15 Best Anime About Cats That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime About Cats

It’s not hard to find a great cat in anime. Some of the most memorable felines in the medium are featured here!

Cats appear frequently in anime, for whatever reason. Everywhere you look, there’s a “neko” in sight. Cats are popular on the internet for a reason that’s hard to pin down. They are cute, have strong personalities, and can swing from mysterious to absolutely ridiculous in an instant.

Another possible explanation is cultural. Japan’s “kawaii” culture revolves around cats, which are widely adopted as household pets. Because Japanese people place a high priority on compact living quarters, cats are an ideal pet for those quarters. Cats’ large eyes are another distinguishing feature that makes them excellent subject matter for artistic depiction.

Animes almost always feature cats, but some stand out more than others due to their roles, appearances, or personalities. This is a list of the 10 most memorable anime cats.

This page was last updated by Morgan Austin on September 13th, 2020. There’s no doubting that cats are adorable, mischievous, and even useful in anime, regardless of whether you’re a fan of the feline species in real life. Some speak, some don’t, but they all serve a purpose for either the protagonists or the audience. Anime series and movies with cat characters have recently been published, so we’d like to take a look back at some of the characters that fans have grown to adore over time.

1. Bananya From Bananya And The Curious Bunch

Bananya And The Curious Bunch

Although all of this anime’s characters have “Bananya” in their name, Bananya is the anime’s protagonist. Most of the time, they’re given names based on their appearance or personality traits, such Elder Bananya or Tabby Bananya. However, Bananya’s design is basic and easy to recall, and his story is the one that is avidly followed throughout the play.

Bananya merchandise is everywhere these days, and the combination of adorable cats and bizarre banana bodies is sure to pique interest. Even though the anime only ran for a short period of time, it is certain to be remembered for years to come by its fans.

2. Blair From Soul Eater

Blair is both a person and a monstrous cat in Soul Eater, despite her human shape. When she’s out having fun, she makes for some amusing animation, even if she ends up doing more harm than good. Most of the key characters in this program find her to be a nuisance at some point or another.

Among her many magical talents, many of which involve pumpkins, is the fact that she is a monster cat, which gives her the dual forms of cat and human. For example, she has the ability to shoot orbs that resemble pumpkins at her adversaries. When it comes to pumpkins, she’s a real pumpkin-thrower!

3. Sakamoto From Nichijou – My Ordinary Life


Nano and Hakase found Sakamoto, an ordinary cat, and took him in as their own after he was found wandering the streets of Tokyo. Hakase created a scarf for him that allowed him to talk once he was found. Sakamoto, on the other hand, sounded older and demanded respect, so this didn’t work out as planned.

As a result, his interactions with other characters are often comically off-putting, with some treating him like an adult and others treating him like a regular cat. Although he enjoys many conventional cat activities, it’s amusing to see him pretend he doesn’t in order to avoid being regarded as an ordinary cat.

4. Kuro From Blue Exorcist

In Blue Exorcist, Rin Okumura’s familiar is Kuro, a type of Demon that possesses cats. His playful nature should not, however, be mistaken for a weakness.

Shiro Fujimoto, who at the time was an Exorcist, made an offer to Shiro Fujimoto, which led to Shiro Fujimoto becoming a familiar to Shiro Fujimoto. Even after Shiro’s death, Kuro’s tears indicate how close the two were. As the series progresses, fans may once again witness him in a pleasant mood with Rin.

5. Kuroneko From Trigun


Other cats on this list aren’t like Kuroneko. Despite the fact that she doesn’t contribute much to the plot of Trigun, she’s nonetheless a significant and memorable character in the anime.

Kuroneko appears in every episode of Trigun. In some cases she appears just once, while in others she shows up several times. This makes it a fascinating game for viewers to take in more of the scenery in each scene and see if they can discover Kuroneko, some of which are more evident than others. The humorous relief she provides can help lighten up tense situations and make a funny occasion even funnier.

6. Meowth From Pokémon

Pokémon are often modeled on real-world creatures, and cats are no exception. There could even be an entire squad dedicated to cats.

Team Rocket’s Meowth, on the other hand, is the most well-known cat in the anime world. One of the few Pokémon that can speak in the programs and movie. Like the other characters in the show, he stands on his own two feet. In addition, he is one of the rare characters to defy the boundaries of the stage. He, too, is a well-known figure even to those who aren’t avid Pokémon players.

