15 Best Movies About The Iraq War That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Movies About The Iraq War

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1. Uncovered: The War on Iraq (2004)

Uncovered The War on Iraq (2004)

carefully explains how the Bush administration created the case for war, distorting evidence and hyping the threat of WMDs. Additionally, the video focuses on the media’s cooperation in these manipulations, which lends credence to the administration’s assertions. Anyone who wants to know how the war began and was sold to the American people should see this film.

2. Control Room (2004)

A big part of the Iraq War was waged in the media and the public’s perspective. As a result of their coverage, CNN and Fox News helped to mold public opinion in the United States. Furthermore, the majority of people in the United States feel that we enjoy freedom of the press and unrestricted access to all accessible information. While following Al Jazeera, an Arab news network, as they report on the beginning of the Iraq war, Control Room debunks that lie. Viewers will come to understand by the documentary’s conclusion that we have been presented with only one side of the story, just like the Middle Eastern audiences who watch Al Jazeera.

3. Why We Fight (2005)

Why We Fight (2005)

whywefightis the intellectual counterpart to Iraq for Sale: War Profiteers In contrast to that film, Why We Fight addresses the structure of the military industrial complex and the American psyche, which makes conflicts like Iraq unavoidable and eventually profitable, whereas that film focuses on the real firms that misled the nation. Well worth your time, this is a highly insightful film.

4. Jarhead (2005)

Jarhead is a war movie without a conflict. An adaptation of Anthony Swafford’s book, The First Gulf War, tells the story of a Marine dispatched to the first Gulf War who was eager for a fight but instead found that there wasn’t much of a war to fight. Military life and culture are well-represented in the film, but the light premise (isn’t it hilarious when you train for war and then don’t get to fight one?) doesn’t hold up a complete hour. Additionally, Jake Gyllenhal irritates me to no end. It’s a bit of a pain in the neck.

5. Iraq for Sale: War Profiteers (2006)

“Iraq for Sale: Conflict Profiteers” takes a close look at how much money was gained from the Iraq war. Corporations generally engaged in corrupt practices and defrauded the United States government and taxpayers, resulting in significant profits. This is a frustrating film, but one that is eventually significant. (This film is one in a series that clearly explained the reasons for the Iraq War.)

6. My Country, My Country (2006)

My Country, My Country (2006)

In My Country, My Country, there is very little American involvement. A doctor in Iraq describes the devastation his country has suffered under American rule, and the inability of both his people and America to bring about peace and democracy, as presented exclusively from that doctor’s point of view. This is a heartbreaking account of a patriotic father watching helplessly as his country implodes around him.

7. Redacted (2007)

A “found footage” film like Cloverfield or theBlair Witch franchise, Redacted is a war movie. There’s just one problem: none of them work “It’s so blatantly contrived and manufactured that, as a spectator, you want to shout, “That’s so plainly not genuine! “, when “found video” appears even the least bit real. Stop misleading me!” The dialogue is stilted and forced, the interactions between soldiers are awkward and clumsy (as if they were just actors who had only known each other for a single day before shooting the scene), the direction is tepid and dull, and the production values are on par with a sitcom. Instead of being organic and natural, this film feels like a sitcom. And all of this is the work of renowned independent filmmaker Brian de Palma.

8. Body of War (2007)

There are no scenes of Iraq in Body of War, which is a film set exclusively in the United States. The film follows Iraq war veteran Thomas Young, a young man who was severely injured when he arrived in the nation, as he adjusts to life in the United States with a crippled body. It’s an eye-opening look at the price paid by American soldiers. (As a postscript, Thomas Young has now passed away.)

9. Hurt Locker (2008)

Hurt Locker (2008)

The Hurt Locker tells the story of an EOD team in Iraq, whose mission is to defuse the many improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that have proved so lethal to American troops in the Middle East. It’s both a thought-provoking look at the plight of American soldiers and an exciting action film. Kathryn Bigelow, who would go on to direct Zero Dark Thirty, was the director of this film.

10. No End in Sight (2008)

In No End in Sight, the Bush administration’s mishandling of the Iraq war is laid bare in a powerful documentary.

This is an emotional viewing experience that will leave the spectator feeling angry, upset, and emotionally distraught.

Additionally, this film has been voted one of the best war documentaries of all time.

11. Standard Operating Procedure (2008)

The twin of Taxi to the Dark Side is Standard Operating Procedure. The story of Iraqi prisoner abuse and torture is told in this film, whereas the story of Afghan prisoner abuse is told in the other. Films and their subject matter, however, are intertwined. According to the film, the severe interrogation methods that emerged in Iraq were brought by soldiers who had arrived from Afghanistan. ‘ The controversies surrounding Abu Garib jail are a damning indictment of corruption, power, and a nation that has lost its way.

12. Green Zone (2010)

Green Zone (2010)

In this action thriller, Matt Damon spends most of his time in the Green Zone traveling across Iraq searching for WMDs. Imperial Life in the Emerald City is based on a non-fiction book on the American occupation of the Emerald City, but the producers twisted it into a mediocre action flick. At best, this is an ok movie that is moderately enjoyable, but that’s about it.

13. The Devil’s Double (2011)

True story of Iraqi soldier transformed into Uday Hussein’s physical double through cosmetic surgery (the son of Saddam). In light of the fact that Uday is a sociopath, Lati Yafita (the protagonist) finds herself in an awkward position. While torturing and murdering with impunity, Uday’s lavish lifestyle is shown in this fascinating tale. For a while, the film holds our attention thanks to its depiction of Saddam’s lavish lifestyle through the eyes of his son. It’s a shame the film doesn’t make better use of the rich source material. It doesn’t take long when you’re merely checking the time on your watch to see how much longer you have.

14. American Sniper (2014)

A kinetic and intense action film about the Iraq war and a case study of how much one man can endure, Clint Eastwood’s adaptation of Chris Kyle’s book about the United States military’s most successful sniper is American Sniper. Kyle serves as an absorbent collection device for the horror, trauma and other awfulness that war can bring. His capacity to “squash it down deep inside” when confronted with the horrors of battle appears limitless…until it runs out. One might think that killing 150 or 250 lives, as the military legally credits him with, would have that sort of an effect on a man.) Despite its flaws, the film is a worthwhile watch even if you don’t care about the Iraq War at all. Kyle is brilliantly played by Bradley Cooper.

15. Three Kings (1999)

Three Kings (1999)

Before the second Gulf War began, a film called Three Kings chronicled the events of the first.

That is, it acts as a time capsule.

The film, directed by David O. Russell, follows Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney as U.S. soldiers in Iraq as they attempt to steal stolen Kuwaiti gold from their enemies.

Clooney and Wahlberg get into a battle with the Republican Guard of Iraq, which leads to hilarity.

In spite of our enjoyment, veterans have voted this military film the most unrealistic ever filmed.