10 Best Movies About Lying That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Lying

When it comes to dealing with lying, these 10 movies are some of the best out there.

Reformation Rush Hour

The following is a list of ten films in which the theme of deception or truth-telling is explored. KFUOamradio hosts Ted Giese and Craig Donofrio discuss their picks for the week on theReformation Rush Hour show. Not every movie on this list is going to be a good one, but in general these two lists of five movies aren’t going to be a bad one, because they’re discussing the 8th Commandment in Luther’s Small Catechism. Listen to Donofrio and Giese’s conversation about these two lists of five movies by clicking here and here. Movies and the 8th Commandment fill the entire hour.

The 8th Commandment

False testimony against your neighbor will not be tolerated by you. What exactly does this mean? Instead of speaking ill of our neighbor or betraying his trust by betraying him or damaging his reputation by spreading rumors about him, we should have a deep fear of God and a deep love for him. Get the app! Get a copy now!

Giese’s List Of 5 Picks

1.  The Origins of Lying (2009)

The Origins of Lying (2009)

Language that includes some sexual content and a drug reference has been rated PG-13.

Second clip from the movie shows a grim turn – the film suggests that eternal existence is a hoax. The Christian does not have this view. The Bible is actually where Christians turn to find out the truth, and the Bible contains very real promises of eternal life in Christ Jesus. Despite the fact that an atheist may believe the Bible to be a fabrication, Christians hold on to Christ’s promises as their last hope. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 15:17-20:

“Faith without Christ’s resurrection is dead, and you will perish in your sins. In that case, all of Christ’s followers who have passed away have likewise perished. We are the most pitiful of all humans if our only hope is on Christ for this life. Rather, Christ is the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep, having been resurrected from the grave.”

2. Doubt (2008) 

Father Flynn’s sermon illustration concerning gossip is shown in the second video clip from the movie. Sadly, his lecture lacked the gospel, as is customary in movie sermons, despite the excellent illustration. The only one who can give hope when all seems lost is Jesus, the one who forgives even the gossip and the liar.

For its depiction of Salem’s witch trials, The Crucible was given a PG-13 rating.

3. Witness (1985)

Witness (1985)

A charming little sequence from the film in which Sam Cooke sings “What a Wonderful World” is seen in the second clip. Her father comes in and yells at them for listening to the radio and dancing… ok, he might also be worried that the handsome Harrison Ford is hitting on his daughter, so we’ll give him points there, but really he’s just defending her reputation among the Amish community, which is part of keeping the 8th Commandment.

4. The Crucible (2003)

Giese’s fourth pick is The Crucible a film based on the Arthur Miller play of the same name. In the film Daniel Day-Lewis plays John Proctor a man falsely accused of witchcraft during the Salem Massachusetts witch trials of 1692. In the end when given an opportunity to confess to being a witch in exchange for a none-lethal punishment Proctor refuses to bear false witness about himself to spare his life and instead goes to his death with a clear conscious. Amongst other things The Crucible deals with the question of whether a person should lie about themselves to save their life.

5. The film To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

The film To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

An allusion to a Biblical character who is likewise accused of raping his employer’s wife is used in both the novel and the film. To learn more about Joseph’s time in Egypt working for Potiphar, an officer and captain of the Pharaoh’s guard, as well as his encounter with Potiphar’s wife and the subsequent allegation, you can listen to this recording of Genesis Chapter 39.

Donofrio’ List Of 5 Picks

6. A Few Good Men (1992)

In the words of Col. Jessep: Then what are you waiting for?

Lt. Kaffee: I believe I have a claim.

A response from Col. Jessep would be appreciated.

‘I want to know the truth!’ screams Kaffee.

There’s no way you can handle the truth, Col. Jessep!

You can listen to a longer radio cut of the audio from the courtroom scenario from which the preceding line is derived. ” Jake Nicholson portrays Col. Jessep, while Tom Cruise portrays Lt. Kaffee. Lt. Kaffee, the protagonist of the film, is determined to expose the truth about a military cover-up involving the death of a soldier. “Do you want the government to speak lies or the truth while they are working to keep you safe?” is a question that the film A Few Good Men asks its audience.

7. Braveheart  (1995)

Braveheart  (1995)

Second up for Craig is Braveheart a movie that includes an epic betrayal. The scene Craig has chosen to look at (the second video clip) in connection to this epic betrayal is the scene where Robert the Bruce (Angus Macfadyen) gives his confession of guilt over the betrayal of William Wallace (Mel Gibson) to his scheming leprous father (Ian Bannen). His father provides a very worldly response to Roberts guilt which is to say don’t feel bad everyone betrays in order to get ahead. Robert is repentant and doesn’t take comfort in his father’s bad advice.

In the 8th Commandment the Christian is charged with the protection of their neighbours reputation and to refrain from betraying their neighbour, Robert the Bruce is guilty of just such a betrayal but he wants to do better. Braveheart is an epic Oscar Award winning film the first clip is the movies trailer.

8. Rango (2011)

Third up for Craig a movie about a lie that gets out of hand. In this animated film Johnny Depp plays Rango an ordinary chameleon who lies his way into becoming the sheriff of a town called Dirt. His tall tale ends him up in a heap of trouble and because this is Hollywood Rango ends up inadvertently saving the day even though he is not the hero that he’d made himself out to be. The truth is that real life frequently isn’t like Hollywood and telling tall tales about oneself rarely ends up going well and even when it does it still breaks the 8th Commandment.

9. Meet the Parents (2000)

Meet the Parents (2000)

Fourth up for Craig a movie about the circle of trust, how telling the truth is the best policy, In the above scene Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) has to explain himself after giving his fiancée’s father (Robert De Niro) the impression that he grew up on a farm when he hadn’t. The whole awkward conversation could have been avoided if Focker had simply told the truth instead of a half truth in order to impress his future father-in law. While talking about the film Giese and Donofrio make the comment that many future father-in-laws would love to hook their daughter’s fiancé up to a lie detector.

10. Easy A (2010)

Fifth up, Craig’s number one is Easy A where a high school girl throws her reputation under the buss and pretends to lose her virginity to protect her gay friend from being bullied at school. In the end after gaining a big reputation for being “easy” she reveals that it was all just a lie to protect her friend. Craig notes that the Christians in Easy A are not portrayed well. The whole film is a bit of a clever twist on the book The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Donofrio ended up seeing this film when he got three free months of HBO after movie the St. Lois MO