10 Best Shows Similar To Bones That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Similar To Bones

1. Castle


Instead of following in the footsteps of shows like Cold Case or CSI, this ABC hit is forging its own path. Richard Castle is a bestselling mystery author who is the subject of this story. The plot thickens when serial killers start murdering people in the manner in which Richard did in his novels. As a result, a certain detective, Kate Beckett, approached Castle for assistance in solving the crimes.

The protagonist’s plight is one to which most people can relate. To put it simply, he is immature and prone to outbursts, and he appears to be perpetually wired. Furthermore, the actors and actresses on the show are top-notch. You’ll be captivated by Martha’s antics or Alexis’s high school and college exploits. In addition, the focus on family is genuinely heartwarming in this movie.

 2. Cold Case

The Cold Case, which deals with DNA, major unsolved crimes, and detective work, is another excellent show to watch if you enjoy Bones. Dedicated Philadelphia homicide detective Lily Rush specializes in solving cold case homicides. To put it another way, these are investigations that the department is no longer pursuing. Detective Chris Lassing was Lily’s first partner, and Detective Scotty Valens was her second.

What are the strengths of Cold Case as a film? There is a great deal of complexity built into the story because of the idealistic plot points, clichéd dialogue, and the fact that many of the characters are changed. A must-see television series for thrill seekers, all cases are neatly and gracefully resolved by the end of the episode.

3. The Finder

The Finder

It’s clever, amusing, and unpredictable. The Finder is an American police procedural drama television series, and that’s how I’d describe it. Cast members include Michael Clarke Duncan, Geoff Stults, and others who have worked with Hart Hanson on other projects. Geoff’s Walter Sherman has a knack for tracking down elusive information. It all began after a bomb exploded in his head. On the other hand, Leo (Michael Clarke Duncan) supported Walter the entire time. They developed a kind of friendship you’ve never seen on television between the two of them.

The plot and characters are interesting, and they make for good entertainment. You follow along as they solve each case, feeling like you’re a part of the team except for the more emotional and humorous parts. The cuteness of Willa, a determined adolescent who wraps and enforces everything, may also entice you.

4. National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS)

You should watch NCIS because it has a lot of endearing story twists and witty remarks. It juggles a wide range of emotions, including warmth, fear, humor, and even grief. Characters’ relationships extend beyond romantic ones. There are also relationships between coworkers and siblings, between government agencies and countries, and, of course, between children and their parents. These types of relationships exist. In addition to getting involved in a variety of investigations, you’ll gain knowledge from the various characters you meet.

The main character is Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He’s in charge of everything that happens on the ground. Here’s Gibb, a straight shooter with a lot of passion and knowledge who can be an asset to the team. The principal investigators are Zida David and Anthony DiNozzo. Team Gibbs members tease and mock one another to the point of getting in trouble, but in a way that is real, human, complex, and entertaining they love and fight for one another in this way. Some viewers may be able to relate to this.

5. The Closer

The Closer

Detective Kyra Sedgwick of the Atlanta Police Department leads the LAPD’s special murder unit in this TV show as a smart, strong female lead. This is a fast-paced show with complex cases and tense working relationships. Kyra’s stellar interrogation and detection abilities are sure to impress the show’s audience.

It’s true that she’s a joy to watch, but we shouldn’t forget about the other characters who also contributed to the overall enjoyment of the story. It’s not uncommon to see dead people and a lot of blood. Through the action, semi-graphic descriptions of violence and crime appear frequently.

6. Numb3rs

Numb3rs is a primetime crime drama with a unique premise that may appeal to your tastes. In order to solve crimes in the Los Angeles area, a team of FBI investigators and agents utilizes forensic evidence and mathematical formulas. Don Eppes, an FBI agent, and his brother Charlie Eppes exploited Charlie’s abilities as a mathematician and professor. Don is in charge of the evidence in all cases, whereas Charlie relies on mathematical probability and equations. This pair is an excellent combination.

You won’t see any geeks in this show wearing pocket protectors, sorry to disappoint your expectations. He uses his extraordinary abilities to solve a variety of cases, including murder mysteries. Charlie is a down-to-earth, hipster genius.

7. Without a Trace

Without a Trace

An excellent cast and well-executed production value combine to make Without a Trace an enjoyable watch. It’s a passable crime drama that you might end up falling in love with all over again after a few episodes. Along with his FBI agents, FBI agent Jack Malone plays the lead role. They protect the people of New York City by being grumpy guardian angels. They work round-the-clock to ensure that every case is resolved, the perpetrators punished, and the missing people are located.

Inevitably shocking plots include teen prostitution rings, kidnappings, and infanticide. As a result of the series’ use of sexual themes and violence, it’s only recommended for those over the age of 18. Channel-mate is stabbed, but there is no visual indication of how much blood is on the screen because of this.

8. Elementary

To begin, the opening theme of this crime procedural drama series, which features Rube Goldberg machines, will have you hooked. It’s a female Dr. Watson in the form of a New York-based Holmes. It’s a team effort for Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller to take on Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes becomes sober in this retelling. In the NYPD, his intelligence makes him a valuable asset.

It’s only for adults, as Elementary depicts heinous human behaviors like kidnapping and murder. However, teenagers who are mature enough to deal with more difficult topics may benefit from watching the entire series. Details of crimes and the remains of the deceased are fair game. Along the way, you’ll run into a slew of well-known faces with fresh takes on their original roles.

9. The Mentalist

The Mentalist

Former phony Tav psychic Patrick Jane. To his cynical colleagues at the California Bureau of Investigation, his ability to collect and use human behavior oddities and outliers to form incredible facts to catch criminals continually enrages and astounds them. In other words, Jane is more than a one-trick pony. His antics are also hilarious, and he never fails to keep the audience entertained. This makes you eager to see what he does next.

Lisbon, Jane’s witty, awesome, and vivacious counterpart. Other crime dramas tend to focus on a variety of issues, but The Mentalist is singularly focused on solving a single problem. Catching Red John, who also happens to be the assassin of his family, is a top priority for him right now. Red John and Jane are engaging in a good-vs-evil struggle, which I enjoy.

10.  Rizzoli & Isles

Rizzoli & Isles is a crime drama geared toward adults, but it contains some truly horrifying scenes, including murder, rape, and even torture. The plot revolves around homicide detective Jane Rizzoli, who is street smart, and medical examiner Maura Isles, who is book smart. They’re best friends, coworkers, and strong women working together to solve some of Boston’s most horrifying homicides.

Other characters on the show are also attracting more viewers. Vince Korsak, for example, is a devoted animal lover and a seasoned detective. On the contrary, you’d like to know more about Barry Frost’s past, as he’s a grounded and endearing partner. The writing is excellent, and each character is captivating in their own right.