growing up in the 1990s. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just getting started, this is a must-see. This film has it all: challenges and solutions!

3. BIG GAME (2014)

Whether you’ve had a stressful week at work or not, Big Game is the perfect way to wind down. You can’t get out of this situation, and you can’t get out of this situation. One of Amazon Prime’s best adventure films, with exactly the right amount of violence, acting and dialogue delivery, is this film. To prepare for a night of wilderness, politics, weaponry and strategies grab your popcorn.



Terrorists, guns, and war are all in the mix. The conflict in Yemen in 2015 is the setting for the story. You may want to take a break after seeing the Chinese Navy Patrol confront terrorists and seek to evacuate their fellow humans during Operation Red Sea. There will be times when you want to clench your teeth and cry in this movie, as there are in most adventure films on Amazon Prime. Take a deep dive into history and experience it for yourself.

5. GEMINI MAN (2019)

Since it has been in the Hollywood action film industry for so long, Gemini Man, a 2019 release, has undergone significant reshoots. Ang Lee is the director of this Will Smith-starring film, which features a diverse cast and numerous scripts. The story centres around a clone of a retired hitman who is out to get him. A gripping story with a high degree of suspense. In the eyes of the critics, this film offers stunning sights and outstanding performers, but a mediocre storyline. Try it out and see for yourself!


For those of you who haven’t seen this film, there’s an entire universe of video games out there for you. Assassin’s Creed is one of the most popular fantasy video games, and this film is built on a similar concept.. The adventure film industry in Hollywood had a lot to show the video game industry. In contrast to the video game, the movie takes a step toward mythology. The world of the Assassins is waiting for you.



Based on Jules Verne’s novel ‘The Mysterious Island,’ this film is an exhilarating comedy adventure. As a whole, Dwayne Johnson, Vanessa Hudgens and Sir Michael Caine make this a full-blown entertainment experience. Josh Hutcherson stars as Sean Anderson, a teenager who sets out on a journey with his stepfather. A mysterious island where Sean’s grandfather is believed to have disappeared is their goal. This is a fantastic adventure film for the whole family to enjoy.


This is one of Amazon Prime’s best adventure films, set in the early 20th century and giving the viewer a taste of the time period. ‘The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec’ tells the story of Adèle and her journey through life with its excellent images and well-defined characters. The writing and attention to detail reveal the film’s subtleties. On the weekend, you can enjoy stories of her encounters with cops, men, and other challenges.


Prequel to the well-known Harry Potter series, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a must-read for Potterheads everywhere. Everyone in their twenties has grown up reading the series and is well-versed in its lore. Magical animals that have been unleashed in New York City are the focus of this film, which is set in the late 1920s. A fascinating journey awaits those who haven’t watched Harry Potter yet, thanks to the notion of a secret witch and wizard community.



Kong: Skull Island, a sequel to the likes of King Kong and Godzilla, is a return to the MonsterVerse adventure business with a monster against mankind. 100-foot ape interrupts an aerial battle between two pilots during World War II in 1944. Monsters and humans wage war on an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. As a result, tactics must be developed quickly: Who will survive?


Action, fantasy, and adventure may all be found here. The mythological origin story of Hercules is depicted in the film The Legend of Hercules. Folklore has it that he was deceived by his stepfather and exiled from his kingdom because he had a crush on a woman.. The acting, music, images, and editing are all top-notch, and they all work together to create a captivating environment. This is a must-have if you’re a fan of Greek mythology and fantasy. It’s worth seeing Kellan Lutz’s portrayal as Hercules.


Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan is brought to life in this film by director David Yates. Despite this, the film adaptation of Burroughs’ novel Tarzan of the Apes is not the same as the original. After moving to London, Tarzan is called back to the jungle by a mining company in need of his assistance. This is one of the best adventure movies on Amazon prime India to watch and unwind on a Friday night because it connects us back to our childhood.

13. RAMPAGE (2018)

RAMPAGE (2018)

The premise of Rampage, another entry in the monster series, is that animals infected with a lethal pathogen are wreaking havoc on Chicago after a botched scientific experiment. It takes a scientist and a group of geneticists to stop this disaster. It is a sci-fi thriller directed by Brad Pyton, and it’s packed with action and subtleties of the genre. Dwayne Johnson plays a US Army Special Forces soldier who joins forces with the team to retrieve an ape who was once his companion in this film.

14. IMMORTALS (2011)

Immortals, one of Amazon Prime’s best adventure films, is a mix of action, adventure, and fantasy. When you see a movie like this, you’re really taking in the scenery and the story. Zeus has’selected’ a man to save all of humanity in this film. A ruler in ancient Greece is on the prowl for a weapon with which to end humankind in the background of the film. A thrilling tale begins to take shape as a result of the struggle to overcome this obstacle.

15. DESPICABLE ME 2 (2013)


The comedy-adventure sequel to the critically acclaimed first Despicable Me is here, and it’s just as good. In order to be a good father and a good agent in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Gru must strike a delicate balance throughout the course of the film. The film is bright and cheerful, making it ideal for lifting your spirits. On prime video, this is one of the best movies to see. The film’s minions contribute both comedy and passion to the story, which progresses one obstacle at a time as Gru takes on each one.