7. Jiji From Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service

Jiji has been around since 1989. He is Kiki’s constant companion while she learns to be a witch in her training. It’s a well-known and beloved cliche that the black cat is the witches’ pet. If you watch the Japanese or American version of Kiki’s Delivery Service, Jiji is quite different. In the Japanese version, the cat is modest, cute, and cautious, with a feminine voice that is distinctly female. Sarcastic, talkative, and proud, the American version includes a male voice actor.

In the Japanese version of Jiji, Kiki is unable to communicate with him any longer. It returns to her in the American version. According to Hayao Miyazaki, Kiki’s inability to communicate with the cat was a representation of her maturing into an adult.

8. Artemis And Luna From Sailor Moon

Luna and Artemis aren’t technically cats. Their home planet is Mau, and they hail from there. In the anime, Luna even has a human form. They will, however, always be remembered for being cats. A big element of the magical girl stereotype is that magical girls have animal companions or mentors, and these cats certainly fit the bill.

Luna and Artemis have a kitten together, which proves that they are in a relationship. Luna, on the other hand, fell in love with a human guy in one episode of the anime.

9. The Catbus From My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

My Neighbor Totoro’s creatures were all quite memorable. In addition to being memorable, the Catbus has become a cultural touchstone. Several television shows, including The Simpsons and Persona, have made fun of it. Appa from Avatar: The Last Airbender was also based on it.

Like something out of Alice and Wonderland, the Catbus is inventive. As a result, both anime and cinema enthusiasts cherish it.

10. Happy From Fairy Tail

Happy, like the other cats on this list, isn’t quite a feline creature in the truest sense of the word. He is an Exceed, a type of magical being that hatches from eggs. But there is no doubt that he is cat-oriented. He is also one of those cats that can communicate, fly, and perform magical feats.

You’ll see a lot of him because he’s the main protagonist’s best friend. This is one of the reasons he has such enduring fame. You’ll see a lot of him because of his distinct appearance.

11.  Kirara From Inuyasha

Inuyasha included a plethora of demonic monsters, like as cat-demons. Sango’s best friend was a cute little demon cat named Kirara. Her unique ability to morph into a flying saber-tooth demon was what set her apart. She’s both adorable and terrifying all at the same time!

On this list, Kirara was the only one who couldn’t talk. The squeaky toy-like noises she made as a baby were extremely endearing.

12. The Baron From The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns (2002)

To be precise, the Baron’s full name is actually Baron Humbert von Gikkingen. Even his transformation from cat to statue in an antique shop was a bit of a miracle. He made his feature debut in Whispers of the Heart, but it was in The Cat Returns that he really came into his own.

To avoid being enslaved in the Cat Kingdom and being forced to marry one himself, Haru is rescued by him. Baron, unlike most of the cats on this list, is a lot more human-like. At times, he appears to be a person. Fans appreciate him because he is veiled in mystery.

13. Chi From Chi’s Sweet Home

Chi’s Sweet Home is a charming manga and animation that will appeal to cat lovers everywhere. An abandoned kitten is brought in and cared for by a family in this story. This is a slice-of-life animation, but with a cute kitty as the main character instead of a group of high school students.

Adults and children alike will like Chi since the cat is a character they can identify with. A lot of episodes are available, however they’re all quite short! Instead of the usual 20 minutes, they just take three minutes. Some people, on the other hand, prefer it that way.

14. Kyou From Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

A high school guy named Kyou can transform into a cat. The story of a Chinese zodiac cursed family is told in Fruits Basket in this way. Kyou is stuck with the fate of the cat, which means he is viewed as an outsider of the family and is branded a monster.

Fans are re-engaging with his character as a result of the Fruits Basket relaunch, and we may expect to see more of him in the upcoming season.

15. Nyanko-Sensei’ From Natsume’s Book Of Friends

Even though it seems like a typical obese cat, Nyanko-Sensei has the power of a powerful youkaindo. The cat form isn’t his true form, but it is one he has decided to take on..” Nyanko-Sensei, like many cat characters, may be condescending and egotistical.

This cat, like the others on this list, possesses supernatural abilities. He can transform, fly, and create a light that scares away most of the youkai in the area.