15 Best Anime About Online Games That You Need Watching Update 04/2024

Anime About Online Games

Anime adaptations of video games can be quite intriguing and varied, and they can either follow the video game’s plot or take a new path or tell a whole other story. The best animes based on video games are on the top of my list today.

15 – Sword art online

Sword Art Online

We’ve all heard or seen this one at some point; it debuted to great acclaim and has since gained a devoted following. Despite the fact that I’m not a fan of this type of show, I still enjoy it because of its light plot and harem.

14 – No game no life

If you enjoyed SAO, there’s no way you’ll want to miss this. There are a slew of lolis that you simply must see. It’s a visually stunning and visually appealing anime, and it’s also a highly fascinating and interesting show. The main characters are oddballs, and the bond between brothers is particularly compelling.

13 – Persona sagas

However, let’s discuss about its animation instead of the fact that it’s based on a popular video game series. On the internet, you’ll find both positive and negative reviews concerning the film’s storyline. I didn’t participate in the game, but I enjoyed the program much.

12 – Overlord

Overlord (2015)

There are three seasons and two movies in this dark fantasy anime, so it was really fantastic when it came out. Why would he leave the virtual world when he had an army of demonic skeletons at his command? The story is familiar, but why? The action is thrilling and will keep you entertained for a long time.


In one case, virtual reality isn’t even used; rather, the characters become one with their avatars, and the story of an RPG video game is depicted, but with more heartfelt characters.


Even if some people think there is no videogame argument, it does incorporate the game that it is based on. It’s a gore junkie’s dream come true to see a group of schoolkids teleported to a haunted school where they are pursued mercilessly by ghosts and monsters.

9 – Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Death March

In the midst of his darkest hour as an adult, a 35-year-old programmer awakens from a dream to find himself in an entirely new universe. Even if the argument is a little cliched, you’ll be hooked from the first episode of the series, which is both funny and serious.

8 – Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World

Of the most well-known artists in this field. It’s a classic case of a little boy finding himself in a strange world, however this time, he dies in the most gruesome and gruesome manner possible. It’s a fantastic series, and it’ll always be remembered as one of the greatest.


There are numerous bizarre and humorous events that make it stand out in comparison to other rpg games. Even if you’re a die-hard videogame lover, you won’t be bored watching these episodes because they involve flying potties, deafening explosions, and, of course, a harem with plenty of opportunities for fanservice and ecchi.


Net juu no Susume

While her avatar is masculine, our protagonist is a 30-year-old woman who has lost all interest in the real world and instead relies on virtual worlds for solace. While playing as a handsome young man with silky hair, a beautiful young woman lends her a helping hand. The blond and gorgeous office worker in real life, on the other hand, continues to annoy her to the point of interfering with her virtual existence. Throughout this short anime, we’ll find a loving intertwining of the most amazing enjoyment, with humorous circumstances that don’t lose the essence of the games in any way.

5 – Hack//G.U. Trilogy

Because it was the first one I saw, I have a soft spot in my heart for it. The design of the protagonist (who, by the way, looks a lot like Allen Walker) is fantastic, and the plot is surrounded by an aura of mystery and suspense that you simply have to see.

4 – AKAGI Madhouse


Formed in 2005, this series was established by the same man who went on to create Kaiji, Madhouse’s most popular series, which you’ll find in this list. It depicts the story of Akagi, a young man who risked his life to save the life of a stranger who had everything to lose by playing a dangerous game of mahjong. Now he must face his debt, and if he fails, he will suffer far more harm than just a financial setback.

An interesting aspect of this anime is that it maintains tension even when discussing a simple game of mahjong. We urge that future viewers familiarize themselves with the game before seeing the anime, because it fails to explain simple principles in a way that makes the anxiety palpable.


Consider the possibility of a school where a meritocracy is based solely on one’s ability to manipulate the outcome of games of chance to one’s advantage. Yumeko Jabami, the slightly disturbed girl we’ll meet in this anime, is going to disrupt the established hierarchy, so that’s the gist of things.

The MAPPA study’s fantastic animation, which never fails in the technical aspect, stands out here, in addition to its massive exaggerations, risky and frantic games, and slightly crazy protagonist. With 12 episodes (which, admittedly, are brief), we’ll see Yumeko put her entire being into different games in which she will struggle against the established norm. Recall that ECC will publish both the main manga and its spin-offs this year.


Tatsumi (Death Parade)

Is there anything that happens when you pass away? In this anime, we’re taken to a mystery bar called Quindecim, where we’ll decide whether or not we’ll go to Heaven or Hell with games worthy of any English pub.

To me, this notion is intriguing because each episode delivers compelling self-concluding scenarios in which morality and ethics are challenged. We’ll learn more about the people who manage this strange establishment, as well as their tales and how they wound up there, in the course of our investigation. Anime that also encourages one to think about sound is something I highly suggest.

1 – KAIJI Madhouse

It was a given that it would be here. In terms of manganime, Kaiji is one of the genre’s most influential figures. His manga has a lengthy history in Japan, spanning over 50 volumes. Is there enough material to cover this much? Yes, and this is especially true when you have the ingenuity of Nobuyuki Fukumoto, who consistently pulls baffling and exciting script twists out his sleeve that leave viewers itching for more.

He is an outcast, a man who has nothing left to live for but the streets. As a result, when a mystery figure in black gives him the chance to win a million dollars on a cruise, he doesn’t hesitate; but, he won’t be alone, as he’ll be joined by others who are similarly wrecked and desperate.

There’s a lot more to come for Kaiji on his adventure, and even when he believes that he’s won, there’s always some fine print requiring him to keep putting his life in jeopardy. You’ll find it difficult to stop watching once you’ve seen the entire season, which is one of the most addictive things about this show. Watch it now, because it’s one of the genre’s best examples.

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