5 Best Shows Like Miraculous Ladybug On Netflix Update 06/2024

Shows Like Miraculous Ladybug On Netflix

Those who have encountered the Miraculous Ladybug have fallen in love with it. There will never be another anime quite like it, but here are a few that come close.

Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir is a superhero anime with a romantic subplot that is just as grating as the heart-stopping action in this film. They’re tasked with protecting Paris from everyday threats by the superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir, respectively. The plot revolves around Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, two Parisian teenagers.

Some anime have underlying themes that are similar to Miraculous Ladybug, despite the fact that Miraculous Ladybug is unique in its approach and creative spin on the classic superhero tale. These five superhero anime series are great alternatives to wait it out while Miraculous is on hiatus, or if you just want to broaden your horizons a bit.

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar The Last Airbender


After defeating Ozai, Aang and his allies must put an end to the war between the Fire Nation and the Fire Lord Ozai in Avatar: The Last Airbender. While Avatar was only on television for three years, it still managed to garner a sizable fan base thanks to its uniqueness and compelling fantasy elements. For a long time after its premiere, it was regarded as the best animated television series in its target audience.

There are some decidedly adult themes in Avatar, including female empowerment, genocide, imperialism, and philosophical questions about destiny and free will, although it was originally released on Nickelodeon and aimed at a younger audience. These themes are addressed in Miraculous Ladybug, albeit in a less serious manner, and both are regarded and admired for different reasons.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Nick.com, and Paramount+ all have all three seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender available for streaming.

2. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon


Some may be surprised to learn that Sailor Moon is classified as a “magical girl” series rather than an action, fantasy, or science fiction series. So, given that Marinette/Ladybug is a “magical girl,” it fits in well with the overall concept of Miraculous Ladybug.

Sailor Moon begins with Usagi Tsukino, aka Sailor Moon, leading a mundane existence, but she is doomed to greatness. Usagi is a typical high school student who consistently fails her classes. However, when she saves a cat wearing a crescent moon on its cap from harm, her life changes forever. We learn later on from Luna that their meeting was no accident, and Usagi will go on to become Sailor Moon, the planet’s protector.

The primary message of Sailor Moon is undeniably “girl power,” and this ambiguous phrase emphasizes the significance of friendship. There would be no Miraculous if it didn’t have a cast of characters who are all best friends, whether they realize it or not. Hulu has all 46 Sailor Moon episodes available for streaming.

3. Tiger & Bunny

Tiger & Bunny


With Tiger & Bunny, released in 2011, superheroes with special abilities are called “NEXT,” and they can choose whether or not to use their abilities for good or evil in a fictional city called Stern Bild City.

Wild Tiger, aka Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, is a veteran superhero whose powers have dwindled due to his unwillingness to cooperate with other heroes. Hero TV features a group of NEXT who have formed a unique organization and regularly appear to hunt down villains and earn Hero Points in order to become the “King of Heroes.”

Barnaby Brooks Jr., a new hero, joins Kotetsu and identifies as his real name — Kotetsu.

Barnaby, dubbed “Bunny,” quickly makes it clear that the two are worlds apart, but Tiger and Bunny must learn to work together in order to face the looming threats within Stern Bild’s borders.

Tiger & Bunny is a great alternative to Miraculous Ladybug during its hiatus, or even as a separate anime to watch while waiting for the show to return. Hulu and Netflix have all 25 episodes of Tiger & Bunny available for viewing.

4. Date-A-Live



When an impending spatial quake threatens the safety of Tengu City, another seemingly average high school student, Shidou Itsuka, is called into action. When he tries to save it, he gets caught in the eruption that occurs as a result of his haste.

An “Spirit,” an otherworldly entity, appears to Shidou and causes an earthquake. Shidou follows the “Spirit” to learn more about her.

Date-A-Live, which focuses more on romance than action, achieves the perfect balance between thrills and chills. Marinette and Adrien have an attraction in Miraculous Ladybug, but their superhero lives are at odds with their civilian ones. Action-packed adventure and heartwarming devotion are found in spades on both of these shows.

Date-A-Live may be brief (only 12 episodes), but its brevity is deceptive, as the show still manages to deliver a high level of entertainment. Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation all have access to the show’s episodes.

5. Charlotte



As a solely drama anime, Charlotte delves into the paranormal lives of “typical” adolescent characters. For five seconds at a time, Yuu Otosaka can take control of another person’s mind and body, making him seem like any other charming and intelligent adolescent. However, Yuu has a dark secret.

Seeing Yuu in action, Nao Tomori convinces him and Ayumi to attend Hoshinoumi Academy, a specialized high school for students with special abilities. Yuu is coerced into joining the school council, where they go on a mission to root out troublemakers among the students.

A series of difficult tests brings Yuu closer to the startling realization that his abilities may be far greater than he thought. The central themes of discovering one’s powers and relying on self-control and perseverance are exceptionally clear despite Miraculous Ladybug lacking in the supernatural department.